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Top Tips to become a five-star Pet Sitter

As house sitting rises in popularity for Aussie travellers looking for an unforgettable holiday with pets, TrustedHousesitters reveals their top tips on how to become a five-star sitter

Airbnb shook up the hotel market, Uber transformed how we get around and as the “sharing economy” continues to evolve, TrustedHousesitters - a pet-friendly alternative - is shaking up the travel industry once again.

In exchange for taking care of a much-loved pet, travellers have the opportunity to stay in beautiful homes in Australia and all over the world, for free. TrustedHousesitters saw a 99.6 per cent increase in Australian memberships over the past two years as more travellers jump on board with the sharing economy and seek a different way to travel and save money at the same time.

The global house sitting platform employs a free verification process for sitters, offering everyone even more peace of mind. For a yearly membership of $99 - less than the cost of one night at a hotel - approved pet sitters can apply for the chance to stay in any of the premium properties available around the world.

Community Manager at TrustedHousesitters, Angela Laws, has completed 200 sits of her own in eight different countries including Australia, France, Italy and even Barbados where she was looking after an array of different pets from chickens and pigs to horses, dogs and cats. 

Angela’s vast experience has made her a true house sitting expert, and to help Australian travellers succeed, she has compiled her top tips on how they too can boost their pet sitting CV.

Angela’s top tips on how to boost your pet sitting CV

1. First and foremost you must be an animal lover with experience of the pets you’ll be looking after while also being trustworthy, reliable and sensitive to the needs of both pets and their owners. 

2. Create a great profile with engaging images of you with pets and people. 

3. Make your profile about you, let your personality shine through and be the person that your owners’ pets would want you to be.

4. Think like an owner. What would you want to know about someone who you will be handing over the responsibility of your home and beloved pets?

5. Start locally and try some shorter sits to build up your references and to be certain the lifestyle of a house and pet sitter is right for you. 

6. Write an engaging email application and personalise it for each house sit that you apply for

Australian member Kristeen Parson who is based in Brisbane is also one of TrustedHousesitters’ top pet sitters with 20 five-star rated house sits under her belt. 

Thanks to tips like Angela’s, Kristeen is now a sought-after pet sitter and enjoys her passion for travel without burning a hole in her purse, all while being rewarded with the company of loving pets. 

About TrustedHousesitters

Launched in November 2010, TrustedHousesitters is connecting a global community of pet lovers through world wide pet sitting opportunities. For up-to-date pet and house sits and verified pet sitters, please visit

MEDIA RELEASE, 24th July 2019

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