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15 Eco-Friendly Products for Dog Lovers

We spend in excess of $12 billion annually on our pets in Australia and as dog owners who love spoiling our furry companions, we can make a difference by choosing to purchase biodegradable dog products that are made from recycled or sustainable materials.

Changing some of our daily habits is a small step in the right direction and may encourage pet manufacturers and stores to offer us more environmentally friendly choices in the future.

Made from seven layers of strong, sustainable jute fibre with a built-in squeaker, this unique range of little Australian fellas has been designed by Outback Tails with love for your dog to play with. 

This tough little Aussie marsupial has been stuffed with a recycled water bottle for fun, crunchy sounds then wrapped with natural wool that has been coloured with vegetable dye. A great non-toxic, strong and eco friendly chew toy for your best friend to enjoy. 

Choose from 
Kezza the Kangaroo (featured)Shazza the Great White Shark, Kevin the Koala, Steve the Crocodile or Wazza the Wombat, your dog can't be more Aussie than that!

RRP: $17.95 - $19.95 from

We like that a percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to various Australian native animal charities that are doing their bit to protect our precious animal habitats.

The Betty Woof organic hemp rope toys are handmade in Zurich, Switzerland, using no glues, dyes or chemicals by Elli, and Betty the mini Australian Shepherd.

These toys are completely non-toxic, eco-friendly and naturally mould resistant. Once the toy is past its playable life, just toss it into the compost pile! Hemp fibres have an earthy natural smell that dogs find irresistible. If you have an aggressive chewer take the toy away if you are not playing with your dog!

Available in various shapes 
from Long Rope, Monkeyfist, Multiple Tug, Carrot, Gallows, Screwdriver and more!

RRP: $15-$34

The East Coast Pets range is handmade in Nepal, using 100% New Zealand wool.

The cuddly Hug Dog Toy can help clean and strengthen your dog’s teeth but it's mostly a fun durable toy for active dogs to play toss and catch!

Once they've finished running around, they'll love sinking their muzzle into the woolly scent of this soft toy. 

This ring comes in CoralMidnight BlueMintPlumFlamingo and MustardAvailable in Small (12cm) and Large (18cm) to suit all pooches.

This is not a chew toy so please supervise your dog during play.

RRP: from $14.95 at 

Your dog will love sinking their teeth into this shreddable meat-flavoured dog bone!

Not only will your dog love to chew on this toy, this Loofah bone offers natural dental floss which improves your dog's teeth cleaning and gum health. This Loofah Dental Dog Bone is meant to be shredded because that's how the teeth cleaning magic happens! Shredding times varies for each dog.

Made from 100% natural Loofah Plant and natural vegetable dye, this dog toy is certified organic. It is safe for consumption but intended as a dog dental toy.

RRP: $12.95 from

The Eco Pet Beds from Indie Boho feature the same beautiful designs, quality washable covers and durable insert linings used in their standard beds but the difference is that you stuff these yourself with unwanted clothes, pillows or cushions! 

These beds will never flatten whilst you also make an Earth-friendly choice by repurposing old items.

This limited edition Hummingbird Fields design is perfect for a fresh Spring look! Hand drawn by renowned Australian illustrator Fleur Harris, this design will sweep your imagination away into a bustling field of wildflowers, berries, bumblebees and dragonflies paired with a charming nesting hummingbird pair. 

RRP: from $69.95 at 

These small dog beds and mats from Aussie Naturaliste Knits are handmade from eco-friendly felted wool.

Dogs love the natural fibre which keeps them warm in winter and cool in summer. We're told they're also attracted and comforted by the natural smell of wool.

Available in Ocean Blue, Vanilla Cream, Deep Red, Lime Green, Forest Green, Pastel Pink, Mustard Yellow, Artic Grey, Charcoal Grey

Dog beds start from 30cm in diameter and dog mats from 80cm in diameter. 

RRP: $140-$180 from Facebook or selected DOGUE pet boutiques.

Beautifully hand crafted with 100% soft cotton, hemp and leather, this Rope Collar by Henley & Co is exquisitely handmade and hand dyed with an engravable solid brass tag, and features a beautiful ombré gradient. 

100% natural dye was used in the hand dying process making these collars eco-friendly.

Using nautical grade rope, this collar will withstand even the roughest of play! 
The 100% Cotton cordage is soft, making it very pleasant to handle, and it only gets softer with time. The brass hardware adds the final touch creating a timeless look and rustic finish.

