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Future Vet Kids Camp promises Sydney kids a howling good time during the school holidays! This fun educational five-day program is now taking final registrations as camp approaches full capacity.

Future Vet Kids Camp, Australia’s favourite veterinary-inspired school holiday program for young pet lovers, is filling up fast and taking final registrations for its 2018 January Camp! The program caters to kids aged 9 to 16 years and encourages responsible pet ownership, the profession of veterinary medicine and a love and appreciation of all animals and their habitats!

The program offers many new experiences – such as blood draw and suture workshops, vet hospital excursions, handling animals of all shapes and sizes and more – which inspire kids to return multiple times, says veterinarian and camp director Dr Scott Bainbridge, who appears on Animal Planet’s TV show Animal House Call and loves to share his passion for ‘the greatest job in the world’.

“We love to see the campers get excited about pursuing their dream to work with animals, and then go out with the knowledge and experiences they’ve gained at the camp and start making a difference for pets and people around the world!” he says. “Some of our camp graduates have already embarked on their educational journey at veterinary school and we look forward to following their successes!”

PetSure Scholarship winners announced!

Future Vet Kids Camp also thanks PetSure, Australia’s leading provider of pet insurance, for donating a scholarship to two young pet lovers from New South Wales! Emily Goudie, 10, from Avalon and Dana Alexander, 13, from Cooma are the recipients of the 2018 PetSure Scholarship and will attend Future Vet Kids Camp in Sydney in January for free to learn about what it takes to be a vet.

“We are proud to support a program that inspires the future vets of Australia. We love to see kids get excited about pursuing their dream to work with animals.” says Alex Thomas, CEO of PetSure.

Future Vet Kids Camp January 2018 Program

Suturing practice at FVKC
The January 2018 schedule is once again packed with fun and educational ‘animal adventures’, excursions and talks by veterinarians, behaviourists and experts from animal rescue, reptile, small animal, canine sports groups and more!

Campers will learn about equine health, genetic diseases, breed identification (presented by Dogs NSW), pet nutrition, stem cell therapy – and that’s just the beginning! 

They will get up close and personal with creepy crawlies, learn about wildlife conservation and animal rescue, and venture behind the scenes at vet hospitals! It’s like watching Bondi Vet - except you’re in it!

Here are some happy campers' experiences ...

Emily Pratten
, 16, is returning for the third time because of “the friendships, great excursions to veterinary hospitals, interesting workshops and case studies, and hands-on activities like suturing, blood drawing and scrubbing up for surgery, and of course the animals!”

Alec Campbell's experience at FVKC
Tim Brandt, 14 – winner of the 2015 Future Vet Kids Camp Morning Tea with Bondi Vet stars’ competition - will attend camp again to learn more about veterinary science.

He said “Becoming a veterinarian is something I aspire to. The camps have given me experiences I wouldn’t have been able to have and are uniquely aimed at people interested in working with animals.”

Alec Campbell, 14, is the recipient of the 2016 PetSure Scholarship and is registered for the third time to gain more hands-on experience as he wants to be a vet someday. He feels “The Camp is very welcoming and I encourage more young people to attend and learn about how great animals are and how much fun they can have with them!”

When: January 8 - 12, 2018 and January 15 - 19, 2018. Daily hours: 9:00am to 3:30pm.

Cost: $595.00

To discover more, visit

About Future Vet Kids Camp

Future Vet Kids Camp offers a safe, comfortable environment that explores and nurtures the human animal bond all under the supervision of highly qualified, enthusiastic instructors and specialised animal handlers. The goals are to promote responsible pet ownership, the profession of veterinary medicine and to encourage the children to love and appreciate animals of all kind. The camp has more than 20 partners that offer years of specialised animal experience and professionalism that contributes greatly to the programming.

