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Country dogs find a furever home at Pound Paws event

On October 31, Pound Paws hosted their inaugural Howl’O’Ween Dog Day event at Gymea Hotel, one of their regular community events aiming to raise awareness about pet adoption. This event attracts crowds from the South West Sydney community who flocked in, eager to meet all the dogs available for adoption. 

This event included a variety of rescue groups, which showcased in the Rescue Dog Adoption Parade, an opportunity where they got to speak on stage to the public about the amazing work they do, as well as introduce their dogs available for adoption.

Country Companion Animal Rescue pulled on the crowd's heart strings with some of their emotional rescue stories. 

This animal rescue group is located in regional NSW and collects surrendered dogs from council pounds as well as injured dogs on the side of the street. 

One extreme case they found themselves faced with, was rescuing a dog who had fallen off the back of a ute! On the day they brought six dogs for the public to meet, ranging from Greyhounds to Bull Arab pups and managed to successfully rehome all of them!

“The majority of the dogs we have in care come from the other side of the Great Dividing Range, where so many people are doing it tough and their animals are doing it tougher." 
explains Julie-Ann (Founder of Country Companion Animal Rescue).

This means they are downsizing the number of animals they have including their working dogs, such as Kelpies and Cattle Dogs. The lucky ones may find themselves surrendered to the pound of the nearest town, from where they can be picked up by rescue groups, such as CCAR and transported to more populated areas where they stand a greater chance of adoption and finding a forever home. 

Greyhounds are also coming in from the country towns, where much of the social life surrounds heading to the local race track. Of course, a racing dog's life is not very long and once they reach middle age, they are “retired” with younger faster dogs taking their place. 

With strict rulings covering the accountability of Greyhounds these days, owners must endeavour to place their dogs in safe environments, so more and more are coming into rescue. 

Getting them from the far away towns isn’t easy so we purchased a trailer with funds raised through fetes and cake stalls to be able to go out and collect these dogs and bring them to the coast where adoption is more successful. 

There are so many dogs, cats and other animals in need away from the major cities, that a way to give them a chance at a new life is so necessary which is why we travel to find them.”

This rescue group relies on the generous donations from the public, to help them rescue, aid and rehabilitate these homeless dogs. If it wasn’t from the support from the public, they wouldn’t be able to continue the amazing rescue work they do. Any help is appreciated, even taking the dogs on walks along the beach or for a swim, it means the world to them!

If you are looking to adopt a fur-ever pet, Country Companion Animal Rescue has plenty waiting for their forever home. 

For those who are unable to adopt, there are also opportunities to foster or volunteer with their rescue group.

written by Brittany Bloomer, Founder of Pound Paws, October 2019

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