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Therabis Up and Moving Dog Supplement - Review

Conner Belgian Tervueren trials Therabis Up and Moving dog supplement to improve his joint mobility
Around four weeks ago, Therabis Australia reached out to us to introduce their range of dog supplements, which help dogs with itching, joint mobility or stress issues.

Relatively new to Australia, Therabis was founded in the US by veterinarian Dr Stephen M. Katz who has
 spent an entire decade researching, developing and perfecting these all-natural formulations to provide your pet with reliable support.

Hopefully with increased research in this area and a change in people's attitudes, the stigma once attached to the use of hemp-based pet care will disappear and we can start focusing on the health benefits delivered by these products. Would we have considered this a few years ago? The honest answer is probably not, but we're a lot more open-minded these days.

What is used in Hemp Pet Care?

Industrial hemp and marijuana are common names for two different cultivars of the cannabis sativa plant.

The species used in pet care products carries only very low levels of THC, which means that these pet products 
harness the therapeutic properties of the cannabis sativa plant without producing any psychoactive effects. Your dog will not be swinging off the chandelier any time soon and it's all perfectly legal!

How can Cannabinoids generally help your pet?

The bulk of the research has so far been concentrated on the human side and media have widely reported on their use for successfully treating epileptic disorders in humans. In clinical studies, cannabinoids have also shown promise in treating the root cause of pain, proving joint and mobility support, producing anti-anxiety effects and supporting skin and hair health. 

Therabis is also incorporating other well-researched beneficial powerful natural ingredients in its formulas like L-theanine, bromelain, green-lipped mussel etc. to create products that target common ailments in pets. 
Therabis range of dog supplements for stress, itching and joint mobility issues
Their range currently includes Therabis™ Calm and Quiet, Stop the Itch and Up and Moving targeting common problems experienced by modern dogs with a specific formula available in powder form (sachets) or treat supplements.

Our senior dog (12-year old Belgian Tervueren) Conner was a perfect test candidate for Therabis™ Up And Moving as for the first time last winter, he found it hard to follow his daily routine ... Going up and down the stairs (we have a few) and jumping onto the bed or the couch were clearly becoming a difficult task.

Conner is our 'problem child' as he also suffers from Thunderstorm Phobia so we will also test and review the Therabis™ Calm and Quiet formula but we thought we'd focus on his primary health concern first.

Our Verdict on Therabis™ Up and Moving

Sadly you can't reverse the signs of ageing in dogs any more than you can in humans (at this stage) but we can certainly help our senior dogs feel more comfortable and provide them with great quality of life for as long as possible.
Conner Belgian Tervueren with Therabis dog supplements - Up and Moving + Calm and Quiet
The Therabis™ Up And Moving formula was designed to promote healthy joints and mobility but it doesn't claim to reverse your dog's canine arthritis or fix hip dysplasia. Its effects on your dog will depend on how advanced their disease is, which only a veterinarian is qualified to diagnose.

Conner was only experiencing minor discomfort at this stage so we started experimenting over winter with ingredients like green-lipped mussel in dog treats and supplements. The green lipped mussel (pema canilicus) powder provides your pet valuable molecules such as omega fatty acids and naturally occurring glucosamine to support healthy joints.

Therabis™ Up And Moving ingredients also include hemp extract (using stalk, stem and seed makes it more potent), vitamin C and chromium.

Therabis Up and Moving powder supplement added to dog's dinner of raw kangaroo mince
The formula comes in a sachet and we sprinkled the powder over Conner's food once a day - it doesn't matter whether you're feeding kibble or raw or cooking special meals for your dogs.

There was no issue with palatability whether completely mixed in or just sprinkled over and Conner has experienced no digestive issues so that was a first green tick.

We noticed probably a subtle difference in mobility after only 4-5 days. Now, two weeks into a four-week trial, Conner is moving much better than he has in a while with no obvious stiffness in his hind legs first thing in the morning.

He's jumping on and off the bed and couch unaided, trotting up and down stairs and playing his favourite game of fetch without developing a limp straight away. His overall energy levels and willingness to play and engage with us have also improved.
Close-up of Therabis Up and Moving dog supplement pack options based on dog's weight

Simply choose the pack suited to your dog's size (Small: up to 10kgs; Medium: 10-25kgs; Large: over 25kgs) and for convenience you can choose from a 5-pack or 30-pack.

The only downside we can see at this point is the price (we're looking at spending over $1,000 a year if using daily) but can you put a price on your dog's health and happiness?

With Conner's annual vet health and wellness check coming up and the inevitable New Year's Eve fireworks and illegal firecrackers being let off in our area each year, we will certainly be putting the Therabis™ Calm and Quiet formula through its paces in coming weeks and will bring you our verdict in early 2019!

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $55-$85 (30 pack) based on your dog's weight, available from, independent pet retailers and vets.

Disclaimer: a 30-pack of Therabis™ Up And Moving, Calm and Quiet formulas were provided to us by Therabis Australia in order to complete our reviews.

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