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Pooch Pack Subscription Box with Natural Dog Treats

Pooch Pack is a Sydney based start-up driven by a mission to elevate the quality of treats for dogs and to influence a more inclusive world among hounds and humans. 

The company is founded by a paw-parent duo, who both believe wholeheartedly in the limitless ways that dog and human connections can be life changing. With Pooch Pack, they seek to embrace this through good eating and by curating happy, simple moments that pooches and their people can enjoy together.

So what do they do exactly? Well at the core, Pooch Pack is an online subscription business committed to being the guys to make sure your pooch never runs out of healthy, all natural grain-free treats without you even needing to leave the sofa. 

What's in your Pooch Pack subscription box?

You'll receive a selection of treats including:

✔️ 100% Australian RSPCA-approved Chicken Breast Treats (100g) 
✔️ 100% Australian Hormone Free Beef Treats (100g)
✔️ 100% Australian Organic Sweet Potato Treats (100g) 
✔️ Wakame & Coconut oil flavoured Pupcorn (25g)
✔️ a month supply of eco-friendly Dog Poop Bags

Each box is stylishly packaged by hand and has a bonus surprise item thrown in for a bit of fun.

Pooch Pack - Australian organic sweet potato treats
Subscribers (aka Pooch Packers) get to experience the ultimate in home-delivered treats

Orders ship on the 15th of each month which means treats are always freshly handcrafted using only Australian, human-grade ingredients. 

If you’re still on the fence but curious, then you could purchase the gift box. It has all the items of the initial box you’d receive as part of the subscription with the benefit of previewing before you go all paws in! 

This humble start-up may have only launched but there’s already some big ideas brewing for what is next in their treat range. There’s even talks of them adding some bespoke products further down the line. Take the journey with them and follow the fun on social media. 

Find Pooch Pack on Facebook at and on Instagram @poochpackau

Price & Where to Buy

Jump onto the Pooch Pack website at and subscribe by selecting the size of your dog, the treats you want and how often you want it replenished.

RRP: $45 for the S/M box; $65 for the M/L box (includes free shipping). 

If you want your pooch to only #chewthebest and love a brand that is colourfully bold yet down-to-earth you’d definitely want to give Pooch Pack a whirl. Game on? 

Then subscribe now and you’ll get $20 off the first box using the codeBARKINGMAD

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