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PETstock Veterinarian Dr. Rod Sharpin is alerting pet parents to the dangers of feeding pets chocolate and other toxic foods during the Easter celebrations.

“Easter is a time for family gatherings, food and festivities and the age-old favourite Easter egg hunt. As a pet parent, it can be very tempting to sneak our furry family members some chocolate eggs or even a hot cross bun,” he says.

“Although delicious to humans, chocolate, along with a variety of food and drinks popular at Easter, can be extremely dangerous and potentially life threatening to animals.” 

Dr. Sharpin warns the cacao found in chocolate eggs and bunnies contain a compound called theobromine that is highly toxic to cats and dogs, even in small quantities.

“Symptoms of toxicity, which range from vomiting and diarrhoea to rapid breathing and seizures, will usually occur within a few hours, but the effects can last days or longer, depending on the amount of chocolate that has been eaten. So if you suspect your buddy has been scavenging for a chocolate hit, it’s important that you call your local vet immediately for further diagnosis or treatment.”

In addition to chocolate, there are many other food items and drinks including fruits, caffeine and alcohol that can have a potentially deadly effect on the health of your animal.

Grapes (and the raisins found in hot cross buns) are toxic to dogs and cats, with the potential to cause kidney failure. Onions, leeks and garlic also contain toxins that can make your dog or cat seriously ill,” says Sharpin. 

#1. Do not feed your pets toxic foods and drinks including chocolate, caffeine or alcohol. Don’t forget to remind your children and guests.

#2. Keep chocolate out of reach and avoid hiding Easter eggs close to the ground if your dog or cat is on the prowl!

#3. Keep your pet away from Easter lilies - especially cats - which are highly poisonous and can even cause severe kidney failure.

#4. Keep your pet away from Easter grass – the fake grass that often accompanies Easter baskets – as when ingested it can become anchored around the base of the tongue or stomach, often requiring expensive abdominal surgery.

#5. Easter ornaments, while they aren't technically a food, can also pose a health hazard. Always keep an eye on your pets around the Easter decorations and try placing pet-alluring décor in high places, safely out of reach.

Carrot sticks, de-seeded watermelons, green beans, cucumber, pumpkin and zucchini are all safe snack options for pets this Easter.

PETstock offers a huge range of pet-friendly products to keep your pet safe this Easter. 

Media Release 15/03/2018

National Puppy Day is this Friday 23rd March and it is a special day to celebrate the magic and unconditional love that puppies bring to our lives. But more importantly, it's a day to help save homeless puppies across the globe and raise awareness about the horrors of puppy farms and backyard breeding practices. 

National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 by US Celebrity Pet Expert and Author, Colleen Paige - who is also the founder of National Dog Day. After 10 years, National Puppy Day is increasingly celebrated around the world and is usually trending on Twitter worldwide!


1. Adopt a puppy from your local shelter or rescue organisation.
2. Are you really prepared for puppy parenting? Do your research and select the right dog breed to suit your lifestyle and budget! Understand you are committing for a lifetime...
3. Donate food, toys, accessories or money to your local shelter.

Our own Porthos and Aramis - adopted from Doggie Rescue
4. Volunteer at your local shelter and offer to walk their dogs, clean cages or anything else they need help with.
5. Host a community event to raise money for your local animal shelter.
6. Why not assist an elderly neighbour by offering to walk their puppy?
7. Would your puppy make a great therapy dog? Join a group of volunteers so that you can take your puppy to an elderly community and spread some love.
8. Have a puppy party and invite all your friends and their puppies!

9. Have a portrait painted of your puppy or hire a pet photographer to capture those precious first months. They grow up way too fast!

Our Belgian Tervueren Conner's first day at home
10. Buy your puppy a new, fun age-appropriate toy.
11. Give your puppy some fun exercise and improve his social skills by taking him or her to doggy daycare. 
12. Brush your puppy to eliminate excess fur and enjoy a relaxing bonding time together!
13. Give your puppy a massage or holistic spa treatment.
14. Get your puppy some leash training lessons.
15. Buy your puppy a cute new outfit or fashionable collar and leash.
16. Have a tee shirt made with your puppy's photo on it.