The Camp operates out of Waverley College in Waverley and runs every January for two weeks during the school holidays. Programming is split into three separate age groups running simultaneously each week: Wombats (ages 9 - 11), Kookaburras (ages 12 - 14) and the Junior Vet program (ages 14 - 16).
Bringing home your new puppy requires advance preparation especially if you're a first time dog owner. You will need to learn not only how to keep your pet safe and healthy but also help him grow into a well-mannered adult dog - this is best achieved by selecting a good puppy pre-school with a focus on socialisation and not just basic commands.

We'll admit that our own approach twelve years ago was utterly flawed! We grabbed cheap basics from the department store followed by a trip to a retail pet shop, where we parted with large amounts of cash for items that in hindsight were not appropriate and totally overpriced...

It certainly pays to do your research before you start shopping around, keeping in mind that your puppy will grow up very fast and is also likely to chew anything within range unless you provide him/her with suitable alternatives during the teething period!

Like us, puppies need food and water and lots of it during their growing spurts! Look for food and water bowls that won't topple - puppies are boisterous - and are easy to clean. Unless you plan to upgrade later, base your choice on the adult size of your dog!

The Yours Droolly Stainless Steel Ant-Free Bowl features a base that is deeper than the outside bottom edge of the bowl, effectively raising the outside rim of the bowl off the ground so ants can't access and climb up the side of the bowl.

Stainless steel bowls are easy to clean - we still use our 12-year old bowls - and the vinyl rubberised bottom also minimises the bowl sliding.

RRP: $3.95 - $12.95 from

The award winning Beco Bowl is made from a unique plant fibre plastic. Made from waste plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks, these dog bowls are completely sustainable to produce and biodegradable when finished with. 

Designed to be both eco-friendly and functional, these bowls are tough and durable. They will last for years in the home and are even dishwasher friendly. 
They come in 3 sizes and 3 colours: Pink, Green or Blue.

RRP: $9.99 - $15.99 at

Puppies can't have too many toys as they love exploring the world with their mouthThere are now hundreds of options available but only offer your puppy strong, durable, well-made toys that are sized appropriately for him. When your puppy destroys a toy, remove the damaged toy immediately.

Plush toys are simply irresistible for a puppy! 

Plush Friendz from GiGwi will always keep your puppy entertained, even when you’re not at home. These cute, soft and cuddly toys retain your dog’s scent and keeps them coming back for more play time – whether it be fetch, snuggle or chew. 

Made from non-toxic materials with two changeable internal squeakers, Plush Friendz come in various sizes and characters to provide hours of fun. Once playtime is over, your puppy can cuddle up with its new friend and recharge with a nap!  

For more information, visit

RRP: $10.99 - $29.99 from pet stores or online.

New to Australia, the Rosewood toy range is designed for pooches of all ages, breeds and sizes. 

The BioSafe puppy toys (Bone and Ring featured) all use the unique Biocote antimicrobial technology, making these toys more hygienic for your pet and your family.

Perfect for teething puppies and small dogs, these toys are treated with a mint scent and gently massage your dog’s gums, which in turn reduces plaque and tartar build-up. They also float making them perfect for summer fun!

For trade enquiries, please contact

RRP: from $6.95 (Puppy Bone); $8.95 (Puppy Ring) at 

This Aussie Dog puppy pack will start your puppy off on the right track. It includes a bunch of favourites like the Tuckerball, Ringathong, Slapathong and a Catch BallAll these toys are designed to be safe for your puppy and to keep him entertained.

There's a retrieval toy, a food dispensing toy, a fetch toy and of course your puppy's first ball - a much safer and non-toxic alternative to a tennis ball! 

RRP: from $47.00 at

The Play Ball by East Coast Pets really knows how to pump up playtime and it makes a wonderful gift for puppies, dogs and cats. 

Made from 100% natural New Zealand wool, each piece is dyed gently by artisans in Nepal from local vegetable plant to create bright and bold colour.

The set contains three wool balls (5cm diameter size) in Royal Blue, Raspberry and Orange.

