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Rehabilitated Dog Helps Other Dogs to Behave

Nugget, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, once described as “unfixable” went against all the odds and is now breed ambassador and dog training assistant to third generation trainer in Brisbane.

“Nugget was once branded ‘dangerous and unsociable’, by a previous trainer. His devastated owners at the time were advised to end his life because he was "unfixable". When I met Nugget, I realised I was the only person that could help him”, said Vicki Pinn.

Nugget, a half-American, half-English Staffy, lived at home with his owners and would spend life indoors with the curtains closed. He did not react well to other dogs or people. He had severe anxiety and fear issues too.

“He had to be socialised. He had to be taught how to be a dog. He needed boundaries on the outside world. I knew as a behaviourist I could turn his life around, but it was going to take time and a lot of sessions,” continued Vicki.

Nugget was tried and tested throughout his training using a unique, holistic training method. He was put in situations he was not familiar with. The moment he was given the choice to make his own decisions, he came into his own and the behaviour I once witnessed had disappeared,” said Vicki.

Nugget started going to work with Vicki, a Certified Animal Behaviourist and Certified Canine Trainer, using her passion to change the lives of dogs. “Nugget is incredible to watch when he is working with other dogs. He connects with them and gets them to listen using his body language and turns them around from their bad behaviour”, continued Vicki.

Nugget is the perfect of example of a bad dog turned good. 

People today are too quick to pass judgement and don’t realise that if the issue is dealt with the dog’s behaviour and life will improve. 

“I saved Nugget’s life and rehabilitated him using my unique, holistic training methods. He’s a wonderful dog and an amazing training assistant.

“I specialise in behavioural work, such as aggression, reactivity and anxiety-based behaviours. Some of the dogs I work with have already been through enough mentally or physically, like Nugget, and they don't need harsh training methods on top,” continued Vicki.

What makes this training different is the calm, enjoyable and relaxed method of training used. Behaviour is waited to happen rather than forced. The dog makes choices.

“It’s hard to explain. You have to see the method in action to truly understand,” concluded Vicki.

About Vicki Pinn

Vicki is the Director of The End Result Canine Behaviour Consultancy and helps dogs that are told they cannot be helped. She is third generation dog trainer after her Father and Grandfather who were both Horse Trainers in NZ and England. So it’s not only her passion, but it is in her blood. 

MEDIA RELEASE 09/02/2018

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