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Australians spend more time on Dog's Nutrition

1 in 5 dog owners now spend more time on their pet's health than their own!

A new study finds health and wellness trends are fuelling Australians’ interest in pet nutrition.

New research reveals health and wellness trends are not only impacting consumer attitudes towards their own health, but also driving interest in ‘pet-trition’ awareness. Australians now place so much attention on their pet’s diet that one in five (20%) surveyed said they invest more time in their dog’s nutritional needs than their own.

Commissioned by Purina Beyond, the study shows Australians’ increasing awareness of their own diet and nutrition is influencing their pet food choices.

With nine in ten dog owners (89%) conscious about their own diet, a staggering two-thirds (67%) have become more conscious about what they feed their dog in the last two years. Key reasons for these shifting perceptions are the increase of nutritional information available online (34%) and Australians’ growing awareness of their own health and wellbeing (31%).

Nutrition expert Dr. Joanna McMillan
with her Labradoodle Spartacus
Health and nutrition expert, Dr Joanna McMillan, commented: “With the trend for eating well part of the daily news agenda, people are more aware than ever of what they are putting in their bodies. It’s only natural that they are now becoming more aware about what they feed their dogs. 

Just like other dog owners, I want the best for my pet, so adopting the same nutritional philosophy I follow myself, for my dog – one of all simple ingredients with nothing nasty added - gives me peace of mind that I’m on the right track when it comes to feeding him.” 

Nearly half of owners believe nutrition is the foundation of their dogs’ health (45%). Despite this, two in three (68%) are still unsure about what they should feed their pet.

Purina PetCare Australia Head of Marketing, Nathan Hill, said: “With a vast amount of information available for owners, we understand pet nutrition is often difficult to navigate. Knowing what’s in your dog’s food and understanding their dietary needs can be confusing. We want to support pet owners, by providing complete and balanced nutrition that contains everything their pet needs, so they can feel confident in their choices.”

The findings show the aspects of feeding their dog that consumers find the most confusing are:

  • Whether the food they feed their dog gives them everything they need – 37% 
  • Knowing what nutrition their dog needs – 30% 
  • What to feed their dog to maintain their health and wellbeing – 29% 

Nathan Hill continued: “This research tells us that Australian dog owners are looking for natural food options with ingredients they recognise. To help consumers and make quality pet nutrition as accessible as possible, we created Purina Beyond. It combines selected natural ingredients, plus essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids, as well as containing no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Dog owners can be confident their pet is getting the nutrition they need, with a taste they’ll love, to help them live a happy, healthy life.” 

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About the research

Research commissioned by Purina Beyond and conducted by YouGov in March 2018, amongst 1,025 nationally-representative pet owners in Australia.

About Purina

Quality nutrition and care for cats and dogs has been Purina's focus for over 120 years. William H Danforth established Purina in St Louis, Missouri, USA. His aim was to build a company that would provide the best and purest nutrition for animals in convenient and easy to use foods. The name Purina originates from the company's slogan, "where Purity is Paramount." 

About Purina Beyond

Simple means knowing exactly what your dog is eating – nine natural, recognisable ingredients you know and trust, plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It makes for a simple ingredient list, but the recipe behind it is not. We thoughtfully select ingredients that work together to provide the nourishment your dog needs and nothing he doesn’t.

MEDIA RELEASE 24/05/2018

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