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Chapel Street Precinct Becomes First Pet-Friendly Shopping Precinct in Australia

In celebration of World Animal Day on October 4, Chapel Street Precinct will permanently roll out the red carpet for pet owners and their furry friends, making it the first and largest shopping and entertainment precinct in all of Australia to welcome our cherished companions into businesses you would never guess! Including shops, gyms, salons, banks, eateries and so many unique business services. 

“World Animal Day is a global celebration for all animals and the people that love and respect them, so instead of keeping your special friend locked up at home while you’re shopping - take them with you,” said Chapel Street Precinct Association (CSPA) General Manager, Chrissie Maus. “Chapel Street knows how important the relationship is between humans and animals, so this won’t just be for one weekend, we want you to bring your furry friends here fur-ever! Now that’s something you can't do in a shopping centre.” 

Australia has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the world, yet pet owners are regularly marginalised. In Victoria alone, 65% of households have a furry friend and for those who don’t - 59% admit to wishing they did. Aside from the ‘pawsitive’ impact pets have on our lives, it’s these statistics that cemented the business decision to welcome pets into Chapel Street Precinct’s businesses. 

Chapel Street Precinct businesses will showcase a special Paw-on-the-Door window (or front door) sticker to show it’s OK to come in with your four-legged friends. 

Visitors can also head to for a full directory of pet-friendly businesses on a digital map. 

People visiting from out of town need not worry, the Precinct even sports a dog-friendly hotel, the Quest Prahran

While Australian health regulations prevent animals from entering supermarkets, many Chapel Street Precinct eateries have created dog-friendly spaces specifically to comply with these regulations. 

“Our footpath dining area is an ideal place for socialising with pets,” said James Bolton of Gramercy Social. “It complies with all the regulations and allows pet owners to kick back and enjoy a glass of wine or coffee while their pooch relaxes in our pet-friendly oasis.” 

And what about fashion stores? “Chapel Street is renowned as the retail hub of Melbourne, so naturally our dogs are equally as cool,” said Jade Matthews from pet-friendly fashion store, Tibbs and Bone. “Make sure you show your style while shopping and snap a selfie with your fur-ocious friend and upload it to Instagram using the hashtag #DogsOfChapelStreet

And if you're single, it’s a proven fact that walking your dog is a great way to meet people. Move on from the dog park and start parading your best looks on Chapel Street!” 

“Dog owners are estimated to be four times more likely than non-dog owning adults to meet recommended physical activity guidelines,” said Jonathon Somers, occupational therapist and Director of Next Practice Health Prahran

“On top of that, there are untold mental health advantages of sharing your life with a pet, with studies showing the love hormone oxytocin is released in the presence of animals like dogs and cats. We applaud Chapel Street on embracing this important aspect of our lives.”
Photo Credit @alisonsbread: TeddyBear is a Toy Poodle and very much a Chapel Street Precinct Dog!

MEDIA RELEASE, 4th October 2019

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