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AWAMO releases first K9 Veteran Challenge Coin

Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation releases Australia's first K9 Veteran Challenge Coin

Did you know that when a Service Dog retires, the Australian Defence Force and Emergency Services policies state that their duty of care ends for that particular animal?

No? Neither did we! In almost all cases, the cost of caring for a dog as it reaches the end of its life is very high. Pet insurance is not available to these elderly heroes. As it stands, this significant financial burden falls on the kind people who volunteer to look after the dogs in their retirement.

Over recent times eleven Australian dogs have given the ultimate sacrifice, killed in Afghanistan protecting our troops, whilst many more police dogs continue to risk their lives daily.

These animals have given so much during their working lives to help protect us, the Australian people, that surely they deserve to live out the end of their lives in comfort and with access to the medication they may need?

The Retired Military Working Dog Assistance Project aims to provide funds to purchase medication, pay veterinary bills, and supply comfort aids - such as dog beds, coats and toys. They also work with commercial partners to subsidise the cost of cremation and purchase an appropriate memorial.

AWAMO are pleased to announce the launch of the K9 Veteran Challenge Coin to help support our retired service dogs.

Challenge coins form part of a well-established tradition in the military. Owning a specific coin means that you are part of an elite group, you're a member of a close-knit community.

Will you buy a challenge coin to show that you care about our hard-working and selfless animals and provide them with some comfort as they approach their final days? 

Will you join the small, elite group that is prepared to show that they care?

The purchase of a challenge coin will help these veterans when they need it most. All Proceeds go to AWAMO's K9 Veteran retirement program.  

To purchase a coin ($28.50 each), visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 4th September 2019

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