RRP: $18.00 from

Whether your puppy comes from a reputable breeder or an animal shelter, he/she will already be microchipped but please ensure that you register your details with the local council and are listed on a national pet register. This will maximise your chances of being reunited quickly, should your dog ever go missing!

It's also a good idea for your pup to wear either a personalised collar with his name/mobile number or a collar and ID tag with those details. The collar should fit snugly so it won't slip off, but should not be too tight either: you should be able to fit two fingers between the collar and your puppy's neck. 

Made especially for puppies, the Jnr Harness by Huskimo is made from breathable air mesh for summer coolness and softness. 

The design of the harness spreads pressure evenly across the chest for delicate bones and provides full chest support. The unique strap wrap enhances comfort so the straps won't dig in and they're also adjustable for those growth spurts!

Coming with Huskimo’s famous 'Shake On It' Guarantee, the harness is available in 4 colours: Mint, Pink, Blue and Cloud with matching dog collars and leads to complete the look!

RRP: $17.95 from selected independent stores. 

For stockists near you, please visit

If you're adopting from a shelter, your puppy will already be desexed, vaccinated and microchipped. Desexing your dog prevents unplanned pregnancy and they're also less prone to wandering or fighting. Read more about the Pros & Cons of Desexing.

Your vet is the best person to advise you about vaccinations. Puppies are vulnerable to a host of infectious diseases, some of which can be fatal like Parvovirus. Keep in mind that doggy daycare facilities and boarding kennels will not accept pets that are not up to date with their vaccinations. Your vet can also talk to you about options for flea and tick treatment, worming and other essentials.

It's a big call but our Zoom Groom Shedding and Bathing dog brush has to be the best 'value for money' product we’ve purchased for our dogs in the last 12 years. 

It helps remove loose hair, dead skin and dander from their coat and is also very effective to work shampoo into their wet coat at bath time.

Made from durable yet flexible rubber, the brush is gentle and its design makes it easy to grip and hold. The rubber fingers reach through the coat to massage the skin whilst you brush: this helps stimulate circulation and natural oil production which supports healthy skin and coat.

It works just as well for short and long coats and all dog breeds. 

Available in Raspberry or Boysenberry.

RRP: $17.95 from World for Pets online (RSPCA Superstore) 

Pet Insurance is a vital part of responsible pet ownership and provides peace of mind for your beloved furry family member. It's always advisable to research pet insurance cover and policy options before your bring your puppy home.

Having Accidental Injury & Illness Cover (combined) or Major Medical Cover for your pup by 8 weeks of age ensures it will be covered for their lifetime - as long as you continue to renew your cover. 

Sadly, many pet owners do not consider pet insurance until after their first expensive veterinary bill. By this time, the treated condition will already be pre-existing and not covered in your policy. Signing-up as quickly as possible is a wonderful way to ensure your puppy is fully covered right from the start.

Pet Insurance Australia allows pet owners to concentrate on the healing process of their beloved pet, rather than the financial burden illness and injury can bring.

For more details on options, please visit

The Aussie made Vebo Pet Exercise Pen is a versatile heavy duty playpen that can also double as a room divider and comes with a child and pet-proof gate.

All 6 panels (65cm wide x 75cm tall) are removable therefore allowing extra panels to be added in when you purchase an additional set. 

Rubber legs allow it stand firmly on floors without scratching tiles or floorboards. 

RRP: from $169.99 at

Designed like a piece of contemporary furniture, the new Fido Studio is more than just an indoor dog crate. Complementing your home décor, it also fulfills your dog's natural instinct to have a den they can call their own. 

It has an optional wardrobe, which is an incredibly practical solution for storing your new puppy’s food, treats, accessories and toys all in one handy place.

This funky crate looks good in white wood and can be purchased as a stand-alone or with optional extras. It comes flat packed with easy assembly instructions. 
Available in 61cm and 91cm sizes.

RRP: from $149.99 at

If you live in an apartment, the Pet Loo Pet Toilet from PetSafe is your backyard in a box and may save your floor coverings!

