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John Paul Pet Natural Grooming Supplies

How often have you seen someone taking their pooch with them as they head off to the hairdresser? 

It happens more often than you think, particularly as pets are being treated more and more like humans. Several hairdressers report clients' pups sitting in the chair next to them while their owner is getting their tresses treated!

Whether pets are taken into the salon or not, it’s of little surprise that hairdressers have their clients talking to them about their fur babies as they sit in the salon and often know the pet’s names as well as their client’s children’s names! 

In order to capitalise on this current movement towards taking your pup to the salon, the clever people behind Paul Mitchell Professional Haircare (for humans!) have come up with a luxurious feeling, high-quality botanically based range of shampoos, detanglers, conditioners and wipes made specifically for dogs and cats.

Developed using the knowledge of what makes great haircare for humans plus the technical know-how of how formulations and PH levels need to be adjusted for safe use on animals, John Paul Pet grooming products really are for pets who get treated like humans.

All John Paul Pet products are:

✔️ cruelty free - they are tested on humans first

✔️ made from human grade ingredients 

✔️ contain natural plant oils and extracts that provide cleansing and healing properties and 

✔️ offer anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory support

With products for pooches with sensitive skin, light and white coloured coats (yes, it’s a blonding shampoo for dogs!), waterless shampoos and wipesJohn Paul Pet has the perfect product for every pooch. 

Price & Where to Buy

Available in select hair salons and independent pet stores. Contact Three Six Five Salon Group on 1300 365 350 or for your local stockist. 

RRP: $25.00 at at 

MEDIA RELEASE, 19th November 2019

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