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NSW Government should ban euthanasia of healthy Greyhounds

The NSW Government must ban the euthanasia of healthy greyhounds and fund non-industry rescue groups, said the Coalition for the Protection of Greyhounds (CPG) today.

CPG is encouraging animal lovers to simply send a short email with these two demands to

These two changes are possible under the current review of the Greyhound Racing Act 2017 and the public can have its say online until  the extended deadline of Wednesday 2nd September (11:59pm A.E.S.T).

Mr Dennis Anderson, CPG national president, said if the NSW Government is serious about greyhound welfare, it will listen to what the public has to say.

Photo Credit: Steve Mullarkey
“Right now, Minister Anderson’s government allows an owner to kill a healthy dog once they’ve tried to rehome it twice with the NSW racing industry rehomer GAP and once elsewhere," he said.

"Killing a greyhound costs about $3 for the euthanasia drugs and it’s less for a bullet. All owners have to do once they've tried rehoming is fill out a form - it's too easy,” he said.

Mr Anderson said the NSW Government should also fund non-industry rescue groups.

"Volunteers and community donations shouldn't have to be stop-gaps for the racing industry’s dog wastage. Private rescue groups do a great job, but they carry a heavy load and need help,” he said.

Mr Anderson also said the State Government must also give the NSW greyhound regulator (GWIC) the power to monitor dogs from birth to death.

At the moment, GWIC can only monitor dogs owned by industry participants, not dogs re-homed by them to third parties.

The NSW Special Commission of Inquiry into the Greyhound Racing Industry stated ‘Over the last 12 years, 97,783 greyhounds were whelped in NSW. Based on their average life expectancy, 90,974 greyhounds should still be alive.’

“Where are these missing dogs? GWIC's investigatory powers must be widened so it can address this,” Mr Anderson said. (CPG case-study on ‘disappeared’ dogs.)

Mr Anderson said if GWIC’s powers were widened, the regulator could deliver whole of life tracking: “The public has a right to know what happens to racing greyhounds when the NSW Government is giving the industry $30M over five years.” (NSW Gov grant - $30M.)

CPG’s submission to the review recommends nine key measures to improve Greyhound welfare.

CPG has also provided a quick guide for members of the public concerned about greyhound welfare who want to make a longer submission.

CPG is a dedicated group of people across Australia who work together to inform the public about the cruelties of greyhound racing via Facebook, their website, Instagram and media coverage.

MEDIA RELEASE, 27th August 2020

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