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Purify Collection - Melanie Newman Salon Essentials

The Purify Collection is the latest addition to the Melanie Newman Salon Essentials range and it will bring the Day Spa experience home to your dog!

This luxurious 3-step pampering process will leave your dog’s coat feeling squeaky clean and amazingly soft.

Charcoal was chosen as a key ingredient for the new Purify Collection. Activated charcoal is an extremely porous substance with “adsorption” super powers, which involves the particles of one substance clinging to the surface of the other. 
This means that oils and dirt that find themselves trapped into the dog’s coat and skin will cling to these charcoal particles and will be loosened and washed away during the shampoo and rinse process. 
The entire Purify Collection is free from harsh synthetic chemicals as it is made from activated charcoal - chosen for its toxin adsorption powers - and is infused with Sandalwood, Marjoram and Lavender essential oils.

Also enriched with Vitamin E, these products will not only clean the dog’s coat but also leave it soft, silky and fresh smelling with a natural shine.

The Purify Collection includes a luxurious Charcoal Dog Body Scrub,  a Dog Shampoo and a Conditioner. Products can be purchased separately or as a "Duo" or "The Works" pack.

Melanie Newman Salon Essentials

Over her 15 year career as a professional dog groomer, Melanie has strived to give the animals she works with the best quality care, but always found it difficult to find products that were of a high quality, leaving the dog’s coat feeling refreshed and clean, whilst being also gentle on both the pets and groomers’ hands.

Over a 2-year period, Melanie and her husband Cory developed the Melanie Newman Salon Essentials collection, a premium range of canine grooming products that both the dog grooming industry and caring dog owners can now be proud to use on their animals.

Price and Where to Buy

RRP: $19.50 for the Purify Dog Body Scrub (200g); $34.95 for the Purify Dog Shampoo/Conditioner (500ml). Also available in a practical 5l size for grooming salons.

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