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Ratsak Naturals safe for domestic pets

Dogs and other pets can be affected by ingesting rat bait directly or by ingesting rodents which have eaten rat bait.

The new RATX Naturals product is safe around humans, domestic pets, native wildlife and the environment.

It prevents secondary poisoning in native species and protects the environment from chemical residues used in commonly available rat and mouse baits.

The product works by causing dehydration in rats and mice by interfering with the thirst response which is in the gut of rodents (a unique physiology). 

Once eaten by rodents RATX lines the gut preventing the rats and mice from feeling thirsty and dehydration occurs soon after. As a result, the dead rodent will mummify and and not create any residual smell.

RATX leaves no residues in the environment and is approved by the American Environmental Protection Authority.

Main Benefits

✔️ Safe for children, domestic pets, and native species.
✔️ Prevents secondary killing of native species.
✔️ Chemical and poison free
✔️ Safe for the environment (no residues)

This product is distributed to the home consumer market as Ratsak Naturals by Yates Australia

Importing Innovations has successfully obtained APVMA approval to market the RATX range of non-toxic rat and mouse baits in Australia. 

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $16.98-$29.98 is available from Mitre 10, IGA, Woolworths, Bunnings stores in Australia and online.

About Importing Innovations Australasia

Importing Innovations is a technology-based importer situated in Melbourne Australia.

The company specializes in sourcing and developing sophisticated technology-based solutions for consumers.

MEDIA RELEASE, 26th April 2019

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