17. Take your puppy to the beach. Read our safety tips!
18. Puppy-proof your home and backyard, including the pool area with a "puppy safe" inspection.
19. Revamp your puppy's toy basket with new, clean toys and get rid of the old, bacteria infested ones!
20. Install a car safety harness to keep your puppy safe during travels.

21. Pamper your puppy in pure luxury by purchasing new grooming products.
22. Buy your puppy a comfy new bed.
23. Take your puppy on a pet-friendly outing this week-end! Discover upcoming dog-related events in your State.

24. Make sure that your garden is puppy safe from toxic plants and materials.
25. Buy a puppy gate to keep your puppy out of hazardous areas of the home.
26. Buy a pet first aid kit and keep it in your car in case of injury while away from home. Why not consider attending a Pet First Aid/CPR course? This could save your pooch’s life!
27. Microchip and I.D. Tag your puppy and ensure their details are up to date on a national register so that a vet or shelter can locate you immediately if he gets lost.
28. Make sure your puppy is up to date on vaccination and has regular health and wellness checks.

Never give coffee to your puppy!
29. Pledge to feed your puppy only all natural food and treats.
30. Teach your children and their friends to be kind to all dogs by never pulling on their ears or tail.

31. Pledge to walk your puppy every day for better health and behaviour management.
32. Teach your puppy some fun tricks.
34. If you like your puppy to snuggle in bed with you, buy him some puppy steps to make it easy for him to join you.

35. Buy your puppy a designer crate that fits with your interior décor style.

36. Make your home pet friendly by creating a safe zone and choosing pet friendly fabrics that hold up to your puppy's wear and tear.
37. Install a secure fence around your backyard so your puppy can run and enjoy some freedom at home. It is also essential to keep this area locked to prevent your puppy from being stolen.

38. Pledge to never tie your puppy to a tree or post and leave them alone. Always include your puppy in your family by letting them live inside the home with you.
39. Carpet any stairs you may have to reduce risk of injury to your puppy by slipping and falling.
40. And last but not least - pledge to never yell at or hit your puppy... to be patient and kind and give your puppy lots of love and praise every day.

Of course it's hard to do all of these things at once but if we could just pick one today, what a great day it would be for our dogs, regardless of their age?
Thousands of beautiful canines will gather at Sydney Olympic Park from March 23 to April 3 to compete for Best in Show at the Sydney Royal Dog Show - the biggest and most prestigious canine competition in the country! 

A tail-wagging highlight of the Sydney Royal Easter Show! 

Sponsored this year by ADVANCE™, the Sydney Royal Dog Show is supported by Dogs NSW, the controlling body of pure bred dog breeding and exhibiting in NSW. It is a popular part of the Sydney Royal Easter Show, which is the largest event in the Southern Hemisphere organised by the Royal Agricultural Society of NSW

Photo Credit: Cabal Canine Candids
“The ADVANCE™ Sydney Royal Dog Show is expected to attract thousands of entries across Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Junior Handling and Sweepstakes classes during the 12 days of competition – all vying to be crowned best in their breed and discipline,” said Brian Crump, Dogs NSW spokesperson. 

The show showcases excellence in the dog world, setting the competitive benchmark for canine competitions nationally. 
“The show also recognises the important role of Australian National Kennel Council - registered breeders in developing quality, sound, healthy puppies for Australian families, and promotes public understanding of the place of domestic animals in our community,” he said. 

“Dogs NSW actively promotes efforts to ensure that the public is educated, understands the demands of responsible ownership and have access to healthy, well- bred dogs that are right for them.”

“Given the ongoing demand for puppies, public education about choosing a pure breed suitable for their lifestyle and finding a responsible ANKC-registered breeder are paramount in stamping out irresponsible dog breeders and keeping dogs out of shelters and in homes where they belong,” said Mr Crump.

Showbags and daily competitions for everybody and their dog!

Dogs NSW Information Stand will be selling showbags packed with goodies for dogs and their humans. The showbags are selling for $15.00. Dogs NSW Showbag Sponsors are No Vac, Bayer, Champet and Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance.

Dogs NSW is also running a competition with a tail-wagging hamper valued at $400 to be won every day for 12 days! Only $2 to enter or 3 entries for $5.

