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2017 Most Common Pet Insurance Claims

An increasing number of pet owners are realising the importance of good quality pet insurance as the top list of claims for our canine friends in 2017 is released by Pet Insurance Australia.

“When people think of pet insurance many do consider that it’s only for the major stuff,” says Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia. “In fact, some of our more common claims are for preventative products, and the on-going treatments for conditions such as allergies that can add up to a substantial amount over the years.”

The most common ailment for canines owners claimed on during 2017 was Otitis Externa, or in other words: an infection of the external ear canal. This infection can leave dogs shaking their heads in discomfort, while also exhibiting excessive smelly discharge from the ears.

“This is a very common problem and some breeds with those lovely large floppy ears are more likely to suffer from these types of reoccurring infections,” Crighton says. “owners of these types of breeds have to be diligent in checking for infections throughout the year, however Otitis Externa can also affect any breed of dog, at any time.”
Other top claimed conditions include dermatitis and skin allergies.

“Every year we are seeing an increase in these numbers when it comes to allergies,” Crighton says. “In many incidents, the treatment for allergies can be a life-long plan for a dog, so this is where pet insurance is invaluable.”

However, Crighton is quick to warn of the importance of having your pet insured from puppyhood and to check if your insurance provider will expect you to reapply once your pet turns seven. Most pet insurance providers will not comprehensively cover new policies if the dog is nine years of age or over.

“However, if you have had your dog insured since puppyhood, the coverage will be for life regardless of age, as long as the client does not change their policy or fails to make payments.”

“Sadly, many pet owners do not consider pet insurance until after their first large vet bill,” she says. “If, for instance, your dog was being treated for allergies before you decided to take-up pet insurance, this would then be considered a pre-existing condition and your pet would not be covered for any additional treatments for this condition under their policy.”


#1. Otitis Externa – ear infections

#2. Dermatitis

#3. Skin Allergies

#4. Mass Lesion (see our story on Evaluating Lumps and Bumps)

#5. Gait Abnormality – walking problems

#6. Cruciate Disease (Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury)

#7. Wounds

#8. Vomiting

#9. Pain complaint

#10. Seizure Disorder

MEDIA RELEASE 12/04/2018

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