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Dog Lovers Book Club - March 2018

The Dog Lovers Book Club selection for March 2018 is out with some of the latest releases for dog lovers of all ages. Whether you're looking for training advice, inspiring true stories, easy to read fiction or educational titles for kids, we've got a title for you to enjoy!

by Louise Harding

Do you dream of owning a loving, obedient, well-mannered dog? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by your dog's bad behaviour? Do you want to train your dog and don't know where to start? Now, there is a book for you. Champion trainer Louise Harding will be your own personal expert, coaching you and your dog. Louise will help you: 

  • Choose a dog who's right for you and your family 
  • To understand what makes dogs tick 
  • Discover your dog's unique traits, personality and energy level 
  • Using her exclusive reward based training method, you will learn how to: 
  • See the world through your dog's eyes 
  • Become a dog behaviour detective 
  • Develop your own individual training plan for success 
  • Train your dog with the basic behaviours for a happy home-life 
  • Expand your training to ensure you and your dog are safe and confident out and about .. and much more!
  • Imagine if you could unlock the secrets of a master trainer and make training easier and fun for you and your dog. This book will show you how and help you communicate and nurture a strong life-long bond with your dog. 

    Paperback, 236 pages
    Published by: Animal Talent and Ocean Reeve Publishing, 28th November 2017

    RRP: $29.75 from

    The Brave Police Dog Who Came Back from the Brink

    by Dave Wardell

    Hertfordshire, October 5th 2016. At around 2 a.m., PC Dave Wardell and his dog, PD Finn, were trying to apprehend a robbery suspect when he turned around and attacked them. Finn was stabbed with a ten-inch-bladed knife, both through his chest, via his armpit and then - the knife bound for Dave - through the top of his head. Finn no doubt saved Dave's life, but the race was on to try and save Finn's.

    Dave Wardell's heartfelt memoir charts an incredible journey of friendship and loyalty. It is a celebration of the bond between one man and his dog, from when Dave collected Finn from his kennels at just nine months old, all the way through to Finn's recent and hard-earned retirement. The book charts the career of a highly trained, highly decorated dog. 

    In his time on the job Finn tracked offenders of all kinds; found missing children; tackled armed offenders; saved lives. But Finn isn't just a police dog - he's also a cherished family pet and this is his remarkable, life-affirming story. 

    Paperback, 336 pages
    Publisher: Quercus Publishing Plc, 13th February 2018

    RRP: $32.99 from

    by David Pipe

    Henry Ford, the cutest Border Terrier puppy, lives with his papa Alan and mama Jenny. Alan loves his job, playing golf and above all, Henry. Jenny loves designer clothes, handbags and shoes. She doesn’t love Henry. When Jenny insists on a week of high life on Majorca, Henry’s world takes a nosedive. 

    An attempted dognap and a traumatic stay in the veterinary clinic leave Henry a sad and confused puppy. Desperately lonely he sets off on an adventure with his friend Bully, a streetwise Essex bulldog, where he meets the beautiful Paula and for the first time experiences the heartbreak of puppy love. 

    Back at home, his mama and papa’s marriage is on the rocks – will Alan agree to Jenny’s ultimatum? Will he choose Jenny or Henry? 

    This story is about Henry, a freshly licked behind the ears Border Terrier puppy. It’s about growing up; friendship, loyalty, a first love, his mama’s obsession with stuff and surviving. And Henry’s got it all to do. Life would be much simpler if humans would behave like dogs. 

    Paperback, 294 pages
    Published: Widminster Books, 23rd January 2018

    RRP: $37.99 from

    by Chris Czajkowski

    Taking up where Lonesome, the first bestselling wilderness dog, left off, here is another wilderness memoir from the perspective of Chris Czajkowski's canine companions.

    Living alone in the remote wilderness, Chris Czajkowski has given her dogs a rich life, although not without its difficulties. Often residing in areas accessible only by float plane, the dogs have encountered grizzlies and cougars, slept in the snow, hiked with packs of food and equipment, and occasionally gotten themselves into scrapes, such as becoming lost in the wild or falling through ice into a freezing river.

