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Encouraging Australian landlords to be pet-friendly

With Australia boasting one of the largest pet populations in the world, Pet Insurance Australia looks at the benefits for landlords and investors to promote pet-friendly rentals.

“Australia has one of the largest domestic pet populations in the world,” says Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia. “It just makes good economic sense that landlords and property investors consider allowing their properties to become pet-friendly.”

In Australia, there are more than 24 million pets distributed across 62 percent of pet-loving households. They are made up of 38.5 per cent dogs and 29.2 per cent cats, with the remainder being fish, reptiles, small mammals and birds.

“With statistics like this, that are only increasing each year, the need for more pet-friendly accommodation in our major cities is a must,” Crighton says. “Sadly many pet parents feel forced to lie about their pets to gain access to rental accommodation.”

Benefits of Pet Owners in Rentals

1) Added security – dogs can alert your attention to distinct noises. 
Pet owners will also often have someone staying at the property with their pet while on holidays, or a friend/family member popping over regularly to feed the cat.

2) Longer Tenancy – pet owners tend to stick with the property for longer as it’s harder to find another suitable property that will allow their furry family members.

3) Larger Choice of Tenants – with so many pet parents, allowing pets can open up a much larger market looking to rent your investment.

4) No More Lies – if you allow pets, there is no need to sneak them into the property. This also allows a better relationship between your property manager and the tenant.

5) Pet Owners Are Responsible – the vast majority of pet owners are very responsible. If they can prove how well they take care of their pet, they are also showcasing how well they can take care of your rental home.

“I think the key to any pet-friendly rental is to carefully consider the cons, and ensure you reduce the risk to your property,” Crighton advises. “Things such as smell, damage, or unwanted behaviours can be easily added to the rental agreement.”

Adding in clauses that can ensure your rental is kept clean, such as a yearly professional carpet clean and fixing any damage caused by the pet, or additional bond to possibly cover this at the end of the tenancy.

Ask For A Pet Resume!

Responsible pet owners will be more than happy to showcase how incredible their pet is. Things to look for include:

✔️  Behavioural issues – such as excessive barking.
✔️  Is the pet sociable? (particularly important for apartments).
✔️  House training.
✔️  Proof of basic training from a reputable training source.

“Landlords and investment owners should not be afraid to ask what type of pet they are allowing on their property and put in steps to protect that investment,” Crighton says. “Also talk to other pet-friendly property owners and seek their advice on how to make this work for you.”

MEDIA RELEASE, 6th February 2020

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