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KONG Tiltz Treat Dispenser - Review

KONG Tiltz is part of their latest range of treat dispensing dog toys recently launched in the Australian market. It's so new it's not yet on the company's website but you'll find it online and in many pet stores.

KONG is renowned for producing hard-wearing toys that will stimulate your dogs physically and mentally to keep them engaged for hours. Depending on how smart your dog is, this may be more a matter of minutes but every little bit helps in this house and our Malinois (just like kids) will definitely zero in on anything new!

Mental enrichment is essential for all dogs but is especially required if they're left home alone during the day or may be assistance if they suffer from separation anxietyOn cold rainy days, this treat dispenser toy is also a great way to provide your dog a stimulating break during the day using just a handful of treats.

How does the Kong Tiltz treat dispenser work?

It couldn't be any easier to use as you don't need to open or unscrew any parts of this toy. 

You simply put your dog's favourite treats or kibble into the large centre dispensing hole, ensuring they fall into one of the three equally spaced internal holes of the (bright green) outer ring.

How much you use each time is entirely up to you as long you take all these extra calories into account in your dog's diet!

You can use this toy as a slow food bowl and it will become part of your mealtime routine, allocating a portion or all of your dog's food to be dispensed in that way. 

For the larger size KONG Tiltz (the model featured is aimed at dogs 18kg and up) the outer ring will hold up to 2 cups.

The round blue base (half circle) is weighted at the bottom which allows the toy to wobble (but not flip) easily. 

As your dog tilts, spins and rocks the toy with his nose or paws, treats are erratically dispensed for added engagement and enticing fun. Having 3 dogs, it's always fun to trial a new puzzle toy with all of them (one at a time as resource guarding would definitely be an issue!) to see who will get it first.

Aramis is always the reluctant one with anything new and the noise of the treats moving inside the toy was enough to make her wary at first but after watching me tilt the toy in front of her, she got it! Being very food driven, that's all she needed to know: "move this toy = more food".

We knew he was the smartest but Conner - our senior Belgian Tervueren - won hands down. It took him less than five seconds to tilt the toy and make the treats fall into the centre. However, he's also the dog who needs eating extra calories the least so he will only get to use the KONG Tiltz at dinner time.

It's a good idea to regularly clean all your dogs' toys (especially when they're sharing) to keep them free from stale food and germs. This is when you unscrew the bright green top and simply wash parts with warm soapy water.

Safety Precautions

Please note that the KONG Tiltz is not designed for strong chewers so always use under supervision. Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace whenever it becomes damaged or defective to avoid any harm coming to your pet. Please discard damaged products and do not let your dog attempt to swallow any pieces.

Price & Where to Buy 

Available in 2 sizes: Small (approx. diameter 18 cm) /or Large - suitable for Border Collie size / dogs 18kg and up (approx. diameter 25 cm).

RRP: $28.99 (small) / $34.99 (large) from most pet stores and online.

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