    In this book, the gregarious and lovable Harry gives his account of their years together at Nuk Tessli and Ginty Creek. The story includes reminiscences about past dogs in Chris's life, including wise Badger, not-so-bright Sport, beautiful Ginger, and Lonesome, Harry's trail-blazing literary predecessor. Together, they trace Chris's off-the-grid life from a dog's-eye view as she established an ecotourism business, built cabins by hand and scratched out a living for herself and the pack.

    The book captures the humour and wisdom of a canine perspective in a way that is instantly familiar to anyone who has known and loved dogs. Although Harry does not yearn for city comforts like Lonesome, he is often baffled by Chris's incomprehensible doings and illogical priorities. Full of the irrepressible exploits of Harry and his canine companions, Harry: A Wilderness Dog Saga is sure to be a new favourite of animal lovers and anyone who's ever dreamed of packing up and moving far away from city amenities with only a loyal dog for company.

    Paperback, 288 pages
    Publisher: Harbour Publishing, 27th January 2018

    RRP: $45.95 at


    Wonder Dog Of The Silver Screen

    by Candace Fleming

    For fans of Balto and other real-life dog stories, here's a heavily illustrated middle-grade novel about a canine movie star of the 1920s.

    When movie director Larry Trimble travels to Berlin searching for his next big star -a dog! - he finds Etzel, a fierce, highly trained three-year-old German Shepherd police dog. Larry sees past the snarls and growls and brings Etzel back to Hollywood, where he is renamed Strongheart. 

    Along with screenwriter Jane Murfin, Larry grooms his protégé to be a star of the silver screen starting with Strongheart's first film, The Love Master, released in 1921. Strongheart is soon joined by a leading lady, a German shepherd named Lady Julie, and becomes a sensation. But when Strongheart is accused of attacking a girl, he must prove his innocence - and it will take his best acting skills to do so. 

    Touching, charming, playful, and based on real events, this moving tale by Candace Fleming and illustrated by Eric Rohmann tells all about "the wonder dog" who took America by storm.

    Hardcover, 256 pages
    Publisher: Random House USA Inc, 6th February 2018
    For Ages: 9 - 11 years old

    RRP: $27.99 at

    by J.A. Campbell

    Doc has everything a Border Collie could possibly wish for. Two humans he loves, sheep to herd every day, squirrels to chase... until one terrible night changes everything. 

    A vampire kills his humans, banishing Doc to a sheep-less new life in the city. Out for revenge, Doc has to hunt for clues while avoiding both the Stray Gang and the Catcher, all while keeping his quest a secret from his new human. His luck finally changes when he finds a kitten named Mika, who reeks of vampire. Together with some two-legged help, Doc and Mika must track down and stop the vampires once and for all.

    Format: Paperback, 280 pages
    Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, 10th October 2017
    For Ages: 9 - 11 years old

    RRP: $32.99 from

    Tales of Tails

    by Amy Curran
    Bobby is a Cattle Dog who is different. The other dogs don't want to play with him. Will Bobby be able to make friends and prove that it is what's on the inside that counts?

    This is the first book in a series of aimed at early readers, which aims to teach children - through animals - about kindness, compassion and differences. 

    This lovely tale is well written with vibrant and fun illustrations and it also delivers a message about bullying in a way that is accessible to young children. 

    Paperback, 50 pages
    Publisher: Pink Coffee Publishing, 19th December 2017
    For Ages: 3 - 8 years old

    RRP: $14.95 (book) or $26.95 (with matching Bobby plush toy) from

    by Charles Hope, illustrated by Jess Racklyeft 

    Dog had never known what it was like to have a home. It was all she’d ever wanted. At the animal shelter where she lived, she happily watched as her friend’s, one by one, found families to love. After a while poor Dog began to wonder if her turn would ever come... 

    The Year of the Dog is a heartwarming story about friendship, belonging, the power of family and never giving up, with a lovable protagonist that is sure to strike a chord with both children and adults alike.  The book has been designed with the needs of early readers in mind with multiple entry points to engage with the information plus watercolour and digital illustrations to capture the imagination of the reader.

    Hardback, 32 pages
    Publisher: Wild Dog Books (Australia), 1st February 2018
    For Ages: 4+ years old

    RRP: $24.99 at
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