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Shark Tank Win for Melanie Newman Salon Essentials!

Clearly, there’s no business like pet business on Shark Tank with Melanie Newman Salon Essentials securing $150,000 with their premium range canine grooming products.

Internationally acclaimed Certified Master Groomer Melanie Newman from Victoria came ‘best in show’ on last night’s Shark Tank on Network Ten with a deal that is going to make Australian pets smelling and looking fabulous!

Known worldwide for her award-winning skills in the ‘art of dog grooming’, 38-year-old Newman entered the tank with her husband Cory seeking $150,000 for 20% of their business, the Melanie Newman Salon Essentials collection of premium-range canine grooming products. The business was valued at $750K.

“Pets are part of the family now and they deserve better products,” said Newman. “Regular home grooming maintenance is essential for all dog breeds and our premium canine grooming products help to create an experience and enhance the bond between owner and pet, as well as groomer and pet.”

As a professional groomer who travels the world competing and attending pet expos, Newman always struggled to find a premium, natural-based product that worked well. “My hands were constantly irritated from the chemicals in the grooming products, so we created our own professional grade products complimented by beautifully packaged retail ranges!” she said. 

The Melanie Newman Salon Essentials offers a shampoo, conditioner, cologne and spray in its Everyday Collection, Relax Collection, Refresh Collection and Purify Collection

“We are proud to use a range of natural and human-grade ingredients, such as Aloe Vera and pure essential oils, which moisturise and soothe your pet’s skin with its more than 20 beneficial compounds. Your dog will not only have the optimal coat condition and shine, but also smell great!”

After some deliberation between the Sharks, Newman walked away with an investment of 15% from Boost Juice Founder Janine Allis (who is a distant cousin of Newman’s) and 35% from Dr Glen Richards, founder of Greencross, Australia's largest pet care company.

Shark Tank presents Newman opportunities for growth

“We are very excited with the outcome and opportunities Shark Tank has presented,” said Newman. “The whole experience has expanded our knowledge on our own business and how to deal business-to-business.” 

The Melanie Newman Salon Essentials Collection launched into retail in 2015 and today has more than 100 stockists, including grooming salons, pet stores and veterinary hospitals across the country, and exports to New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Singapore. 

Considering the future, Newman said she aims to build stockist nationally to have the products more accessible to pet owners across Australia. 

“Our long-term goal is to help build the bond between owners and pets, and help pet owners really understand the importance of home maintenance between professional grooms, as well as expand on our brand internationally,” she said. 

In the meantime, at the end of the month, Newman will represent the Australian Team again in the World Dog Grooming competitions in Belgium, competing against 22 other countries. “I am very passionate about the pet industry and love supporting young groomers to help increase their knowledge,” she said.

Sharks also have their personal experience with the products

Allis and Richards both speak highly of Newman’s products based on their personal experiences using them on their own dogs.

“Melanie has developed a range of pet products that resonate well with professional pet groomers as well as pet owners who want something safer for their pets and for themselves to use,” said Richards. “The products deliver an impressive outcome with excellent coat vitality, texture and smell.”

Allis said Newman’s products are “far superior” to anything else in the marketplace. “Once people try Melanie’s products the ongoing purchasing decision is easy …. And who does not want their dogs to smell great?” she said.

Richards said he was impressed with Newman’s background as a Master Groomer, which gives the product exceptional credibility. “Melanie is doing a great job of crafting a market-relevant product. Groomers across Australia and overseas are already using her products as their preferred “in-house” salon shampoos,” he said.

Watch Melanie Newman on 
Shark Tank (Season 3, Episode 11)

About Melanie Newman Salon Essentials

Melanie Newman Salon Essentials is a collection of premium canine grooming products designed by Melanie Newman – one of Australia’s leading professional groomers. Melanie’s products are made in Melbourne from the finest human grade ingredients and only contain plant derived ingredients, with no SLS’s, Parabens or Petro Chemicals.

Over her 15-year career, Melanie has strived to give the animals she works with the best quality care, but always found it difficult to find products that were of a high quality, were gentle on the pets and groomers, and left the coat feeling refreshed and clean. Over a 2-year period, Melanie and her husband Cory created the Melanie Newman Salon Essentials collection, a range of premium canine grooming products that both the dog grooming industry and home pet owners can be proud to use on their animals.

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