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15 Eco-Friendly Pet Products for Dog Owners

Making living with our pets more sustainable, one paw at a time

Rather than letting people dictate to us how many pets we should be 'allowed' to have - let alone their species or size! - we could all make a real difference by choosing to buy more sustainable pet products that are making full use of recycled or eco-friendly materials.

Over the past few years, innovative pet brands and like-minded stockists have emerged offering these environmentally friendly alternatives so now it's up to pet owners to change some of their daily habits and take a small step in the right direction.

Over 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year with more than 100 thousand marine animals dying as a consequence. 

AniPal is a veterinary initiative tackling this overwhelming situation. They help clean natural habitats by removing waste and giving useful materials a second life as beautiful recycled and sustainable pet products. 

Leading by example they encourage the veterinary and broader animal industries to adopt proactive, sustainable practices which cleanse our environment for the benefit of all our animal pals.

Their first collection o
f beautiful ocean-themed dog collars and leads are made using recycled plastic bottles, buckles and metal rings. 

With a variety of colours and prints, each celebrates a different aspect of our marine ecosystem, providing the perfect opportunity for you and your best mate to team up as ocean ambassadors.

RRP: $29.95 at

Just like a rescued mutt, these collars are unique, recycled and made filled with love! 

Made from second-hand jeans and shirts sourced from local op shops, these martingale collars are handmade by Outback Mutts. They are joining the war on waste by extending the life of things that already exist.

A great fashion accessory for our larger mutts and an accessory that is to be worn like it’s your Sunday best! Designs are limited to jeans and shirts available at the time with $2 from every collar sold donated to an animal charity.

RRP: $26.00 from

Biogone is a manufacturer of a range of responsible products who wants to change the way people use plastic.

Their dog waste bags are landfill biodegradable, which means that when the bag reaches a landfill the natural microbes there will digest it away. 

Once your dog has done his business and you’ve scooped it up, you want to dispose of it as fast as you can. Biogone dog waste bags are designed to be thrown in the nearest bin to go to landfill.

Waste bags (in rolls of 20) to carry around with your dog are packed in boxes made of recycled cardboard. Larger bulk rolls of 250 gusseted wider mouth bags for big dogs or rolls of 500 bags for outside park dispenser mounting are available too.

RRP: $8.80-$16.90 (Pack of 4 or 8 Mini Rolls/20 bags) at

All Indie Eco Pet Beds feature the same quality washable covers and durable insert lining popular in their standard beds but the difference is that you stuff these yourself!

They do not come pre-filled so you simply use unwanted clothes, pillows, cushions or the filling from your pet's old bed and customise the thickness of your insert.

These beds will never flatten while you also make an Earth friendly choice to repurpose items from your home! 

This gorgeous Tropical Leaves coastal print will bring the Summer holiday into your home! The design features various palm fronds on a light green background, perfect on white tiles or a balcony. And because the fabric feels cool in Summer, your pup will actually want to lounge on it all day long.

This Eco Set consists of bed cover and insert cover (no filling) but it is also available with a pre-filled insert. Available in Medium, Large or XL (the height is customisable).

RRP: $44.95 at

Becoming a firm favourite with dog and cat owners nationwide, Burrow's Signature Teepees are made from all-natural, luxury duck canvas and come in ‘Milk’ white or ‘Dove Grey’. 

Small Teepee 'Milk' with 'Pebble' cushion
Photo Credit: @funwithfrankie_
Customers can personalise their teepee by pairing it with a ‘Pebble’, ‘Sand’ or ‘Ink’ cushion to reflect their home and style. Best of all, Burrow teepees are highly practical, with both the teepee and zip-off cushion cover, machine-washable on a cold cycle. 

The small teepee
is ideal for small dog breeds (Miniature Dachshunds, Pugs, Toy Poodles etc). With an enclosed and inviting space, it also offers a popular hideaway for cats and a stylish alternative to the traditional ‘cat cave’. 

The large teepee is perfect for small to medium-sized dogs. Burrow teepees are easily assembled in a few minutes and are for indoor use only. 

RRP: $149.95-$179.95 from 

Melbourne-based Rascal Pets loves handcrafting unique architectural beds using recycled timbers. 

The Cabin Kennel is a stunning piece of architectural handcrafted Australian-made furniture to add to your home.

With some serious wow factor, the kennel is clad in recycled timber with a light dusting of lacquer to make the natural tones of the timber shine. 

The framing of the door is as if you were looking through a window into an entirely different room. We love the turned legs and we know that you will too!

This gorgeous piece is perfect indoors but could be used in an outdoor enclosed area as it is not designed to weather the elements. 

Other recycled timber designs include the Sleigh Bed and Pallet Bed.

RRP: $675.00 (includes cushion bed) from

Doggy Eco provides sustainable and eco-friendly toy and accessory options for your pets.

Bedtime Buddies are their original eco-friendly plush toys, perfect for bedtime cuddles or gentle play. Made from organic cotton and natural hemp they come in three unique designs: Forest Fox, Beaver and Crazy Bird

The organic cotton fibers used in Bedtime Buddies are 100% pesticide free and are super soft and silky to touch. 

Natural hemp also provides antibacterial properties and is naturally hypoallergenic which makes the Bedtime Buddies collection of toys perfect for pets with skin sensitivities and allergies

Bedtime Buddies provide interactive playtime for your dog with a squeaky centre and crinkly tail and are sure to become a bedtime favourite!