This portable indoor/outdoor toilet works for dogs but also cats and small pets. Unless you’re available at all hours of the day and for midnight bathroom breaks, it offers a convenient alternative during your puppy’s house training. 

The top layer of synthetic grass allows urine to drain through into the base. The reinforced base is slightly angled so urine trickles down into the waste container. The waste container catches the urine and is removable for easy clean-up. Available in 3 sizes.

RRP: from $189.99 at

Well, accidents will happen especially in the early days! An effective enzymatic cleaner is essential not only to remove stains but also to break up the smell of urine and deter your puppy from using that area as a toilet again!

X-Out Spot Check is a pet stain eliminator, that works safely and effectively to remove both new and old stains from carpet areas, rugs, upholstery etc. without damaging the fabrics. It uses a water-based formula which contains no harsh chemicals and is biodegradable.

RRP: $21.95 (500ml) from

Ring and secure a spot at your local Puppy Pre-School well in advance. For his own safety, your puppy needs to be socialised from an early age and should respond well to basic commands (like stay or come). It is so important that your puppy's first experiences with other dogs away from the safety of its mother, are amicable.

Finally, if you have young children please teach them not to overwhelm the puppy on his first day and and let him settle in before showing him off to family, friends and the entire neighbourhood!

Make sure you enjoy these first few months with your new puppy and don't forget to take loads of pictures as they grow up way too quickly!
Qantas has partnered with pet minding service, Mad Paws, to help customers find a local sitter to mind their furry family member while they’re away.


From today, pet owners who are Qantas Frequent Flyer members will earn one Qantas Point per dollar when they make a booking with Mad Paws or a flat rate of 500 points if they are a new Mad Paws customer and book via  

Pet services on offer include overnight pet hosting (away from home) and pet sitting (at pet’s home) as well as pet day care, house visits, dog walking and grooming.

Qantas Chief Customer Officer Olivia Wirth said while Qantas already offers customers the option to travel with their pets, this partnership makes leaving them at home a more stress free and rewarding experience for pet owners.

“Australia is a nation of animal lovers. We spend more per pet than any other country in the world and people want to know their animals are cared for either in the air or when left at home,” she said.

“Lots of people choose to take their pets with them when they fly somewhere on holiday, and we’re seeing a 10% increase in those bookings this Christmas compared to last. But when you need to leave a pet at home, our partnership with Mad Paws gives a new option to manage your trip planning with Qantas and earn points in the process.

“We know many people decide not to take a trip because of the difficulty of having their pets minded, so this partnership is another way we can simplify people’s journeys,” she added.

The Mad Paws partnership is one of several new initiatives to come out of Qantas’ corporate venture activities, which aim to partner with early stage companies to accelerate growth.

“In an ideal world we would take our pets with us wherever we go but sadly that’s not always possible. Leaving their pet with a trusted Mad Paws sitter allows pet owners to enjoy their trip worry free. Our partnership with Qantas is a perfect fit; Qantas takes care of those who travel, while Mad Paws looks after their four legged friends who stay at home. 

We are extremely excited to be working with this iconic Australian brand and the opportunity to earn Qantas Points with each pet stay booking is a great added bonus for Mad Paws users,” said Alexis Soulopoulos, Mad Paws CEO and co-founder.

Customers wanting to travel with their pets (accompanied travel) or send their pet unaccompanied continue to book through

For more information on travelling on Qantas services with pets visit

Find out more about Mad Paws at  

Media Release - 12 December, 2017
Do you live near Brisbane? Does your dog love water? Then the Pups on Sups 2018 event on Saturday 20th January 2018 is not to be missed!

It really doesn’t matter what type of dog you have, any breed, even any size, what sort of board you have (you can hire one too) - the idea behind this event is to get out on the water with your furry best mate and have the best day! 

Proudly brought to you by BrisSUP club, this event coincides with their annual sign on day - with lots of club members available to help you and your pup with tips if needed - plus special club membership offers available on the day.

