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Puccii We Care will donate 100% of profits to shelters until June 30

Made from recycled materials, Puccii dog leads and collars are built to withstand our harsh Australian climate.

Every dog collar and lead sold by this genuine social enterprise equates to a donation to local animal welfare groups. Normally over 50% of profits is donated to shelters across Australia but until 30 June 2020, 100% of their profits will be donated directly to charity. Nominate your favourite rescue shelter at checkout to ensure all proceeds of your sale are donated to them.

The story behind Puccii We Care

Sydney schoolgirls Olivia (13) and Chloe (12) Palmer are besties with their neighbour Lauren Burke (12). For many years they have become increasingly passionate about animals and particularly, dogs. 

Puccii Team (Left to Right): Chloe Palmer (12), Lauren Burke (12), Olivia Palmer (13) and Remy Palmer

Chloe (left) has always been dog crazy to the extent that her fifth "birthday party" had to be held at a random dog adoption Sunday and all guests were four-legged! 

Lauren (middle) has her own Instagram account @phodografy. Her photography passion enables her to get up close and personal with all of the local dogs whilst honing a valuable skill.

Olivia (right) is the 'behind the scenes' budding entrepreneur.  She shuns being in front of the camera but is always working behind the scenes and is so unbelievably compassionate to all creatures great and small.

This dynamic trio have happily organised and enjoyed trips to visit rescue centres over the years. Initially, they set about raising funds through various chores in an effort to save dogs. 

They still want to adopt all of the dogs they see but through previous fundraising efforts, they have now formed an extra special bond with Rescue Hub, a group of dedicated local volunteers rescuing dogs on death row from local pounds and shelters.

Puccii was formed collaboratively as a way to create a steady stream of funds that could be donated. The desire to adopt all of the dogs has not dissipated but the children now have a focus knowing that funds generated from a necessary everyday dog item are being put to good use

They now focus their energy on sales, content creation for social media and every other aspect that brings them closer to dogs.

You can help these girls make a real difference by purchasing one these eco-friendly dog collars and leads packaged in jute bags.
  • Puccii dog collars (orange/black or white/black) are one size fits all with an adjustable length to fit neck sizes from 32cm-60cm.
  • Puccii dog leads are also adjustable in length from 1.5m-2m with an extra long bungee to absorb the shock of sudden pulls. They also feature a convenient cafe clip and an extra comfort handle for those long walks.
  • Puccii leads and collars come with reflective stitching for extra safety during early morning or evening walks which is even more important in winter.
Porthos loves the soft feel and lightness of his Puccii dog collar; the reflective stitching stands out in low light conditions!

The Puccii dog leash features an extra long bungee to absorb the shock of sudden pulls

If you have a lucky pampered pooch, please consider helping a shelter dog lead a better life?

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $16.00 for dog collars; $39.00 for dog leashes at

Follow them on Facebook at or on Instagram at

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