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PETKIT - GO Smart Pet Leash Review

The GO Smart Pet Leash recently arrived on our shores and it may just be what you need to help you reach your fitness goals with your pooch. We certainly hope this will inspire us to explore more!


The GO Smart Pet Leash by PETKIT was the winner of the 2017 Red Dot Design Awards, one of the top industrial design awards widely recognised in the world.

Leash Slot / Buckle Release / Power Button (L to R)
This clever Bluetooth device fulfils a whole range of functions: it serves as a traditional dog leash with the added bonus of being ergonomically designed with your long handling comfort in mind.

The outside handle is made from solid polycarbonate whilst the inside is of soft TPE polyethylene.

The GO is designed for dog owners to be able to replace the leash to meet different functional needs when walking their dogs (e.g. shock-absorbing, reflective options etc.) and there will be many colour choices in the future, however for the purpose of this review we tested the device with a Standard Rope (metallic grey). 

You simply insert the rope buckle (made of strengthened metal) in the slot on the handle until you hear the click sound (don’t push too hard!). If you need to remove it, the “Buckle” button (above the "GO" button) allows the leash to pop out very easily.

LED illumination all around the handle
A fantastic innovation is the Integrated Lighting System which serves a dual purpose. If you press the “GO” button for 3 seconds, this activates the Circular Lamp Band (both on the left and right hand sides all around the handle) delivering soft illumination at night and additional safety warning. If you walk your dog at night time, you can enable this function through the App.

Pressing the “GO” button for only 1 second will switch on the additional bright Torch Light located at the front of the handle. This comes in handy to illuminate a dark location, avoid a puddle and easily find your keyhole when you come late from your dog walk!

Another clever feature (which you may need or not) is the Incoming Calls prompt. If your mobile is tucked away in a bag or turned on silent during your walks, the handle itself will vibrate (*if connected normally to your phone). You can adjust the vibration times and types on the app to alert you of an incoming call or text on your smartphone. 

However as the name indicates, the GO Smart Pet Leash is an “Intelligent System” which you need to pair with the PETKIT app in order to keep track of your walking patterns every time you head out. This is probably the main reason why you would decide to buy one in the first place!

As you head out the front door, you simply press the “GO” key for 2 seconds which enables the dog walking mode. The PETKIT app will compile a roadmap of your walk in the background and store it in its history.

If you have forgotten to keep your device charged, you will receive a message within the App telling you that “My GO” has low power reminding you to charge it before your next walk! It will also send you notifications of any new firmware available for your device.


As with any wearables, you need to give your device a full charge before you get started (it comes with a micro-USB cable, the USB charging port is cleverly hidden inside the handle and is covered up with a rubber cap when not in use). 

The indicator lights up during charging and turns off automatically once fully charged.

PETKIT app Menu to access all devices
with incoming alert (low battery)

If you don’t have any other PETKIT devices, like the FIT P2 Activity Monitor or the Pet Mate video monitoring system, you first need to download the free app (for Android or iOS devices) and create your account

If you have multiple dogs and/or products you can easily add these as you go along.

You will then pair your GO Smart Pet Leash device with your mobile phone before the first use. 

Simply press the “GO” key for 5 seconds until you feel the handle vibrate 3 times and the front light indicator flashes. The instructions on the screen are easy to follow so if we could do it, you won’t have any issues!

You may want to set yourself a daily walking target to stay motivated over winter so we opted for one hour - quite a lot for our senior dog these days but not really a challenge for our two young Malinois!

At the end of each walk the app will have recorded not only your itinerary, but also the total distance and time walked and you can review your history at any time. 

You could also share these route maps with other approved users (partner or a dog walker) via the app.

Just remember to check that your device is charged, press the “GO” key and open your app on the way out the door and that’s it… Happy walkies!


  • Using Bluetooth 4.0
  • Handle Weight: 100g
  • Handle Dimensions: 10.8cm (height) x 11.8cm (depth) x 2.55cm (width)
  • Rope Length: 100cm
  • Using LED light


Because this device is brand new to Australia, you may have to wait a few weeks before you start seeing it in a select number of pet retail stores and online but it would make a popular Father’s Day or Christmas gift present for the technologically-minded fur parent!

We will keep you updated on where and when you can get your hands on it!

RRP: A$119.95 (White or Green) exclusive to Western Pet Products in Australia.

Trade enquiries from potential stockists are welcome.

Disclaimer: we received this product complimentary from PETKIT for review purposes.

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