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Antlers for Dogs Chew Treats - Review

If like us, you live with a monster chewer and find that expensive tough toys won’t even last the day, you may be interested in trying these deer antlers for dogs. 

We don’t give our dogs raw bones (on our vet’s advice) and oral treats are usually swallowed whole, which would not deliver many benefits to remove plaque or tartar... Yet, we want to ensure our dogs’ teeth remain as clean as possible so we were on the lookout for a suitable alternative!

In the lead up to Christmas, we were searching for stocking fillers for our two Malinois that would not break the bank but also last beyond Boxing Day and we stumbled across the Antlers for Dogs website. It was pretty simple to navigate as it focuses solely on antlers with a great range to choose from so we decided to give those a try.

We were very impressed by the personal customer service we received and the fact that a small family business offers free shipping with only (we’re based in the same State) a 3-day turnaround for delivery.


#1. Health Benefits 

First and foremost, deer antlers are natural and packed full of minerals like calcium, phosphorous and zinc to promote brain growth and healthy digestion. Obviously, our dogs don’t consume a large enough amount daily to make a huge difference to their health but at least there is no plastic in sight!

Please note that some vets will discourage the use of hard chews: not just deer antlers but also hard plastic or nylon chews, sterilised bones, cow hooves etc. as they potentially can cause bleeding in the mouth (or internally if they splinter) or blockages if swallowed so you need to decide if this is right for your dog.

#2. Long Lasting Treat

Compared to other dog treats – which tend to be inhaled rather than savoured! – these particular antler chews are very long-lasting. 
The company advised that we could expect 3 to 6 months chew time and our first antler (Chewy Brute Large) did remain in action for close to 6 months! It was not completely finished but by that stage, it was too small to be held easily or chewed safely.

With two Malinois working on a timeshare arrangement, we found this longevity was quite an achievement! We had previously bought antlers from a store but had no idea where they were sourced from. They were also consumed within a couple of weeks (especially split antlers) so there was a big difference in quality!

#3. Odourless 

We also like the fact that deer antlers are odourless and on cold or wet days, this makes them excellent indoor chew treats as they provide mental stimulation and help relieve stress!

There is no treating, boiling or preserving which makes them safer and softer which minimises the risk of tooth breakage. 

We have tried a couple of these antlers now and they don’t get slimy nor do they splinter. I personally tend to remove them after 10 minutes of intense chewing or if I am unable supervise our dogs closely.

#4. Environmentally-friendly

Antlers are also cruelty-free. Deers will grow a new set of antlers each year: the mature antlers fall off naturally to make way for the new pair coming through. They would go to waste if they were not collected by the Antlers for Dogs’ owners on their farm in the Hunter Valley so why not put them to good use?


The most important thing is to choose the right size for your dog. There is a great reference guide on the website to help you select the appropriate antler based on your dog’s size and breed but please feel free to contact the company for advice and they’ll happily share their experience with you.

When you’re choosing deer antlers for dogs, it’s better to get a larger size antler than a smaller one. Dogs will still be able to chew on a large antler – however if their antler is undersized they might get through it quite quickly!

Our Weapon of Choice - The Chewy Brute

These are the biggest, toughest and "meanest" antlers you’ll find and finally a match for our dogs!

The Chewy Brutes include the ‘burr’ – which is the part of the antler which connects to the skull – making these incredibly durable and resistant to cracking and splintering.

These enormously chunky antlers have a minimum weight of 400g.

RRP:  $36 (small) and $46 (large)

Fallow Straps - The Softer Option

With our Christmas order, we also received one large Fallow Strap which was a novelty as we did not even know these existed.

Fallow straps come from the thinner, flatter bit of the antler – right at the top. In technical terms this is known as the palmate and it is the softest, most nutritious and delicious (or so we're told!) part of the antler.

Fallow Straps can be used as occasional treats (e.g. as odourless chews for long car trips) and it’s certainly the way our dogs used theirs. Between our two dogs, I think it took less than 45 minutes to chomp through an entire large one so these are not the best choice for our power chewers.

They are however a good choice for puppies, small dogs, senior dogs or those that are just getting introduced to the world of antlers.

They come in Small or Large or if your dog needs a bit of extra incentive, there’s even a Beef and Apple Cider flavoured variety!

RRP: from $18 (or you could get two for $30).

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