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Doggy Hampers Birthday Gift Hamper - Review

Our pets are with us every hour of the day as we’re lucky enough to work from home; we keep saying that we’ve been in training for lockdown all our life... 

We could not imagine being without our three dog musketeers, who are a constant source of inspiration, joy and so much fun! It's hard to believe that our Malinois twins Porthos and Aramis, officially turned seven last week so we knew we had to
capture this precious moment by making the day extra special for them.

In the lead up to Christmas, w
e discovered Brisbane-based Doggy Hampers and were very impressed by their selection of pet brands and accessories so we kept an eye out for any future developments. 

We found out that Doggy Hampers was about to release a luxurious and fun Dog Birthday Gift Hamper so we very excited to share our sneak peek of their latest option perfect to celebrate any dog’s birthday!

What was in our Doggy Hampers' Dog Birthday Gift Hamper?

A very enjoyable part of the process was the opportunity to customise our dog’s birthday hamper so we got to select all the treats, toys and accessories we felt would be best suited to our dogs.

We all like surprises but when you have tough chewers (most toys would not last 5 minutes in our house...) or a dog suffering from food allergies or a sensitive stomach, planning is essential... 

Our Dog Birthday Gift Hamper features:
  • 1 x Organic Dog Co. Pupcake Mix (for creating your very own birthday pupcakes complete with toppings!)
Unlike us, remember to buy ahead a banana (it needs to be ripe for mashing) and some natural greek yoghurt to bake...
  • 2 x delicious dog treats of our choice 
  • 3 x high-quality dog toys of our choice 
  • 1 x grooming gift of our choice (optional) 
  • 1 x 'Happy Barkday' Gift Card (you can choose what message to send your dog in the additional comments section when you order). 

The first thing we noticed was how exquisitely wrapped and presented your Doggy Hampers Gift Box was (with a magnetic closure, premium yellow ribbon and gold seal) and it was certainly made for a special occasion! 

The other thing we loved is that you could decide to add extra toys or treats to your order as there’s a huge selection to choose from on the Doggy Hampers online store. 

As we don’t throw birthday parties for the hoomans in our house, it was great fun to blow up some party balloons and decorate the table for our two pupsters (and their siblings) before letting them loose on their birthday gifts and a special celebratory cake and biscuits from Sydney-based
Pooch Cakes

Our birthday boy and girl kicked off the pawty with the Haute Diggity Dog Happy Birthday Gift Box toy ($19.95made of bright coloured soft plush material with a fun squeaker inside. It is a little small for our dogs (30kg) but sets the mood for a birthday party! 

They went straight for the durable Sodapup Can Toy, a Chew Toy & Treat Dispenser, specifically designed for power chewers and judging by their immediate interest, we know this toy will be used regularly with or without treats inside.

Made in the USA from high-strength natural rubber to the highest standards, you can use it as a slow feeder or enrichment toy by stuffing it with your dog's favourite treats or food. Our top pick was the Large Purple Can Toy but it is available in 3 different sizes and colours from $15.95-$24.95.

We normally stay away from plush toys as animal toys tend to quickly lose their eyes, tails ... However, we could not resist this 
ZippyPaws Squeakie Emojiz™! ($13.95) in the lead up to #WorldEmojiDay on July 17.
The Emojiz Tongue Out was the perfect match for our resident goofball Porthos! What we like best is that this soft toy is supersized at 17cm in diametre! We will just have to ensure our dogs are strictly monitored when playing with this toy or keep it for more cute photos.

With our treats' selection, we like to choose brands and flavours our dogs had never experienced, including Doggy Hampers' own brand Doggy Nourish

We know all our dogs are massive fans of Kangaroo meat both as a raw protein for meals and as treats so we could not go past sampling the Doggy Nourish Outback Kangaroo treats.
''Please Mum, may I have some more please?''
Made from 100% Australian Kangaroo, a naturally lean red meat protein which is an ideal choice for dogs suffering from conditions requiring low fat diets (such as pancreatitis) as well as a great source of zinc and iron. 

There are also Roast Chicken, Ocean Fish and Fresh Lamb varieties, with all Doggy Nourish packs (90g for $13.95) in a convenient resealable bag to keep your treats extra fresh. 

The Jollie Gourmet Fish Fix for Dogs with Carrot and Pea is a 100% Australian product made with 100% Australian Flake, carrots, peas, pumpkin and vegetable protein.

The treats are human-grade with no freaky chemicals or preservatives and because they smell so good and snap easily, they will make a great training aid! All varieties are available separately as a 100g pack for $14.95.

Last but not least, we selected the Fox & Hound Calming Massage Oil perfect for settling nerves to give our anxious Porthos the ultimate in relaxation through use of its therapeutic blend of essential oils. It smells wonderful and is easily sprayed on so a little goes a long way! He's blissfully asleep as we write this...

What other options are available? 

We love that Doggy Hampers offers many options to choose from so you don't have to go traditional and necessarily get a Dog Birthday Box Hamper. 

You could choose a custom hamper to welcome home a new Puppy, celebrate an Adoption Day or cater to your pooch's lifestyle with a Beach Hamper or an Adventure Hamper!  

The hardest part is not going to be finding something your pooches and you will love but rather to stay within your budget! But can you put a price on your dog's happiness?

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $149.95 (Dog Birthday Gift Hamper) at 

You can also
 choose 4 fortnightly payments from $37.49 with AfterPay.
Please note that all options always include free shipping.

Follow Doggy Hampers on Facebook at and also on Instagram at
Disclaimer:  A Dog Birthday Gift Hamper Box was gifted to us by DoggyHampers to complete this review.

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