This event is designed to cater to the whole community and encourage a fun-filled day out with your dogs, friends and family. There will be some fabulous prizes for you and your dog, a sausage sizzle, coffee van and stalls with pet supplies.

The Major Sponsor is EzyDog with early bird entries all receiving an EzyDog rash vest for your dog (valued at over $35 each). The Official Charity partner is the Animal Welfare League Queensland, with all proceeds from the day being donated to this worthy cause.


  • 2-Km Social Paddle: Pups are on the front of the Stand Up Paddle board, a lap along the front of the Raby Bay beaches to ensure all of the onlookers can watch the race unfold. Prizes up for grabs for speedy pooches!
  • Dash for Cash: A short but sweet race for the entrants to score themselves and their pooch some cash.
  • 9:00 am: Registrations & Sign on
  • 9:30 am: Social paddle
  • 10:00 am: Dash for Cash

When: Saturday 20th January 2018, from 9:00am to 11:00am.

Where: Raby Bay Foreshore Park, Cleveland, QLD, 4163. 
Plenty of parking available.

Fees: ​Online entries prior to January 6 - $25.00
On the day beach entries - $40.00

For more details, please visit this Event's page

Please Note

Board hire is also available at the adjacent beach. Please contact Bay Island Paddleboard for details. 
Carols in the Bark is an afternoon of family fun to be held on Saturday 16 December 2017 at The Bowling Green, Parramatta Park (Sydney).

This is your chance to support animals in need by celebrating the festive season together!

Carols in the Bark is a totally dog-friendly event, so bring along your pooch for an afternoon of fun. The first 200 dogs through the gates will receive a free Hill’s doggie bandana, and all attendees will be entered into a lucky door prize to win one of four Kong packs!

Bring a picnic blanket and chill out on the grass as you enjoy our fantastic musical sing-along stage program. 

Munch on food from some delicious independent food trucks, make a Christmas treat for your dog at the Christmas Treat Creation Station, and don’t forget to get the family together to have a beautiful photo taken (four-legged family members included, of course) with Santa.

Carols in the Bark is also a fantastic opportunity to donate to the RSPCA NSW Christmas Toy Drive for 2017. 

Simply bring along any pet toys you’ve purchased or have lying around at home and drop them off at this event. 

No animal wants to be spending the festive season calling an animal shelter home. However, having plenty of toys available to keep them engaged and entertained will make their time in shelters that little bit easier whilst they wait for their forever home. Your donations will really brighten up their Christmas! All it takes to gain entry to this jolly event is a gold coin. 

There will be plenty of gifts to treat yourself and your dogs for a good cause, and you can also learn more about the many programs RSPCA NSW runs to support and educate the community.

P.S. And don’t forget, it’s B.Y.O.D! (Bring Your Own Dog)

When: Saturday 16 December 2017, from 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Where: The Bowling Green, Parramatta Park (entry via Macquarie Street gate)

Price: Gold coin donation

For the latest details, visit this Event's Facebook page.
Tis officially the season to be jolly which means spending relaxing time with your family and friends and of course, your dogs will be joining in the fun festivities!

We spoke to Dr. Claire Jenkins from online vet service Vetchat about the potential dangers for your furkids this month to ensure they remain safe throughout the festive season. 
As polled by the team at Vetchat, here are the top seven doggie dangers to watch out for:

#1. Human Foods Toxic for Dogs

Chocolate, plum pudding, Christmas cake, stuffing for meats, fruit platters and more, all in abundance, this all sounds wonderful to us! 

However, these common foods have ingredients in them that are toxic to dogs and really are best avoided completely. These include chocolate, sultanas, raisins, grapes, onions, garlic, macadamia nuts.

Signs will depend on the food that has been eaten so if your dog has eaten something they shouldn’t have, you should speak to a veterinarian immediately.Don't leave any plates of food unattended and ensure your bins are secure. 

