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Dog Lovers Book Club - October 2019

The October 2019 selection of our Dog Lovers Book Club is out with some great reads to relax during these school holidays or get an early start on your Christmas shopping list.

by Bruce W. Cameron

A Dog’s Promise is the heart-warming and uplifting story about one dog who fulfils his promise and helps a family who needs him the most.

The dog who thinks of himself as ‘Bailey’ knows one thing for sure: all dogs go to heaven after they have fulfilled their purpose on earth. But Bailey’s work on earth is far from finished, there are still so many more humans that need a dog’s talent for unconditional love.

There is one family in particular that needs Bailey’s help, a family that is on the verge of breaking apart. But if Bailey helps this family he won’t remember his previous lives, the connections he’s made, and the humans he’s met and loved. Bailey must decide whether to sacrifice everything to heal this one, desperate family.

A Dog’s Promise is a deeply emotional, beautifully told tale that will speak to dog lovers all over the world who wonder, could this dog have been sent to us specifically, for a reason? 

A Dog’s Promise provides the answer to that eternal question with a resounding, and uplifting, ‘Yes!’

Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Pan McMillan Australia, 9th October 2019

Price: (Pre-order) $16.95 at

by Alexandra Horowitz

In this book Alexandra Horowitz examines what's called the 'dog-human bond': examining all aspects of the complexity of this unique inter-species pairing. 

From her position as a dog scientist, she uses the science of dogs and dog-human interaction to ground a consideration of the various ways that dogs, as a species, reflect us, and how they reflect (sometimes badly, sometimes well) on us. And she goes beyond the cognitive science to consider the culture, laws, and human dynamics that reveal and restrict this bond between two disparate species.

Horowitz shows that when each person makes the decision to breed, own, or adopt a dog, we enter into a relationship that will change us. It changes the course of our days: dogs need to be walked, fed, attended to. It can change the course of our lives: dogs weave their way into our lives with their constant silent presence by our sides.

There are still many (often non-'scientific') questions that remain unanswered about dogs: about their minds, yes, but especially about living with dogs in our society, and how we can best treat them now and in the future. This books addresses those questions.

It is intended for the curious dog owner and science-lover alike, who wants to read good, intelligent thinking on dogs, not overly sentimental but not without heart.

Paperback, 320 pages
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Australia, 5th September 2019

RRP: $32.99. For details, visit

How to Train and Care for Your New Dog
by Victoria Stilwell

The star of Animal Planet’s It’s Me or the Dog reveals everything you need to raise the perfect pet—and get off on the right “paw” with your new best friend!

Celebrity trainer Victoria Stilwell is one the most trusted names in the pet world. In this fun and informative guide, her first for puppies, she teaches you how to navigate each stage of a puppy’s growth, from the first weeks through adolescence. You’ll learn:

• puppy-proofing your home
• toilet training
• building leash-walking and play skills
• preventing nipping and excessive barking
• caring for your puppy’s health
• and more!

Paperback, 224 pages
Publisher: Ten Speed PR, 1st October 2019

RRP: $29.99 at


by Vincent J. Musi (Photographer)

As a National Geographic photographer, taking pictures of lions, tigers, and bears was a regular day's work for Vincent Musi, but in 2017 he gave himself a new challenge: dogs. 

Using the same lighting and photographic techniques he uses for his National Geographic photography, Musi spent a year shooting portraits of dogs. From a farting Bulldog to a Labrador that likes opera, he chronicled the character and personality of everyday dogs. The result was a wildly successful Instagram account. 

The Year of the Dogs features 75 dogs from this series of exquisite photos with close-ups, profiles, and full body shots along with a narrative about each dog. Presented in an elegant package that properly showcases the vitality of Musi's photos, The Year of the Dogs will be the go-to gift book for dog lovers of the holiday season.

Hardcover, 300 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books, 17th September 2019 

Price: $45.75 at

Book Club - Kids’ Corner

by Katrina Nannestad

In Book #3 of this series, Freja and her mother, Clementine, are reunited at last. 

Tobias and Vivi are in love. And Lucerne, their new home, is a paradise of snowy alps, sapphire lakes, white swans and delicious Swiss chocolate!

Everything seems perfect, until poor Lady P appears, bandaged from head to toe after a fall - or was it a push? Crimes break out across the city, all involving chocolate. Clementine doesn't seem her usual self. And still Freja has not solved the biggest mystery - who is Tobias Appleby?

All will be revealed in the girl, the dog and the writer's final adventure by award-winning Australian author Katrina Nannestad.

Paperback, 352 pages
Publisher: Harper Collins Australia, Imprint: ABC Books, 24th September 2019
For Ages: 8+ years old

RRP: $16.99 from

A Dog's Story of Royalty and Loyalty

by J G Eastman

Gracie, a snobby royal Russian Wolfhound (Borzoi) show dog, expects her noble puppies to follow in her pawprints of being a pampered princess. Daughter Carnegie has inherited Gracie's aristocratic attitude and assumes she'll be pick of the litter. When the coveted title goes to her humble, but perfect sister, Madison, she's resentful and scoffs at being a silly show dog.

Carnegie sets her sights on becoming a famous "woof hunter" and living as royalty in the Imperial Palace. The only tiny problem is how to get from her home in New York, all the way to Russia on her own.

Madison is torn by loyalty to her owner, Garnett--who expects her to carry on their kennel's legacy of Grand Champion show dogs--to Anastasia, the young girl who holds her heart--and to her scheming sister, Carnegie, who needs her to carry out her royalty-obsessed plans.

Will fame and royalty--or love and loyalty win out? Middle grade children and dog lovers of all ages will be captivated by this funny, fanciful, and heartwarming adventure.

Format: Paperback, 234 pages
Publisher: Art Deco Dog Publishing, 31st August 2019

For Ages: 8 - 12 years old

RRP: $30.95 at

by Steven Butler, James Patterson, illustrated by Richard Watson

In the fourth book in the hilarious Dog Diaries series, it's Halloween and Junior sets out to uncover the identity of a mystery mutt who is terrorising the town

Something terrible is going on, my person-pal! Something so dreadful, it’s enough to curl your tail with terror (if you have one, of course)...

A spine-jangling howling has been heard in the middle of the night, favourite toys have been stolen, trash bags have been shredded and all the best pee-spots have been re-scented!

It must have something to do with the night of the howly weiner, which is only days away…
Can I find the evil mastermind who is terrier-izing our town?!

Paperback, 208 pages
Publisher: Penguin House , Imprint: Cornerstone, 15th October 2019
For Ages: 7+ years old

RRP: $14.99. Available from local bookshops and online retailers. For details, visit

by Disney Book Group, Disney Storybook Art Team (Illustrator)

Join Bingo and Rolly on gift-getting missions, space-based missions, next-doggy-door neighbour missions, and so much more! 

Each story in this collection is ideal for reading aloud in just five minutes-making it bark-tastic addition for bedtime, story time, or anytime!

Format: Hardcover, 192 pages
Publisher: Disney PR, 24th September 2019
For Ages: 6 - 7 years old

Price: $22.75 at


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