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Aussie Dog Products - Buddy Ball Review

The Buddy Ball range is the latest in interactive dog toys by Aussie Dog Products. Like all their toys, these are designed to be tough and they also come in a range of sizes to cater for all our best friends!

Dogs don’t need to eat out of a food bowl and studies have shown that when given food enrichment toys or boredom busters, dogs are not only more active but also less likely to bark!

By providing ongoing mental stimulation, enrichment toys have been shown to also slow down our dogs’ cognitive decline due to age. 
Most pet dogs are left alone during the day so they get bored and crave stimulation!

Our own dogs will quickly get tired of any particular toy – no matter how much they loved it initially - so we are always on the search for variety to offer them new challenges and this means rotating their toys often!


The Aussie Dog Buddy Ball is more like a rolling restaurant than a treat ball! The unique design of its opening allows for all sorts of treats and goodies to be stuffed into it 
like bones, carrots, jerky, liver treats etc. The only limitation is your imagination!

It changes treat time to challenge time and will keep your dog entertained even after the ball has been emptied of its contents.
Made from food grade materials, your dogs will love the soft feel of this toy on their gums and the built-in chicken flavour!

The Buddy Ball comes in 3 sizes: 

  • Small (for dogs: 0-5kg)
  • Medium (for dogs: 5-20kg)
  • Large (for dogs: 20kg+).

Whilst being super tough, the Buddy Ball is not designed to be left with your dog long-term so after play, always put it away.


It is a challenge to find toys that will survive the assaults of our Malinois’ jaws and it is usually more a matter of hours rather than days before a toy has to be “retired”.

The plastic used in the manufacturing of the Buddy Ball is flexible enough to allow for chewing - to extract the last treats which haven’t fallen out by rolling it around – without causing any damage or leaving any teeth marks so they should have many more hours of play ahead…

The trick consists in finding the perfect size treat for each Buddy Ball as the hole size is different. We found pieces of liver treats worked best in the smallest ball whilst the larger one suited roo strips, a chicken wing or similar.

Surprisingly our dogs favoured the smaller sized Buddy Balls - though not designed for them - and had lots of fun taking turns pushing them around with their noses to get all the treats out!

We found the Buddy Ball very easy to keep clean with a quick rinse under the tap after our dogs finished playing in the yard and the occasional soak in the sink after using wet/raw food(Medium/Large only).


To save 30% 
(Medium/Large only), use the promo code MYBUDDY until June 30. 

$16.00-$53.00 (based on size) at

Disclaimer: product gifted by Aussie Dog Products for editorial consideration


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