RRP: $16.00 from 

Made from 100% eco-friendly cotton, this colourful range of Rope Dog Toys exclusive to Doggytopia is great for puppies who are teething or dogs who like to chew, play, tug or fetch.

As your furry friend chews, the rope toy frays naturally to act like doggy dental floss. Dip the toy in water and freeze to cool down your doggy on a hot day or soothe a teether.

There’s a whole menagerie to choose from including duck, rabbit, elephant, lion, giraffe, hippo and many more!

These dog toys are suitable for heavy chewers.

RRP: $17.95 - $21.95 at

Recently launched St Argo have brought out a line of luxurious vegan leather pet products with a social and environmental conscience on their mind. Being proudly vegan, their signature PU leather is not only a great cruelty-free alternative to regular leather but is also less harmful to the environment than PVC. 

Whether it is the recycled cork used in their collar and leads, the 100% recycled lining in all of their carriers, or the eco-friendly packaging made locally in Melbourne, St Argo have developed a sustainable line of products, without sacrificing aesthetic appeal.

All products are designed with finishes that balance trendy and timeless, suited to fashion-conscious individuals and their beautiful companions. Customisation is available on all products with elegant monogramming.

RRP: from $199 (Pet Carrier); from $29 (Collars & Leads) at

St Argo is a proud supporter of the charity Pound Paws, which is changing the negative stigma harboured towards animals in pounds by re-homing unwanted pets across the country. 

The Mog & Bone Raised Bamboo and Melamine feeding station is stylish and functional, to suit any contemporary interior. 

The elevation allows for comfortable eating and digestion for your pet. You can pour food in one bowl and water in the other, or feed two pets at once so your furry friends can dine together.

Each bowl (17cm x 17cm) has a 1400ml capacity to allow for plenty of food and water in each.

You can wipe the bowls clean with a damp cloth; they're also dishwasher safe.

RRP: $89.95 at

Most dog food is packaged in thick single use plastic bags and the global footprint of transporting dog food from overseas is enormous. Currently there is no recyclable plastic or paper bag alternative for dog food as it will lose its freshness. 

Delivery Hound have teamed up with Aussie dog food company Man’s Best to develop a “swap and go” style dog food service, which will deliver 11kg of grain-free dog food in a reusable barrel.

The concept is simple. You buy your first barrel via subscription and when you’re ready for more, you leave the barrel at your front door to be replaced with a full one. 

The food is Aussie made so a low carbon footprint, it’s delivered to your door, it stays fresh and there is zero plastic waste involved.

Man’s Best Swap and Go barrels are available in 4 different varieties: Puppy, Lamb, Chicken and Ocean Fish.

RRP : from $109 (subscription) or $125 (one-off) at 

The Houndztooth Frankie & Felix’s Blend No. 5 Waterless Shampoo for dogs and cats can revitalise and balance your pet’s skin and coat without a bath!

Made in Australia, this waterless foaming shampoo is specifically formulated with Australian Almond Oil, Oatmeal and plant-based ingredients, to cleanse and promote lustre in one easy step. 

Australian botanicals and essential oils of Manuka Honey, Nerolina & Rosemary provide a rich scent and powerful nourishment. 

Pump a generous amount into the palm of your hand and work thoroughly throughout your dog or cat's coat with your fingertips. Towel dry to lift out excess , simply brush or comb out and repeat as necessary. Ideal for spot cleansing in-between washes.

Houndztooth promise never to use harmful or untrusted additives. All grooming products are PH balanced, vegan, Palm Oil and Paraben free and contain no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances.

RRP: $19.95 (200ml) at

These natural brushes by Essential Dog are made from sustainable sourced bamboo, vegan friendly bristles, rubber and stainless steel pins.

Using locally sourced ingredients, they are naturally fumigated with high pressure water without the use of pesticides.

Use the fine tooth brush to remove tangles and bristles to smooth and add shine to the coat. Gently brush in the direction of the hair growth and remove hair from brush as needed.

Recommended for all hair types and suitable for both dogs (medium to large) and cats.

RRP: $21.95 from

Washing your pet with a Botanical Wash Rock is a quick and easy way to support a clean, fresh, healthy coat.

Made in Australia, the all natural Wash Rock is free from sulphates, parabens and toxic chemicals.

Hand-rolled using the following essential oils and real botanical ingredients, they come in two fragrances: 

✔️ Hemp Seed Linseed Oils + Lavender + Rosemary and
✔️ Lemon Balm + Coconut Oil, with Pink Grapefruit.

The antioxidants and nutrients protect, heal, and create healthy, shining coats and calm inflamed skin.

To use, simply rinse the coat with warm water, lather the wash rock between the hands and apply across the body. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and repeat as desired.

RRP: $11.00
 (100g) from

The Petkin Bamboo Eco Pet Wipes provide a fast, convenient way to keep your pet clean and healthy.
They are gentle enough to use around your pet's eyes, ears, face and body. Each pet wipe is made from organically grown bamboo and are moistened with a natural soothing formula (Aloe Vera and Vitamin E).

These soft wipes will help maintain your pet's coat, keeping it clean and healthy whilst restoring skin moisture and softness.

Bamboo Eco Pet Wipes are suitable for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens and they won't remove spot flea treatments.

RRP: $22.99 (80-pack) at  

When deciding to add a four-legged member to your family, why not visit your local rescue shelter to find one who needs a fur-ever home? Not only will you help to reduce the huge problem of homeless dogs (and cats), but this will also have a lasting impact on the environment.

Ensuring your pets are desexed also helps to control the growing population of dogs and cats and prevents more of them ending up unwanted in shelters.


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