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The Cannabis Company - Hemp for Pets

The Cannabis Co. is a new Australian brand of organic and sustainably grown hemp products for both animals and people.

Probably the first thing to clarify is that hemp is not to be confused with marijuana. Although both come from the same plant (Cannabis sativa.), the main difference lies in the ratio of THC to CBD (cannabidiol) that the plant contains.[i] By definition, industrial hemp contains high levels of CBD and less than 0.3 percent THC on a dry-matter basis so hemp products will not cause any psychoactive effects in your pets.

The company believes that the cannabis plant is the most beneficial and the most misunderstood plant in the world today. "There is literally no other plant with so many health benefits to it" commented Dr. David Stapleton, Director of The Cannabis Company who's also a biochemist with over 25 years experience working at the University of Melbourne.

The company is currently working through obtaining its organic certification. All the hemp plants used in production are sourced from Tasmania and Victoria with plans to expand farming nationally.

The Cannabis Company - Hemp for Pets range

1) Hemp Seed Oil for Pets

The Hemp Seed Oil for Pets can be applied topically to your dog's skin, fur, paws, claws, joints and nose.

Its primary use is to assist heal issues around dryness, inflammation, dandruff, uncomfortable itchiness and may help senior dogs suffering from arthritis and painful/damaged joints

Used as a food supplement, it can provide a nutritional boost whilst alleviating issues related to inflammation.

2) Hemp Seed & Flax Oil for Pets

Unlike the Hemp Seed Oil For Pets which is purely the cold-pressed oil of the hemp
seed, the Hemp Seed & Flax Oil contains the hull of the hemp seed.

This provides extra
nutrition, particularly in the Amino Acid area. One of the most common ailments currently presenting amongst dogs is anxiety, depression and mood-related disorders.

These products could help largely because of their Tryptophan content (an EFA which is a precursor to serotonin, which is responsible for feelings of happiness and wellbeing).

Hemp Seed & Flax Oil is not intended for topical use, as the manner in which the seed is processed is not as refined, meaning that although it retains more nutrients, it's not as gentle for direct applications on your dog's skin or fur. 

To summarise, Hemp Seed Oil For Pets can be used as a daily supplement, whilst Hemp Seed & Flax Oil is designed for a shorter term health boost.

3) Hemp Doggy Biscuits

The Cannabis Company also offers some Hemp Doggy Biscuits.

These healthy vegan dog snacks are made from only two ingredients: hemp and chick peas.

Packed full of protein, these biscuits deliver the perfect balance of omega fatty acids (a great source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in a perfectly balanced ratio of 3:1). 

Some background about the Hemp Plant

Hemp is sustainable, durable and requires very little water to grow with more and more people convinced that it offers an answer to challenges around scarcity, pollution, climate change in today's global economy.

What are the potential benefits of hemp for dogs?

Results remain anecdotal and have not been validated through peer-reviewed research. This is the very science that the veterinary community needs in order to discern the potential risks and benefits of hemp for dogs.

Some pet owners have reported benefits of hemp for dogs and cats, including treatment of pain, arthritis, seizures, anxiety, inappetence, cognitive dysfunction and more.

"At present, very few clinical trials exist to a level with which we're satisfied but we've already commissioned our own research" commented Dr. David Stapleton.  

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: $24.95 for Hemp Seed Oil (200ml); $14.95 for Hemp Seed & Flax Oil (100ml); 
$16.95 for Hemp Doggy Biscuits (70g).

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