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PetitVoyou Exclusive Harnesses for your Dog

PetitVoyou is a dynamic company with colourful cheerful labels for custom dog harnesses. 

The PetitVoyou brand was founded in January 2017 in Germany by Paris-based Jennifer Schwientek. The expression 'Petit Voyou' therefore comes from France and literally translates into 'little rascal'. 

PetitVoyou harnesses stand for lightness, coziness and enchanting colors. The special thing about them is that all harnesses are unique, as they can be freely combined by the customers according to their wishes. 
The border and colour can be put together according to your own ideas and these are then made to measure by hand in Germany. 

The last personal touch you can give the harnesses are patches, which you also decorate with great Velcro stickers. These products make everyday life with your dog simply colourful and safe. 

In addition to their assortment of the finest warm merino wool-made dog sweaters, a linen collection suitable for the harnesses is planned for 2019. 

PetitVoyou harnesses are made of velvety-soft vegan Ultrasuede fabrics. These are 100% cruelty-free as the company believes in true sustainability. These lightweight dog harnesses are really "dog-friendly", colourfast and dimensionally stable, washable at 30 degrees and therefore suitable for all weather. 

The all-weather flexibility keeps dogs cool in the heat and warm in the cold. The owners can be sure to get an absolutely first-class, individually fitting and ergonomic product for their beloved four-legged friend, which is also 100% sustainable and vegan

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: € 39,00 - € 49,00 EUR

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MEDIA RELEASE, 5th April 2019

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