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Safeglow™ LED Dog Accessories & Apparel

Safeglow™ is an innovative Australian company located in Geelong, Australia, which specialises in LED apparel and accessories for pets and their owners

Our new website offers a range of LED dog collars and harnesses as well as reflective collars and leads. Our dedicated aim is to keep pets and their owners safe by being highly visible at night or in low light conditions

With busy work, school and household schedules, many dog owners prefer to walk their pets in the early mornings or evenings, when visibility is poor. Dogs are at risk of getting hit by motor vehicles if they are not clearly seen by motorists. 

Dogs can also be difficult to spot if they run off in the dark. 
Safeglow™ collars and harnesses help keep pets safe by being visible in the dark at a distance of over 500 metres, giving ample time for motorists to see your pets and to slow down. 

Unlike many LED dog products on the market, Safeglow
™ LED collars and harnesses are USB rechargeable from a standard USB wall plug, with the charger cable supplied. Both products feature high-quality materials and a slimline power pack for pet comfort. also offers products for the safety and fitness of dog walkers, like brightly glowing LED belts with handy pouches for doggie bags, keys etc. 

Safeglow LED products are ideal for keeping an eye on your pets at the beach, park, campsite or on the farm. 

Safeglow collars & harnesses are available in 4 vibrant colours (Blue, Lime Green, Pink and Red) so if you own more than one pet, you can easily identify each one by their glowing LED colour. 

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $34 (LED collar); from $38 (LED Harness or Smart Reflective Lead) from

Safeglow - Keeping People & Pets Safe™

MEDIA RELEASE, 25th July 2019

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