Dogs NSW will once again sponsor the Breeders Group in Show and Most Informative and Best Display for the Breed Stall, which will be presented at the show on April 2 and 3.

For more information about the showbags or competition, please contact Dogs NSW on (02) 9834 3022 or email

For more information about the Sydney Royal Easter Show or tickets, please visit

Photo Credit (Lead Image): Ffire Photography

About Dogs NSW 

Dogs NSW is the peak body in New South Wales responsible for promoting breeding, showing, trialling, obedience, and other canine-related activities and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs across NSW. The association promotes responsible dog breeding, showing, obedience, agility, working and sporting dog trials and other canine-related activities, as well as the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs by individuals in NSW.

Dogs NSW has over 9,000 members, with over 300 affiliated breed and kennel clubs throughout NSW. More than 50 of these affiliated clubs conduct dog training classes as a community service in local government areas, normally on a weekly basis. Dogs NSW is a member body of the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC).

To discover more, visit

The ‘Archipaws’ Pet Portrait competition launches today with great prizes and the opportunity to have your superstar pet portrait become a 2-meter tall flag in the Chatswood CBD.

Artists, owners and pet lovers can submit their drawings, paintings or photographs before April 5. Thirty finalists will have their images featured in the Chatswood CBD and be in the running for prizes from pet food company Billy + Margot.

The Pet Portrait competition promotes the Billy + Margot Pet Festival that will come alive with activities for pets and their human companions on May 20 at Artarmon Reserve

Photo credit (plus lead shot): Call of the Wild Pet Photography
The Festival invites pet owners, wannabe owners and anyone who loves animals to celebrate all creatures great and small. From doggy fashion parades to scent scrambling games, there’s plenty to do with your furry (or not so furry!) friend.

Pets of all shapes and sizes are welcome – bring your cat, pig or python! Join us to celebrate the value of companion animals and learn more about responsible pet care.

• Talks by leading veterinarians
• Advice on the best pet care and nutrition
• How to solve behavioural problems
• Doggy fashion parade
• Accessories + food stalls

• Billy + Margot DOGustation – explore a selection of canine cuisine to delight

Don’t have a pet? No worries! Head down to the Pet Match Zone to find the right pet for you, or simply enjoy a day out surrounded by animals.

More details will be added closer to this event's time.

When: Sunday 20th May 2018, from 9:00am to 3:00pm

Where: Artarmon Reserve, Burra Road, Artarmon, NSW, 2064

For further details, please click here 

The now famous Paws Explores Pet Amazing Race will return to Melbourne CBD for a third year on Sunday 8th April 2018

Join other dog lovers for this Paws Explores amazing adventure, which caters catering for all human and pet abilities, all the while raising vital funds and awareness for Forever Friends Animal Rescue.

You will embark on a pawsome adventure where you will need to figure out clues to get to your next checkpoint, see some great things along the way, visit lots of pet-friendly places and make lots of new fur-friends! 

There will be plenty of opportunities along the way to snap a selfie or two with your pet and share it on your favorite social media site to win some fantastic prizes! 

To thank you for your generosity, Paws Explores are giving away a doggie bag full of goodies to take home. There is one for each 6-legged team (1 pet and 1 owner). Plus each dog who completes the event will also receive their very own Finisher Dog Tag!

The course is 7km and provides opportunities to have your dogs both on and off leash. The surfaces include grass, concrete, soil, wood and gravel so please wear appropriate footwear for your own comfort. 

This is a family-friendly event so all ages, fitness levels and pet breeds are welcome as this is a walk. As you are a team, please remember you accept responsibility for yourself and your pet who will need to be with you the whole time.

If you do not have a pet or your pet is unavailable, you're welcome to come as a family or group of friends! Every little bit helps and 100% of profits are donated to charity!

Don't delay as there are limited tickets available...

When: Sunday 8th April 2018, from 9:30am to 12:30pm

Where: In and around Melbourne CBD, VIC (official location available to participants only)

Cost: $53.00 (1 Pet + 1 Human); $84.00 (2 Humans); $12 per extra Pet.
Use Discount Code: Rokky3

For tickets, please visit
Pre-sale tickets only - no registrations available on the day of the event.
Cronulla Sharks legend Paul Gallen now has a very special pup named in his honour.

