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Scream Xtreme Tough Dog Toys – Review

We all know dog toys are not built to last forever but as a recent Christmas toy disappointment reminded us, we still want them to last more than just an hour...

Living with 3 Belgian Shepherds who are all tough chewers – even our 13-year old - we’ve had our fair share of disappointments over the years despite all the claims on the product labelling. Sadly spending a lot of dollars on a big name brand is no guarantee of success…

So when wholesaler Prestige Pet Products reached out to us this year suggesting we trial their brand new range of Scream Xtreme Dog Toys, especially designed to resist the assaults of extreme chewers, we were all ears!

The Scream Xtreme range of Dog Toys 

You can choose from two different shapes: Xtreme Treat Dumbbells and Xtreme Treat Bones, all available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium/Large and X Large, to suit all dog breeds.

The Small size (only 9cm in height) would suit dogs like Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and smaller breeds. The Medium/Large size (13cm high) would suit your Staffies.
The Extra Large (20cm) is recommended for German Shepherds and larger dog breeds. 

Both the Treat Dumbbells and Treat Bones dog toys come in a choice of four bright colours: Loud Pink, Loud Orange, Loud Blue, Loud Green (this last one looks more like a yellow in our opinion).

The first overwhelming (but not unpleasant) impression upon opening our box was a very strong scent of vanilla (there was no outer packaging for the products we received) which was a first for us. Chew toys we’ve purchased in the past have all been unscented or bacon- or chicken-flavoured, which is not ideal when they mostly lie around on your carpet and in main living areas. 

We were pleased to learn that the Scream Xtreme range contains no nasties often associated with plastic toys: they’re all BPA free, lead free and phthalate free

The toys are made using TPR material - also known as thermoplastic rubber, a material that has the properties of both plastic and rubber. It offers excellent weather resistance as well as being resistant to tears and abrasions. Did you know that an average adult Belgian Malinois has a bite force of 195 psi - this means that when they bite, 195 pounds of pressure is applied to each square inch! 

It feels strong but still has some give so it’s unlikely to crack open like a coconut as happened to some of our toys in the early years due to poor choices…

As these toys will undoubtedly collect a lot of pet hair and dust rolling around on our floors, it was great to see we could simply stick them in the dishwasher when they need a clean.
We love versatile dog toys that can be used both for indoor and outdoor play depending on weather conditions and our dogs’ moods.  All our toys are on a time share with each dog picking what he/she feels like from their toy box or the "lawn"!

The Scream Xtreme dog toys are suitable for dogs of all ages from teething puppies – this may save your furniture – to adults and even your senior dogs whose teeth may be a little more fragile. 

The toys are hollow in the middle so you can use them as treat dispensers however the treats will fall out pretty quickly so this does not present much of a challenge. 
Thankfully, they’re perfectly fine just used as chew toys.

As a bonus, we discovered that these Scream Xtreme dog toys also float so if your dog loves diving and retrieving his toys from the pool or at the beach, these are perfect for summer fun!

Aramis  - our female Malinois - is usually the dog using all toys the most, chewing on them like a pacifier in the evenings and this appears to soothe our 'savage beast' somewhat… 

Another plus for this new range is its pricing, very competitive based on dog toys we have sampled in the past.

How long will these Scream Xtreme Dog Toys last with our pack? Well, that is the big question! We will certainly be updating our review at the first sign of wear and tear ...

If you need to diversify your dog toys at the start of this new year to beat the back-to-school blues, the Scream Xtreme Dog Toys are definitely worthwhile considering if you have an extreme chewer. 

Price & Where to Buy:

RRP: $9.99 - $24.99 
available soon from major pet retail stores and online. Find them at Budget Pet Products.

The ScreamPet range is proudly distributed by Prestige Pet Products.

You can follow ScreamPet on Facebook at and 
on Instagram at

For trade enquiries, please contact the distributors at

Disclaimer: Products gifted by Prestige Pet Products for the purpose of this review

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