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Purina® launches Beyond® ‘Simply 9’ Dog Food

Purina® launches a new range of nutritionally complete and wholesome dog food, Purina Beyond® ‘Simply 9’

"Dogs are increasingly part of the core family unit, and their health and wellbeing is becoming more important to their owners, from the exercise they get, to the food and nutrition they are given. The natural wellness trend has seen an increased demand for “bullet-proof” coffees, turmeric lattes, and a rise in popularity for natural nutrition and food options. Pet owners are now looking to give their pets the same level of nutrition and wellness as themselves.

The new range of expertly-crafted dog food only uses nine recognisable ingredients, plus vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together in a delicious and complete meal to provide nourishment dogs need in a food they will enjoy. Purina Beyond® ‘Simply 9’ also has no added wheat, corn or soy and each recipe in the range is fortified with essential nutrients, to ensure complete and balanced nutrition and support natural wellness in dogs.

Created by Purina® pet nutrition experts, Purina Beyond® ‘Simply 9’ offers dog owners a balanced option, free from added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The high quality nutritionally complete range uses protein-rich quality meat as the number one ingredient - including chicken, lamb and salmon & tuna – and was developed with the nutrition conscious dog owner in mind

Purina® in-house pet nutritionists play a crucial role in the creation of Purina Beyond® dog food. From choosing high-quality ingredients to overseeing every step of the formulation process, they optimise the way ingredients and essential nutrients come together to support long-term health and well-being.


Lamb and Whole Barley

Lamb – is a delicious source of high quality protein, which helps to maintain lean muscle mass as well as support a healthy immune system

Spinach – carefully sourced high-quality spinach to provide key nutrients

Salmon and Tuna 

Salmon & Tuna – both are delicious sources of high quality protein and known for Omega 3 fatty acids, helping to support a dog’s healthy skin and shiny coat.

Pea – carefully sourced high-quality protein source rich in amino acids 

Chicken and Whole Barley

Chicken – is a delicious source of high quality protein, which helps to maintain lean muscle mass as well as support a healthy immune system

Carrot – carefully sourced high-quality carrots to provide key nutrients

In addition to the main protein, all recipes are made up of natural and nutritious ingredients:

  • Chicken Meal – chicken is cooked at high temperatures to remove water and fat, creating a delicious meal high in quality protein
  • Whole Barley, Oats and Rice – the three sources of grain supply dogs with a steady release of energy, keeping them moving for longer, as well as helping support digestion through soluble and insoluble fibre.
  • Poultry Oil – a rich source of energy and essential fatty acids
  • Pea Protein – a high quality protein source rich in amino acids
  • Liver Flavour – to enrich dogs’ mealtime experience

Purina Beyond®, Marketing Manager, Dog Portfolio, Sue Poezyn, said: “To respond to the rise in demand for natural products from Australian dog owners we have launched the Purina Beyond® ‘Simply 9’ Range. We know leading a balanced and healthy lifestyle is incredibly important to Australians, and they want to give their dogs the same options.”

Ms Poezyn continued, “This is a first for Purina® and our in-house nutritionists spent years, at our innovation centre, developing Purina Beyond ®. The new range is part of our ongoing commitment to help pets live happy and healthy lives through high quality wholesome nutrition, with no artificial additives.”


RRP: $16.99 (2.5kg dry food bag in 
Chicken & Whole Barley, Salmon & Tuna, Lamb & Whole Barley) from Woolworths.

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