One of the new male pups entering the Assistance Dogs Australia training program was 
named in honour of legendary Cronulla Sharks captain Paul Gallen’s contributions to Sutherland Shire. This furry bundle is about to embark on a journey to become a life-transforming Assistance Dog of the future.

For many years, the two iconic Sutherland Shire- based organisations have supported one another. The Sharks Have Hearts program is a wonderful initiative of this respected NRL club and its work within the local community achieves amazing results. 

Much like the Assistance Dogs pups… 

Paul Gallen laughs, “It’s not often you get asked if you’d like to have a dog named after you. But this little fella has the makings of something very special. I hope he’ll go on to change someone’s life one day.”

Bestowing this little chocolate Lab with the name of their captain is a much-appreciated gesture of the NRL club’s encouragement of our work and the amazing results our dogs go on to achieve.

The Sharks’ involvement with the pup Gallen will continue with regular updates on his journey and career path. And hopefully one day, we’ll see the Sharks’ captain and icon of the game perform the official handover of Gallen as a fully qualified Assistance Dog to a future client.

CEO Richard Lord says, “From pint-sized to Gallen. This little pup has a lot of learning ahead before he’s truly earned his name. But he’s already showing great potential.

We think both Gallens are destined to leave a lasting contribution to the world they inhabit. Our dogs don’t just change lives, they give people their lives back."

About Assistance Dogs Australia

Assistance Dogs Australia is a national charity which trains Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with disabilities, providing them with greater freedom
and independence.

Assistance Dogs Australia works with people living with physical disabilities such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, as well as children with Autism and police and military personnel with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They also place dogs in educational facilities and ran a pilot program for people living with dementia. 
Since inception they have placed almost 300 Assistance Dogs across Australia. Dogs are placed free of charge to a wide range of clients. 

It costs in excess of $35,000 to train and place a dog, and Assistance Dogs Australia receives no government funding. For more info, visit or call 1800 688 364.
Picture the scene: you are walking down the street, minding your own business. All of a sudden, a stranger walks right up and stands very close to you, maybe even putting their arms around you. What is your first reaction? Do you feel instantly loved? 
Chances are you actually feel incredibly uncomfortable, maybe even under attack.

I have lost count of the number of times I have seen people do pretty much the same thing with dogs without a second thought. 

I remember once being in town having a coffee and witnessing the father of a clearly 'fresh-out-of-the-oven' baby notice two Chihuahuas that were tied outside the café. 

He proceeded to approach the tethered dogs, take his baby and lower it head first at the startled pooches. Have you ever spat out your drink involuntarily like in lots of comedy shows? Luckily, the Chihuahuas did not react badly, but it could have been different.

Every so often, there is a terrible story in the media of a child being savaged by a family dog. Each time, the debate goes along the same old lines of blaming the breed of the dog. Each time, dog experts will give an alternative solution; each time, experts are ignored by politicians. I get that they need to be seen to be doing something, but blaming the breed is a cop-out that actually does not address the problem.

On my various travels, I get to work with lots of dogs that suffer from aggression problems during the dog training classes I hold around the world. Once, I was told by a student in Brisbane, Australia - who works as a nurse in the A&E department of her local hospital - that of all the dog bite victims that come in to the hospital, 70% of the bites were committed by either Labradors or Golden Retrievers. This did not come as a great surprise…

Don’t get me wrong; I am not out to demonise either of these breeds, but it does highlight a major barrier in understanding between people and dogs. In the main, people have a stereotypical image of these two breeds of dog as "perfect". As a result, Labradors and Goldens attract people like magnets. 

Just ask anyone who is involved in training dogs for the Blind – even wearing various, luminous signs asking people to not touch a working dog goes unnoticed. They are also very popular breeds, so there are more of them (which increase the odds of course). 

All dogs can bite, regardless of the breed. Some dogs will cause more damage due to their size and power, but looking a certain way is no indication of temperament. A century ago, the American Pit Pull was known as the “Nanny Dog” in the States, renowned for looking after children.

