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Top 12 Tech Gadgets for Dog Owners

Our own lives are ruled by technology so it should come as no surprise that tech gadgets and wearables for pets are becoming such a "hot ticket item" with a constant stream of innovation to solve common everyday issues plus others we did not know we had!
Whether you're looking for a gadget to help you monitor your dog's activity levels and general health, feel like spying on their movements day or night or need assistance to make your grooming routine less of a chore, we have uncovered the latest dog gadgets for the obsessive fur parent!

Healthy Pet Simply Feed™ by  
PetSafe® Australia can assist with your pet’s weight management by providing a consistent, portion-controlled feeding routine. 

The large capacity (24-cup) hopper can hold dry or semi-moist kibble and is translucent to monitor food levels. 
The slow-feed dispensing option is great for those pets that eat too fast. 

The LCD screen with 5-button navigation allows you to easily set the number of meals, meal times and the portion size.This stylish feeder will blend in your home decor but most importantly it will give you peace of mind, knowing your dog or cat gets fed the required amount whether you're at home or away.

RRP: $249.99 from the PetSafe Australia online store

The PETKIT GO Smart Pet Leash will help you keep track of your dog's fitness goals by recording where you walk and for how long. 

This smart leash works alongside the PETKIT app using Bluetooth technology to connect the two devices. Each time you go out, press the lower"Go" button on the handle and a road map will be generated via the PETKIT app and stored in the history. 

The handle also comes with integrated LED lighting plus a torch for added security during night time dog walking. The handle is light and ergonomically designed to ensure comfort even for long-time holding. Just released in Australia and coming soon to a pet retailer near you!

RRP: $119.95 (White or Green) exclusively from

Unlike most pet activity monitors, this Bluetooth FIT P2 device will track movements, emotions, health conditions in addition to both short and deep sleep intervals and there's even a calorie expenditure indicator built into the PetKit app
The built-in calendar enables you to log in medical appointments, reminders for feeding, grooming, worming etc. 

This second generation of Pet Activity Monitors has an elegant low-profile design and is so lightweight (8.8g) that it can be worn by cats and toy dog breeds. Find out more in our detailed review... The FIT P2 comes in Gold or Silver.

RRP: $84.95 at

The new Petrek 3G is the world’s smallest 3G dedicated GPS Tracker for pets! Weighing only 30 grams (with SIM card) this device is suitable for even toy dog breeds and cats.

It works paired with the iPet app (Android and Apple IOS) to deliver multiple functions: the Live Location allows you to track your pet within 2.5 metres and the Satellite View makes it easy to identify landmarks if searching for your pet. If you have an “escape artist” you will love the Geo-Fencing alert and notifications, should your pet wander out of his/her allowed proximity circle.

The Petrek 3G GPS Tracker operates using a pre-paid SIM card so you are not locked into any monthly costs. 

This unit is rated IP67 waterproof meaning it can be submerged in water (1m deep, up to 30 minutes) for pets who love a swim! It is available in either Black or White.

RRP: $279.00 from

Pet Widget badge / QR code (back) & Cyan (front)

The Pet Widget badge was designed to help reunite lost pets with their families quickly. This is a QR code and NFC enabled intelligent pet ID tag, which is linked to the pet profile you create in the free Pet Widget app.  

If a pet gets lost wearing a Pet Widget badge, the person finding him only requires a smartphone to scan the unique QR code, or they can tap the NFC tag to access the relevant information. 

They can also simply enter the unique ID on with any web browser. This gives quick access to critical information (including your pet's medical records etc.) to contact the dog owner immediately, avoiding a possible stay at the local pound! 
The Pet Widget badge is available in 4 colour designs: Cyan, Blush, Plaid, Starstruck.

RRP: $29.95 exclusively from

SureFlap already makes a pet door which only opens for the correctly chipped (or RFID-collared) pet but they’re going one step further with an app-controlled version of their microchipped pet door (designed for small dogs and cats) to go on sale from September 2017.

