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Love of Weaving cushions made with your Pet's Fur

Most of us have lots of beautiful and happy photos of our pets, but nothing compares to the feeling of holding a cushion that has been made with fur from your beloved pet. 

Dalia, a weaver of Saori (a Japanese style of weaving), uses her unique skill by taking fur collected from animals made into yarn, and intuitively weaves a unique creation of your beloved pet.

The best time to collect the fur is now, when your precious pet is energetic, healthy and happy.

The second best time is when your pet is getting older. You realise that time is running out and a uniquely crafted pet fur cushion will be a beautiful keepsake.

Here is what one of Dalia’s many clients wrote “My Poodle Bella was a member of the family, a constant companion, healer and faithful guardian. She was there for me during my challenging emotional times.” Carol went on to say, she is so grateful that now she has a tangible and comforting cushion that supports and reinforces the memories of her precious pet.

Understanding fellow animal lovers would enjoy her tenderly crafted cushions, Dalia takes great care to obtain the chosen fibre, collecting sustainably from gently combed and groomed pets, a positive experience for all our furry friends.

The inspiration and fibre for Dalia’s first cushion came from her own bunnies and dog. Since then, Dalia has used unusual fibres such as Samoyed, black Poodle and Angora rabbit, combined with silks and cottons in stunning colours. Now she makes cushions from all types of animals that have the required length of fur for spinning.

The love of animals and weaving has been the inspiration for Dalia to create beautiful, personalised and unique cushions, a comforting keepsake that you’ll cherish forever.

For more information on how to have your pet immortalised in a cushion, please contact Dalia via her website at 

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MEDIA RELEASE, 10th June 2019

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