Another statistic that is cause for concern is that most victims of dog bites are children. In the vast majority of cases, the perpetrator is the family dog too. This has a lot less to do with aggression; instead it is a breakdown in communication. There are certain rules that dogs have, in particular about respecting personal space. Do you have a friend who is a bit of a space invader when you talk to them? A buddy of mine is a serial offender – he will sometimes give me the news and the weather at the same time…

We all have a personal space that is precious to us. Any invader – even somebody known to us – can make us feel uncomfortable. 

In the world of canine communication, there are a few ways that dogs show that they do not want to be approached:

#1. No eye contact. If I’m in town and I see someone I know – but I don’t like – I will instinctively look away. It’s a clear signal that I do not want to be disturbed (don’t pretend that you have never done that too…).

#2. Growling. This is a clear warning. I liken a dog growling to a parent warning their kids that they will count to 3… Heed this warning, unless you want to risk the third alternative…

#3. Nipping/Grabbing/Biting. This is a telling off for being so disrespectful. Of course, not all dogs do this – many dogs will tolerate this invasion of their personal space (although they may not like it). The problem is that some individual personalities will tell others off if they feel their space is being invaded, regardless of their breed.

Basically, over 95% of dog bites occur because people approach dogs, invading their personal space without permission, which can result in the dog feeling it must defend itself. In the case of the family dog, the bite is a reprimand for a naughty pack member who does not understand the rules.

The solution is so unbelievably simple that it is amazing how few people do it. If you want to fuss a dog, call it to you. That way the dog can come to you of its own free will, which changes the interaction completely.

If it doesn’t come to you, it’s a clear sign that it does not want to right now, so accept that and leave it alone. I told you it was simple…

With a family dog, it is still excellent practice to get this rule of engagement right. This way, the pet pooch does not feel that it has to tell off a disrespectful member of the family. I worked with a celebrity (who shall remain nameless) with her dog that was accused of being a vicious monster. 

Every time she approached her dog, the reaction was bared teeth, growling and even a nip if she kept trying. On camera, I asked her to change things around and call the “monster” to her. The dog ran over right away and was putty in her hands.
 Dogs know that there are rules; play correctly and both dog and owner are happy

You may have also heard some people claiming that they have been bitten by their dog, only for the offender to then be “apologetic”, licking them over and over. My Dad once hit me so hard that I flew back into a wall. In his defence, I was about to run over a road to say hello to some friends and he spotted the speeding car coming right for me. His reaction saved me, but his actions lacked self-control. An adrenalin-fuelled reaction is not necessarily the calmest of decisions. He gave me an ice-cream afterwards, which was nice (and cooled down my black eye…).

I once advised a lady to muzzle her dog, even though there were no aggression problems

Her stunning looking Belgian Shepherd was the centre of a lot of unsolicited attention every time she took her for a walk, which was starting to upset the owner. Putting a muzzle on was the equivalent of attaching a “human repellent”. 
People would see the muzzle, make an assumption give them both some space. 

She could then walk her dog in peace – happy days.

If there was one single message that I would like to give to the whole world, it would be that people learn to call dogs to them if they want to say hello. Invading their space and sticking your hand in a dog’s face is not wise. Letting them come to you means they choose the interaction, rather than being forced into a situation that may lead them to react, either to defend themselves or tell you off.

As always, education is the key. Maybe politicians could put more effort into this (and some authorities are doing exactly that I am happy to report). 

As for the Guide Dog conundrum, it might be a good idea to train Rottweilers and Dobermanns: I reckon their personal space will be respected a lot more quickly. Either that, or they could try muzzling the dogs… 

written by Tony Knight Dog Listener - 13th March 2018

Golden Retriever Rescue Open Day 2017
Tony Knight is an internationally-renowned dog trainer, lecturer and public speaker. Tony is a firm believer that the right training can create a happy, relaxed bond between dog and owner.

Tony’s time in Australia has seen him take part in a broad range of media activities, across television, print, radio and online. This includes being dubbed the “Celebrity Dog Listener” for an eight part feature on Channel 7’s Morning Show, with his clients having included celebrities such as Peter Alexander, Molly Meldrum, Sonia Kruger, and Ruby Rose. He is also a regular contributor on radio featuring in segments on stations such as the ABC and Triple M.

