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Australia's official War Animal Day - February 24

February 24 announced as Australia's official War Animal Day...

Australia now joins other countries including UK and New Zealand in officially recognising the deeds and sacrifices of our war animals serving alongside our troops with their own day of remembrance.

Federal Minister Scott Buchholts has announced the 24th February as Australia’s official war animal day. We are all being encouraged to wear a purple poppy in recognition of the deeds and sacrifice our four-legged and feathered diggers have made serving alongside our troops.

The president of the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation and recent ANZAC of the year award recipient Mr Nigel Allsopp said “the 24th of February or Purple Poppy Day is a day all Australians can wear a purple poppy and think not only about our soldiers who gave their lives in war, but also spare a thought for the four-legged and winged heroes that fought and died alongside our troops”.

You can see a video of Scott Buchholtz announcement in parliament here ...

This announcement comes on the back of last year’s opening of Australia's first international war animal memorial in the heart of the WWI battlefields, just outside the French town of Pozieres. A video of the monument can be seen here ...

Proceeds from the sale of purple poppies fund the building of war animal memorials, training of support dogs for use by returning soldiers with PTSD, care packages to working military dogs and support for dogs retired due to age, injury and illness after service.

Later this year AWAMO will be issuing Blue Cross bravery awards to two Australian war animals for acts of courage.

MEDIA RELEASE, 4th February 2019

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