#2. Alcohol

This is a no-brainer really but there is NO safe amount of alcohol for your dog to have. Effects will range from depression, difficulty walking, slow breathing, collapse and even possibly loss of life.

#3. Overindulgence

Just a little bit of ham can't hurt, right? 
Well, when given ten times that day a ‘little bit’ of ham becomes a big bit of ham! We certainly love to treat our pets but we need to know that a little to us, is actually a lot to them, and eating too much of something they are not used to or that is rich and high in fat is a very common cause of health issues for them. 

Overindulgence can trigger gut pain, vomiting, diarrhoea and even pancreatitis (which can be deadly). Feeding cooked bones should also be avoided as these can cause gut obstructions and constipation requiring intervention. 

Be careful at BBQs - don’t let your dog be fed treats from the BBQ or leftovers from friends' plates. If you can’t ensure your guests will be restrained and not give in to your pleading dog's big lovely eyes, then you are better off to have your dog restrained safely either in the house or elsewhere. 

You need to take control here on behalf of your pooch, because really, would they ever say no?

#4. Noise Anxiety
Parties, fireworks and summer storms, it is no wonder this is a hard time of year for dogs who have a propensity to be anxious

Nobody knows your pet better than you do. Always observe your mate closely and look for the subtle signs that they are unhappy or worried, and take action. 

Avoid the stress where possible, and make sure they always have access to a quiet, safe retreat. Some pets will need medication prescribed by their local bricks and mortar clinics to get through this time unscathed.

#5. O, Christmas Tree!

Now, we’re not saying don’t have one! We like the festive cheers as much as anyone...But here are just a few things to consider if you do.

  • possible tummy upsets after drinking stagnant Christmas tree water (it can be a breeding ground for bacteria).
  • electrocution is a risk if your pooch starts chewing the christmas tree lights.
  • injury to the gut if glass ornaments are eaten from the tree.
  • tinsel and other decorations can cause an obstruction of the gut when eaten, resulting in the need for surgery.
  • gift wrappings aren't good for your pet's health, so after unwrapping the presents, quickly clean up any plastic, ribbons and bows that could strangle or be swallowed by your pet.
  • eating pine tree needles - whilst not toxic - can cause irritation to the gut and a very upset tummy
So to make things easy, here’s a checklist on how to make your Christmas tree dog-friendly this year.
  1. Cover or box around the tree stand so that your pets can’t drink the water.
  2. Plastic cover encasing the electric cord of the lights.
  3. Plastic or non breakable decorations only (no glass) 
  4. Decorations secured in place so they can’t fall off or be easily pulled off 
  5. Place tinsel up high where it can’t be reached (or none!) 
  6. Make sure your tree is stable and won’t be easily pushed over. 

#6. Holiday Plants

Popular Christmas plants and flowers such as poinsettias, amaryllis, lilies, hibiscus, Christmas cactus, berries, mistletoe and holly leaves are all poisonous to your pets. Make sure they are out of their reach, as consumption could result in illness or even death.

#7. Batteries & Toys

Swallowed batteries can cause terrible sickness in dogs, ranging from an upset tummy, to burning their gut or a life-threatening obstruction! Given that batteries are a common addition to Christmas stocking fillers and under the tree, together with the inquisitive nature of our pets, please ensure they are kept well out of reach of your pooch. 

Many toys contain small plastic, rubber or metal parts that, if eaten by a dog, can cause choking and dangerous gastrointestinal blockage, requiring immediate surgery.

Wishing and your furry family happy and safe holidays!

Dr Claire Jenkins is the Co-founder of Vetchat, which offers online veterinary consultations to pet owners, giving you a vet on hand to help you in those early moments because a quick chat can save you a lot!

She is a veterinarian with over 12 years’ experience in Australia as well as the UK, and is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists.

Claire is also a mum to two kids and a gorgeous kelpie, and is a pet lover passionate about improving pet care and health.

Your first place to go for vet advice.  For more information, please visit