Tony has advised dog owners around the globe, through private consultations, courses and talks. He has teamed up with Australian dog training company Taking The Lead to give Puppy and Adult Dog Education Classes all over Australia. 

For more information, please visit
Super Furry are pleased to introduce their first ever Super Furry Easter Party, an 'eggcellent' event to be held on March 24th in Surry Hills!

Bringing the fun Sydney's favourite animal events group is known for, this Easter Party will highlight rescue shelters in a fun and joyous way. What’s not to love about spending the day enjoying quirky activities and filling up your bags with awesome finds from the pet retail stalls?

Super Furry creators Jess Zeltner and Courtney Meyer are excited to expand Super Furry to connect with more like-minded animal lovers to spend quality time with their pets in a new and innovative way.

“We wanted to create an event for Easter that brought more people together over their love of their pets and bring back some of that old school Easter fun with everyone in the family, especially your fur baby. ” - Courtney Meyer.

“We have had the demand for more events and celebrations, so we thought why not play host to another fun day out to celebrate the bond between us and our furry friends” - Jess Zeltner.

The Super Furry Easter Party invites Sydney-siders to perk up their bunny ears by offering an Easter Egg Hunt with your pooch, the cutest snapchat opportunity in the Kitty Cuddle Tent and of course to prove your presence via Instagram at the Photobooth.
Joining the #BanTheBag movement, Super Furry’s Easter Party is a plastic bag free event so it's 'Bring Your Own' bag, or you can purchase an eco and vegan friendly Super Furry tote bag. 

Stores attending on the day include Paddo Pets, Love Nigella, FurFresh, Haus of Harley, Underwater Dogs, Happy Healthy Dog, Woof Gateaux and many more. Rescue shelters involved on the day include Maggie’s Rescue, Sydney Fox Rescue with more to be confirmed.

Hop on over with your dog and your friends and enjoy a fun-filled day!

When: Saturday 24th March 2018, from 9:00am to 2:00pm

Where: Shannon Reserve, Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 

* This is a free event * 

Tickets are available for the Photobooth and Easter Egg Hunt from
Hosted by Pound PawsDouble Bay Dog Day returns to Guilfoyle Park on Saturday 7th April 2018 from 10am till 2pm.

This year's event is guaranteed to get tails wagging with double the amount of stalls and activities! Guilfoyle Park will include all sorts of woof-tastic activities ranging from:

• Live Entertainment / Music
• Rescue Dog Stalls:
RSPCA NSW, Saving Staffies, Greyhound Rescue NSW, Deaf Dog Rescue, Monika's Doggie Rescue, and Sydney Dogs and Cats Home - with rescue dogs waiting to be cuddled! 
• Food Stalls - vegan treats and savoury snacks for owners
 Dog Yoga - spots are limited so email ahead to secure a spot
Pet Business Stalls - from doggie 'Nike' shoes to puppy healing crystals, there will be a huge range of treats to spoil your pooch with
• Special Dog Services including:

* Dog Massages (to help reduce dog anxiety)
* Doggie MasterChef Tasting Panel - Has your dog always wanted to be a MasterChef judge? Or, a chef on it? This is his chance to feel like a reality TV star!
* Doggie Perfumist (with a personalised session to help you pick a pre-mixed perfume for your dog)

Doggie Kissing Booth
* Professional Dog Head Shots 
Doggie Finger Painting - Is your dog the next Pet-casso?
* Doggie Paw Reading - accompanied with an aromatherapy balm
* Doggie Photobooth - with lots of props on offer for the perfect Insta shot!
* Doggie Treat Samples
* Doggie Competitions - Best Dressed / Best Dog Trick
* Doggie Hairstyling Booth etc.

There will be awsome prizes to be won in the dog competitions for the "Best Dog Costume" and "Best Dog Trick", special VIP judge Ryan Anderson aka Aussie Dog Guy.

To enter, please email with:
Dog Name / Competition / Contact Details
When: Saturday 7th April 2018, from 10am till 2pm.

Where: Guilfoyle Park, Double Bay, Sydney, NSW

For more information, please click here