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Squishy Face Crew Charity Fundraiser Book Launch

Mastiff and three Pugs sitting for the book cover of SquishyFaceCrew Book by Ruthless Photos
#SquishyFaceCrew Charity Fundraiser Book Launch  

Following on from the success of 2016’s fundraiser book project – Tails of SydneyRuthless Photos is back with the #SquishyFaceCrew book, which is raising funds for two charities who rescue flat-faced dogs.

Owners of brachycephalic dogs with wrinkly, squishy faces; young and old; big and small; rescues, mixed breeds and purebreds; came together to support this project.

Some of Australia’s most famous Instagram dogs took part. Among the seventy squishy faces featured in the book are the uber-famous @mrbiscuitthepug (105k), @dougiethefrenchie (80k), @tacos_frenchies (24k) and @larger.than.lurch (11k). They’ve generously used their massive followings to help raise awareness for the project.

The #SquishyFaceCrew book is raising much needed funds for two dog rescue charities. 
White Bulldog puppy sits in front of a wall covered by graffiti
For this project Ruth has partnered with Mini’s Bulldog Rescue and Pug Patrol Rescue. As the popularity of these types of dogs grows, the groups that rescue them need more financial support. Over $3.5k has been raised and donated to date.

“Bulldogs are such a special breed” said Mini’s Bulldog Rescue, “to most people’s surprise, there is an increasing number of bulldogs in need of rescue and rehoming. Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club relies on community donations and the support of volunteers. The precious funds raised from this book will go directly towards the vet care and behavioural support of the most desperate bulldogs in need of rescue, which we couldn’t otherwise help.”

Pug Patrol Rescue Australia says they’re “on a mission to rescue Pugs and other ‘squishy faced’ breeds from abuse, neglect and exploitative breeding - the money raised by this project will not only enable us to rescue more dogs, but will also help us provide the extensive veterinary care and rehabilitation that our rescues need before they find their fur-ever home.”

#SquishyFaceCrew Book Details

  • Between now and Christmas 2018 you can order one book for $80, two for $70 each or three or more for $60 each (+p&p). 
  • Books will start shipping in early November
  • 25cm square, full colour, limited edition, hard-cover coffee table book. 
  • Over 200 stunning photos of 70 squishy faces. You can order now at

Dog lovers can come along and celebrate the launch of the #SquishyFaceCrew book. 

When: Saturday 3rd November 2018, from 3:00-5:00pm 

Where: Kensington Park Community Centre, 1 Day Lane, Kensington 

For the latest details, please visit the Event's page.

Ruth’s long history of helping dogs in need

In 2008 Ruth and her husband adopted three rescue dogs in the space of six months. She found herself wanting to help more dogs like hers to get adopted, that’s when her pet photography journey began. Photographing dogs in need has always been a priority that she devotes a large portion of her time to. Hundreds of dogs and cat owners cite the picture she took of their pet as the reason they wanted to meet, and subsequently adopt, their furry best friend.

Ruth currently shares her home with her husband, three rescue dogs and the occasional foster puppy (or four!). More fundraising publications!
SquishyFaceCrew book Adorable Puppies diary Rescued Blockhead Calendar 2019

Ruth has also produced two 2019 rescue dog calendars, a puppy diary and Christmas cards. They’re available to purchase from her online store and all profits will be donated to Sydney charity Fetching Dogs. They’ll also be on sale at the book launch.

Ruth O'Leary pet photographer with one of her smiling rescue dogs

About Ruthless Photos

Based in Sydney, Ruth O’Leary is one of Australia’s most sought after photographers. She takes colourful and emotive photographs of dogs in stunning locations.

Since the launch of Ruthless Photos in 2009 she has specialised in dog photography for both private and commercial clients. If you’d like to find out more, please visit

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