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Happy Healthy Dog Cooked Meals - Review

Happy Healthy Dog delivers gourmet home-cooked balanced meals for your dogs to your door and this new service is currently available to dog owners in the Sydney metro area.

A bit like 'Light n Easy' but for dogs! All you have to do is open a sealed pouch to deliver a meal designed to help maintain a healthy weight and great energy levels for your special dog.

Developed by dog lovers, Happy Healthy Dog came about as the founders wanted to share their own successful experience of feeding of home-cooked meals to their beloved pooches. 

Leaving behind a successful career in finance, Rangat Oberai jumped out of the rat race to focus on his passion for dogs and their wellbeing through nutrition. At home, he's inspired by his fianc√©e's Toy Poodle X Lhasa Apso named Halo.

After many months of research including scientific lab testing to ensure all meals met the requirements of the American Association of Food Control Officers (AAFCO) and the National Research Council (NRC), extensive doggie food trials were conducted before launching officially this month to the public.


As we discovered with our Malinois having a sensitive stomach, variety may be the spice of life but too much of it can actually upset your dog’s tummy! That’s not to say that you have to feed them the same boring diet all their life ...

Your meals for the week will be delivered to your door at a pre-arranged day/time but if you’re not there to receive it, don’t panic! The box is sealed and its contents refrigerated with ice packs so your dog's meals will keep fresh for hours.

Happy Healthy Dog have created a balanced meal plan consisting of four main dishes and flavour combinations which include a perfect mix of cooked meats/organ meats, fruit, vegetable, yoghurt and healthy carbs.

Your dog will eat meals built around chicken, beef, turkey, salmon as the main protein but occasionally they will get to sample a new monthly special like kangaroo! 

All ingredients are organically sourced and human-grade so no cheap offcuts or animal by-products here… 

The exact portion for each meal has been designed to keep your dog at their optimal health and is based on each dog’s weight, age, size and activity level. We would encourage you to speak to the team at Happy Healthy Dog personally, to share additional information about any health issues (skin conditions, allergies etc.) prior to ordering so they can devise the right plan for your pooch.

Happy Healthy Dog recommend that you follow their weekly meals schedule below but please feel free to mix and matchBecause each meal has a different nutrient profile, you'll find that the weight of each pouch varies but it all adds up to a balanced diet over the course of one week.
The first thing we noticed is that all the meals are portion-controlled in transparent sealed pouches and clearly labelled (from Day 1 to Day 7) so it's very easy to follow the
meal plan.

The labels are
also colour-coded to indicate what you should pop in your fridge (green - Day 1 to Day 4). As the pouches are sealed, all the meals will stay fresh simply refrigerated for the whole week and longer, however it is up to you if you prefer to freeze the last few days worth of meals (blue - Day 5 to Day 7). You’ll just have to set a reminder to take them out a day before to defrost - we forgot a couple of times!

Even if you can't recall what the dishes are at the top of your head, you can definitely tell what protein, fruit and/or vegies have been used as they haven't been processed within an inch of their lives, keep them full of flavour!

Happy Healthy Dog - Week 1 'Super Dog 7 Meal Plan' (based on 2 dogs, 30kg each)


As with every change in your dog’s diet, these should be discussed with your vet if your dog suffers from any particular medical conditions. If you get the all clear, meals are best introduced gradually and we found that the 2-week trial offered the best way to sample these meals without upsetting our dogs’ tummies.

During Week 1, you’re basically on what’s called the “Super Dog 7 Meal Plan” where only half of your dog’s dietary requirements are provided. We only fed the Happy Healthy Dog meals 50% of the time (usually at dinner time) and kept using our normal dog food at breakfast time but you can do the opposite. This helped our dogs transition: assisting with digestion and passing stools easily.

If like us, you’ve experienced no issues, then you can move on the “Ultimate Dog 14 Meal Plan” where you receive enough food to cover your dog’s dietary requirements for the whole week. We will then serve the Happy Healthy Dog menu twice a day (breakfast and dinner) during Week 2. 


The eagerness both at delivery time and around the kitchen counter at meal times was palpable every time a sealed pouch was opened and the smells wafted out to reach our dogs’ noses! 

There’s not that excitement when kibble hits the food bowl though our pack is definitely not fussy!  We were told that some dogs were less fond of the fish meal but nope, not in this house! All flavour combinations were happily devoured and the bowls licked clean…

Happy Healthy Dog definitely impressed us by its outstanding Customer Service with a team going above and beyond what you’d expect from a home delivery company (usually drop and run!). We found their owner was not only knowledgeable and happy to answer any of our questions re. their product(s) but also very flexible with regard to day/time for our weekly delivery.

The company offers great flexibility in their plans as you can choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly FREE delivery in the Sydney metro area

If you’re going on holidays, you can also pause your meals and there’s no “lock-in” contracts so you can order based on your needs.

The prices will depend on your dog's size so it's clearly more affordable for small to medium size poochesFor one dog around 20kg, expect to pay $50/week for the 2-week trial and $70/week to have all 14 meals delivered after that.


RRP: starting from $17*/week (Super Dog), $23.50*/week (2-week trial); $30*/week (Ultimate Dog)
* for dogs 6-7 kg 

Please note: 10% discount when you buy ANY 2 meals plans; 15% off when you buy ANY 3 meals plans - great for multi-dog households or if you consolidate with family/friends (one address).

For more information and to order, please visit

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