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Essential Pet Wellness - Herbal Teas for Dogs

Just when you thought our pets could not get any more pampered ... this Australian company has started making a range of herbal teas, specifically for our canine friends!

The tea is the latest product in a growing range of goods and services traditionally reserved for humans but which are now being marketed at pets. 

Essential Pet Wellness Founder Patricia Noble explained “You might think the concept of a herbal tea for dogs is a little crazy! However it should be common knowledge that herbal tea is a very rich source of antioxidants, which help oxygenate the blood and clear it of toxins. Studies have proven that herbal tea helps fight almost every type of cancer (especially brain cancer), neurological disorders, and also drastically reduces risk of heart disease”. 

“Just like their human counterparts, dogs also respond well to natural therapies, and in a world where conscientious pet owners want the best life for their pet, more and more are turning to natural treatments. Aside from those amazing powers, many types of teas are specifically formulated from natural plant matter in order to treat dozens of other minor afflictions ranging from insomnia and anxiety to stomach ache and heartburn” added Noble.

Doggy Herbal Teas come in a variety of blends including Tranquili-TEA, which contains Valerian Root and Lemon Balm; Vitali-TEA, with Astralgus and Lavender and Speciali-TEA which Noble described as the “Champagne of teas for dogs”.

These teas claim such health benefits as stress and anxiety reliefrelief from arthritis stiffness in older dogs, a healthier coat and fresher breath.

Mrs Noble came up with the idea of herbal teas for dogs while chatting to her niece, Janice Chantler - Owner of Yappy Days Doggy Daycare Centre in Rockingham.

“We were chatting about Janice’s Miniature Dachshund - Frankie, and about how he was having trouble adapting to his new surroundings after being adopted by Janice when he was 4. 

Having had a keen interest in herbs for many years I wondered if herbal infusions would be helpful to dogs as well. After a lot of research I finally came up with a blend I thought would assist in settling him down ...

It did, and after testing various tea blends on friends and family members for various ailments, with outstanding results, Essential Pet Wellness was born ”. 

She added: “The dogs enjoy it - they can’t tell you that – but the videos on our Facebook page say it all.” 

Essential Pet Wellness has recently added two new blends to their product range: Wee-TEA - which the company says has been especially formulated to reduce urine burns on lawns and Niff-TEA - for fighting bad breath causing bacteria - leaving doggies breath nice and fresh.

Essential Pet Wellness also has a range of Essential Oils especially crafted for dogs, which also assist with general wellbeing, stress-related conditions, anger and irritability, depression, insomnia and more. 

The Certified Organic oils which also help pooches smell fresh and clean, can be used topically or worn on a stylish silver pendant, which is attached to your pet's collar. 

The fashionable pendants come in a range of designs with coloured felt pads or absorbent balls which discerning doggies can colour co-ordinate with their daily outfits!


RRP: from $15.00 (tea bags), $7.00 (tea accessories) with free shipping during July at 

Please Note: Always talk to your vet to determine any potential interactions with your dog’s medications.

MEDIA RELEASE, 11th July 2018

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