The Microchip Pet Door Connect will have a companion app that enables you to remotely lock/unlock the door from anywhere – e.g. you can schedule a curfew time to keep your pet in at a specified time of day (great for cats at dusk!). Owners will be able to receive notifications via the app when their pet leaves or enters the house, the app will log and track these comings and goings over time —with the potential to flag up changes in behaviour.

A minimum 1Mbps home broadband connection is required for the pet door to function, plus a spare Ethernet port to plug in the Hub device. Access to the app can also be shared with others, such as a pet sitter.

RRP: $329.00 (bundle includes a Pet Door Connect plus Hub) at

The Double Trouble LED dog harnesses, leashes and collars by DOGlite are designed for everyday use. Illuminating at the push of a button they enhance your pet's safety during walks in low light conditions and after dark.

All LED dog accessories come with two settings: "On" and "Slow Flash" mode. The DOGlite harness now features a new Chest Attach option which can assist in reducing pulling.

All the Double Trouble LED dog accessories come in a wide range of colours to up the fun factor for you and your dog!

RRP: from $34.95 (leash) and $43.95 (harness) at

The iFetch Too automatic ball launcher is aimed at medium to large dogs and is recommended for outdoor use only as it will send tennis balls flying to a distance of up to 12 metres!

It takes up larger tennis balls (64mm) which are automatically launched within 3 seconds of the ball being dropped into the chute. 
The hardest part may be to train your dog to drop the ball directly into the chute but for any dog addicted to fetch this is fantastic fun! 

Check our detailed Review here...

For smaller pooches, there is an iFetch Original version which uses miniature tennis balls, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

RRP: $399.95 for the iFetchToo (includes 3 balls) at

Petcube Play is an indoor home pet camera that lets you check in on your pets any time from your smartphone. 

This redesigned model is more compact and stylish than the previous Petcube Camera and streams in 1080p HD video with a 138° wide angle view. With 2-way audio, you can use the push-to-talk feature on the Petcube App to hear and talk to your pet. 

There's even a 3x digital zoom to see your pets up close and personal! If your dog (or cat) looks bored, you can play with the built-in laser feature to engage with them. The sound and motion notification feature will alert you of major events happening at home to ensure your pet stays safe.

The biggest improvement is the night vision feature which is essential to view your pets in low light or no light conditions. 

RRP: US$199 from

This could be the most innovative and convenient dog walking gadget on the market. Attach your leash to the comfortable handle, add one or more of the available connectables and experience a totally new and practical way for walking your dog.

Gismo from Dog Gone Smart features the ability to attach two dog leashes to one handle, add a flashlight to be easily seen and even carry treats for training!
Available in grey, pink, green, electric or midnight blue.

RRP: from $39.95 at

Bathing the family dog can be a real chore depending your pet’s degree of co-operation...The new BarkBath Tool from Bissell is a faster, easier and less messy way to bathe your four-legged family member practically anywhere and anytime!

The specially designed nozzles get beneath the fur and down to the skin to allow water and shampoo to wash the skin clean while a soft suction pulls dirt and water away into a separate dirty water tank.

The only snag is that you need to also purchase a SpotClean portable deep cleaner separately. We spotted an all-in-one compact unit in the US market, which we would love to see released here!

RRP: $129 for the BarkBath Tool from

If your dog is anything like ours, nail clipping ranks high on the list of their least favourite things!

This Gentle Paws Nail Filer by Oster is a powerful two-speed pet nail battery-operated trimmer. 
This is a faster, gentler and stress-free way to file your dog’s nails. The safety guard holds the nail in place for safe, precision trimming and also prevents accidental hair winding. The Kit includes grinding stone, grinding drum, two grinding bands and instructions.

There is now a perfect way to shape, smooth and trim all types of nails from small to large breed dogs without a trip to the vet or the local grooming parlour!

RRP: $69.95 from

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