Available in 6 colours and 5 sizes.

RRP: from $32.90 at

Handmade from sustainable cork leather, these unique dog collars from Herzog are painted by hand in Melbourne, Australia. 

Michigan born Illustrator and Designer, Emma Berger, makes each Herzog piece in her studio taking inspiration from the dogs and music she loves.

100% vegan and water resistant, these dog collars feature trendy colours and patterns finished off with stylish matte black hardware.
Custom orders and hand painted options also available. 

RRP: from $59.00 at 

Houndztooth is a new Australian-made range of natural dog shampoos and conditioning sprays. 

Their uniqueness lies in the use of goat’s milk blended with Australian botanicals as their core ingredients. All the products are palm oil and paraben free and contain no harsh ingredients or synthetic fragrances. 

Houndztooth also created 
Coco’s Blend No.4 -  a natural topical soothing Rescue & Relief Spray, ideal for dogs suffering from allergies.

RRP: $24.95-$29.95 from 

With the warmer days ahead of us, dogs will be spending more time exploring outdoors and these mosquito and fly bites can really hurt!

The Bug Barrier Balm by Organic Pet Company is a topical barrier infused with botanical extracts of Rosemary, Basil and Lemongrass which helps deter biting insects on and around sensitive areas.

This balm provides the skin with generous nourishment whilst protecting exposed areas such as the tips of your dog's ears and nose.

RRP: $27.95 from  

This Urthly Organics certified palm oil free bar soap for pets will keep your dog's skin and fur in top shape! 

Made in Central Victoria, it's free from nasties (e.g. parabens, glycols, fragrance etc) and made with skin loving oils including Stockholm Tar which is renown to help sensitive skin and is antiseptic.
Each product is handcrafted so the appearance may differ slightly from the photos. 

If your pet has a sensitive skin, Urthly Organics recommend to use either their unscented olive oil soap or goat milk soap instead.  

RRP: $7.50 from

When your pups get the munchies, these 
Hemp Doggie Biscuits from The Cannabis Co. offer a healthy alternative!

Dogs don’t need colouring or preservatives in their treats, what they need is abundant nutrition in a delicious snack.

These healthy vegan snacks are specially formulated using just two ingredients: hemp and chickpeas. 

Made in Australia, these doggie biscuits are packed full of protein, with the perfect balance of omega fatty acids.

RRP: $16.95 from

X-OUT Spot Check Pet does not contain any harsh chemicals and uses a water-based formula which is all natural, 
non-toxic and biodegradable.

The X-OUT Pet Stain Eliminator is safe to use on most natural and synthetic fabric and carpets.
This product will not harm the colour or texture of the fabric, but will remove old or new stains and dirt from carpets, rugs, upholstery, sofas, chairs, car interiors, clothing and anywhere your pet lives and sleeps.

This product is 100% safe and non-toxic to people, pets, plants and the environment. The Pet Lovers Pack also includes a 500ml Pet Odour Eliminator.

RRP: $26.50 (500ml spray) at

Bruce Hultgren wanted to make a difference. Plastic poop bags were driving him crazy and he knew there had to be a better solution to plastic. 

"Oh Crap" dog waste bags are made from cornstarch and have been internationally tested for both home and commercial composting. 

They can be thrown into a bin, knowing that they’ll break down in landfill in 3 months.

RRP: from $19.99 (80 bags, includes free shipping) from

Available as 6 or 12-month packs or bulk orders for retailers.

Our pets are part of the family and we want a special token to remember them and the joy they brought into our lives when they sadly pass.

The RainbowPaws Memorial Tree Kit allows pet owners to create a lasting memorial by transforming your pet’s ashes into new life through infusions into a living memorialisation plant. Their unique process changes the soil composition and promotes healthy biology to help the new plant to thrive.

The Memorial Kit includes planting directions, name plaque, and a Keepsake Crystal (an optional extra for small kits).

RRP: $120-$300 (includes shipping) from  

When deciding to add a new four-legged friend to your family, why not visit your local rescue shelter to find one who needs a fur-ever home instead of going to a pet store or a breeder? Not only will you help to reduce the huge problem of homeless dogs (or cats), but this will also have an impact on the environment.

Ensuring your pets are desexed also helps to control the growing population of dogs and cats and prevents more of them ending up unwanted in shelters.

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