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Greyhound Rescue is moving to Greysland

For many months, Greyhound Rescue has been facing – yet again – the daunting prospect of finding a new home. This will be the third time in just a few years, and suitable properties are almost impossible to find. 

A fortuitous comment at the end of a meeting led to Greyhound Rescue signing a long-term lease for a property owned by Animal Welfare League on the fringe of South West Sydney. This move will secure the future of hundreds of ex-racing hounds each year who would otherwise not get a second chance. 

This property has housed Greyhounds before. In a previous life, this property was a commercial kennel for Greyhounds bred and trained for the racing industry. Now it will be transformed into a wonderful new rescue centre where Greyhounds will be rehabilitated in safety and comfort, then find their loving forever home.

The property is being renamed ‘Greysland’.

Over the next few weeks, volunteers and supporters will be packing equipment, infrastructure, all the Greyhounds (and their blankets, coats, bowls, and other belongings) and, to paraphrase Paul Simon, 'going to Greysland’.

Co-operating in an emergency

With last summer’s bushfires still fresh in everyone's mind, Greyhound Rescue has locked in a reciprocal agreement with Animal Welfare League. In the event of a bushfire or other emergency, Greysland will be made available to temporarily-house animals from affected properties, or, if needed, Animal Welfare League will provide temporary shelter for Greyhounds. 

Looking forward to welcoming new volunteers from Wollondilly, the Southern Highlands and Wollongong.

This move is an opportunity for more people to experience the greyt feeling that comes from helping to change the lives of rescued greyhounds. Greysland is located at Bargo, 20 minutes from Mittagong, 40 minutes from Wollongong and 30 minutes from Campbelltown. Greyhound Rescue is looking forward to welcoming new volunteers and supporters to the family. 

Help save their lives

“The move to Greysland is a big step for us and will be a life-saver for many unwanted Greyhounds” said Greyhound Rescue’s president Nat Panzarino. “It’s no small feat to move an entire operation in a tight time-frame and COVID is making it even more difficult both logistically and financially. 

“We depend almost entirely on donations and we’re asking the community to dig deep to help us help the hounds.”
To help with the cost of the move, Greyhound Rescue has set up a crowdfunding page at

Every Grey is a new beginning...

Little exercise, no doggy smell, and they snooze on a sofa for up to 19 hours a day

Greyhounds are generally sweet, placid, loyal hounds who make wonderful pets. They win you over within moments of meeting them and love nothing more than lying on a couch next to you, getting pats and treats. Despite their well-publicised speed, they are homebodies who can easily sleep for 19 hours a day. They have a curious habit of lying on their backs with their legs stretched in different directions when they feel safe and comfortable. It is called roaching.

Because Greyhound Rescue puts so much effort into matching the hounds to the right humans and homes, Greyhounds adopted from the organisation have an amazing record of success as rehomed pets. 

Greyhound Rescue’s social media channels are full of stories of happy hounds living with even happier humans. It helps that Greyhounds are ridiculously photogenic.

About Greyhound Rescue

Every year, the Greyhound racing industry in NSW relinquishes a large number of Greyhounds that are no longer wanted. Some have been looked after well, others may not have experienced a moment of human kindness.

Greyhound Rescue’s purpose and passion is to ethically rescue and rehabilitate them and find them a loving forever new home. The organisation helps educate the public on the many attributes that make Greyhounds wonderful pets, and works with organisations such as the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission - the independent regulator in NSW – to improve Greyhound welfare standards.

Greyhound Rescue relies on fundraising and donations to continue to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome Greyhounds. The organisation is staffed predominantly by over 250 active volunteers who give their time regularly to care for the hounds at the Greyhound Rescue Centre.

Greyhound Rescue was founded in 2008 in the backyard of a private home. Over the years the organisation’s activities have expanded, and it now rehomes around 300 Greyhounds each year. This is the largest independent Greyhound rehoming organisation in Australia and the only independent rehoming organisation in NSW to operate a kennel facility.

The kennels provide a safe environment that enables Greyhound Rescue to take hounds that other organisations reject, and who would otherwise be euthanised.

When they arrive at Greyhound Rescue, many Greyhounds require rehabilitation before they are ready for their new life as a pet. An integral part of Greyhound Rescue’s role is to use positive techniques to allow them to come out of their shell before introducing them to new experiences in preparation for their life as a pet and a loved family member.

There are always far more Greyhounds on the waiting list than room at the kennels. As soon as one leaves, another takes its place. The better equipped Greyhound Rescue is to rehabilitate and rehome them, the more Greyhounds can be rescued; saving their lives and giving them a second chance in a new home. 
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MEDIA RELEASE, 13th August 2020

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