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Bestie Kitchen launches Bake-Yo-Crikkies Biscuit Mix

Christmas comes early for some lucky dogs when their human slaves bake guilt-free treats from Bestie Kitchen

Dog owners concerned about pet treat safety and wanting a ‘supplement-in-a-treat’, can now bake their own treats using Australia’s first complete and balanced, cricket-based bikkie mix.

Launched last week, Bake-Yo-Crikkies (a combination of crickets and the Australian bikkie) is a human-grade, biscuit mix for dogs, made with Australian cricket protein and 17 other all-natural food ingredients.

“Many dog owners want a lot more control over the food they give their dogs. That includes treats. They want no nasties added (especially sugar), and ideally, a functional benefit,” explains Amanda Falconer, founder of Bestie Kitchen. “In response, we’ve made Australia’s first complete and balanced treat – you could easily use it as meal replacement – that’s also a health supplement.”

In addition to cricket protein – chosen as a sustainable non-meat protein source highly digestible by dogs, the bikkie mix also includes ingredients like cod liver oil, green lipped mussel, nutritional yeast, sea kelp beef bone broth and probiotics. As well as being complete and balanced it also boosts gut, immune and joint health. 

Dog owner Lauren, says that as a raw feeder, she’s extremely conscious about what she feeds her pups. “My 3 fur babies thought Christmas had come early when I began making these Crikkies over the weekend … They are also super easy to make, even for a novice cook like myself.”

Dog owner Lindsay agrees. “I am all about making my own treats and knowing exactly what my babies are getting! Full of only the best ingredients, you know you are feeding high quality treats. You can also have some fun with them if you are feeling like getting your bake on!”

  • 60% of dog owners are concerned about safety and contamination of pet chews made from animal parts, and 30% of dog owners purchase functional treats, according to the Packaged Facts report “Pet Treats and Chews in the US” - September 2019. 
  • Research into insects as an alternative protein source for dogs and cats, found that the protein content and amino acid score of house crickets were higher than that of poultry meal, similar to that of fish meal; in vitro N digestibility was higher compared both. 

Bestie Kitchen is an Australian dog and cat supplement manufacturer based in Newcastle, New South Wales.

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $20.00 (100g) or $54.95 (350g) at

MEDIA RELEASE, 12th December 2019


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