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Donate with a Mate Sydney - April 18

Donate with a Mate pioneers an end to canine blood shortage with world-first human and canine donation service ...

Pedigree has today launched a life-saving campaign Donate with a Mate, the world’s first human and canine blood donation service and is calling on Australian dogs and their humans to donate together, with every dog that donates blood saving the lives of three dogs.

Developed in partnership with the Australian Animal Blood Bank (AABB) and Dr. Katrina Warren, the Donate with a Mate campaign is raising awareness of the fact that dogs can donate blood, with low awareness and understanding of the process leading to a critical shortage of canine blood across the country.

On Thursday 18 April, a blood donation service is being hosted in Sydney with an AABB donation van and Dr. Katrina Warren, giving both dogs and their owners the opportunity to donate blood and support the cause. Australians are encouraged to register their interest at

Speaking on the importance of the campaign, Dr. Katrina Warren said, “Every day, dogs around the country are taken to vets with injuries that require them to have blood transfusions – but there’s such little awareness around the fact that dogs need and can donate blood.
Donate with a Mate is an important step in normalising canine blood donation by partnering it with something we’re all aware of, human blood donations. If your dog is eligible, jump online and register for a pre-screening and help your dog save other dogs’ lives.”

For Australians hoping to register their dogs, a simple quiz is available at the Donate with a Mate website that provides a guide as to whether your dog will be eligible to donate blood. 

If your dog is eligible, they’ll need to undertake a pre-screening to ensure they’ll be a willing ‘volunteer’ and the donation process won’t put your beloved pooch under any undue stress.

If you’re not in Sydney but want to donate blood with your dog, you can visit the Australian Animal Blood Bank’s website at to find your local donation centre, or you can speak to your local veterinarian about what options are available.

About Pedigree:

We live in really busy, complex times. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, we race from one activity to the next. But no matter what happens in our day, our four-legged friends always help us instantly reconnect with the simple things in life – whether through a slobbery kiss, a simple tail wag or an excited bark. At PEDIGREE we believe that that dogs make the world a better place and bring out the good in us all and by nourishing the loveable innocence in every dog, PEDIGREE helps feed the good they bring to the world.

MEDIA RELEASE, 16th April 2019

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