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Invopets - Cricket Dog Treats

Invopets Founders Dan and Steph decided that there wasn’t an easy way to get our dogs on board with sustainable efforts however after researching the nutritional and environmental benefits of using crickets in pet food, it really looked like a no-brainer! 

After 12 months of product development, Invopets launched their first product: Cricket Dog Treats.

Why choose crickets for your dog treats?

✔️ Nutrition

Crickets have more than double the amount of protein per gram than beef and chicken while boasting higher quality amino acid profiles as well. 

They provide more fibre than broccoli, more Omega 3s than Salmon and they even have more iron than spinach. 

So many benefits that are not normally associated with a protein source.

✔️ Environment

Crickets require less land, water and feed to produce the same amount of protein than cows and chickens. 

For example, to produce 1kg of protein cows need to be fed 10kg worth of food, while crickets only need 1.7kg. Chickens need 2,300 litres of water per kg of protein whereas crickets only need 1 litre for that same of amount of protein. The efficiency and sustainability of crickets is simply out of this world.

✔️ Humane

Current livestock production methods involve intensive measures to quickly produce enough product to meet current demand and expectations. Chickens and pigs are crammed into small overcrowded pens as it’s the only way to farm them efficiently at scale to meet the high demand, most of these animals won’t live past 20% of their life expectancy.

Crickets are farmed in temperature-controlled rooms clustering together and growing up until they are harvested. When this time comes the crickets have usually lived to 80% of their life expectancy, dry ice is introduced and due to them being cold blooded, they fall into a state of hibernation. They are then ground down into a flour and used in our baking process.

Will my dog like Cricket Dog Treats?

“Dogs are known to selectively choose foods that are high in protein and can tell when even a single amino acid is lacking from a meal”.

At product development we set out to see if that theory was true. We gave dogs two options to choose from: one was a standard meat-based treat and the other was our cricket treat. 

The result, the cricket treats got munched first every single time, so it’s true! 

✔️ Hypoallergenic 

Dogs that have trouble eating beef, lamb or chicken can enjoy cricket treats without the nasty side effects as crickets are hypoallergenic.

✔️ High-quality crickets

All crickets used in Invopets Cricket Dog Treats are locally sourced from an organic insect farmer.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $ 19.00 (130g) & $5.00 (sample pack 16g) at

Check them out on Instagram @Invopets and Facebook:

Trade enquiries from stockists are also welcome via email or call 0431 144 631.

MEDIA RELEASE, 31st January 2020

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