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Doggy Daycare Farm Trips for Sydney Dogs

Sydney dogs rejoice as these new Doggy Daycare Farm Trips are a very different kind of doggy daycare to what you are used to! 

Breaking away from the traditional indoor model, this setting looks more like what you would imagine a doggy paradise to look like... The Farm is located in Somersby on the Central Coast, just 20 mins up the freeway. The extensive facilities boast 12 acres of green spaces complete with three dams and two splash pools - purpose-built for the dogs.

The "dog bus" is a huge custom-fitted Renault which picks up these lucky pooches from several popular dog parks over Sydney including Centennial Park, St Leonard’s Park, Tunks Park and throughout the Upper North Shore from about 7am and returns them back home safe and tired from about 6pm. 

To add to the fun, the Farm offers a hay bale castle, a tractor tyre obstacle course, agility equipment, a tennis ball pit, 3 big sand pits, 4 elevated cubby houses, 2 decked shaded areas under the trees and a natural spring water park (converted dam) that has a jumping jetty, water jets plus a sandy beach will be opening  later in 2017 in time for the warmer months

Some dog owners have already asked if they could come and stay too, thinking this doggy playground and overall treatment of their pooches looks good enough for a human holiday!

Luke and Sam are the dynamic husband and wife duo behind this new concept in doggy daycare who also operate the business. 

Both are avid dog lovers and no stranger to dog business... Luke is a qualified Alpha Canine dog trainer and along with Sam, owns a dog walking and training business in Sydney - so you know your dogs will looked after by trained professionals! 

“After several years of walking and training Sydney dogs we saw that there was a need for an outdoor and activity focused alternative to doggy daycare" explains Sam.

"We also felt that city dogs would love the chance to be real dogs for the day, on a farm-like property because simply, that’s what our two dogs Wallace, a Labrador X and Charlie, a Beagle X (both 13 year-old) would love! 
We wanted to be able to give them that experience every now and then so that’s how and why we dreamt up the Farm. 

At first when we found the property and started putting things in place to begin this business, people thought we were a bit crazy. Taking city dogs to the farm for the day? It seemed a bit outrageous! 

But once we opened and people could finally see our vision coming to life in this doggy wonderland we were building and the pictures of the dogs having so much fun all day, non-stop, we quickly got a lot of interest.

We absolutely love what we are doing up here. We get to build fun things for the dogs (we’re adding new features almost every week) and we can see their sheer joy every day as they run and play

We also get to live in doggy paradise, which actually turns out to be our kind of paradise too! Our 15-month old daughter is having the best childhood growing up on the Farm around all these beautiful creatures. Our family even joke about her thinking she is a puppy! 

Sam and I have lived in Sydney for over a decade and with the birth of Elle and our own dogs getting older we were ready to make this lifestyle change.”

A Doggy Daycare Farm Trip is a whole day experience that truly returns your dog home wonderfully exhausted. Clients have sent pictures of their dogs asleep that evening and the entire next day, commenting on how their usually highly active pup had completely passed out!

“We just love to receive those texts with pictures of the dogs completely zonked from having a ball all day with their friends at the Farm. We actually have had several dogs fall asleep and snore at the Farm under a tree because they have just had more fun than they’ve ever had before!”

And if it’s your dog’s birthday? Luke and Sam will throw a ‘Barkday Pawty’ for him/her at the Farm with chicken and veggie pupcakes for everyone!

The whole day gets captured with lots of photos and videos which are posted daily on Instagram and Facebook for the dog’s family to re-live their adventures. 

"Our social media updates have got people not just from Sydney but also from overseas tuning in to see the pups have been up to at the Farm. We even started something with a similar doggy daycare over in Massachusetts where they were inspired by a piece of equipment in our playground so they built something similar, and we were in turn inspired by a video they posted of releasing a bag of tennis balls. 

So we did the same with over 300 tennis balls! There were several Labradors on that day so you can imagine the frenzy! 

The owners just love to see their dogs having so much fun and doing wonderful things they wouldn’t normally get the chance to do at home or in the city.”

Luke and Sam never stop thinking up new ways for the dogs to have fun
So, what’s in store for the near future at Doggy Daycare Farm Trips? Well, what isn’t?  

“We will have the big dam being converted into a water park for the end of the year, we are planning a ‘Beauty Barn’ for Spa Days, breed specific areas to cater especially to the wants and needs of certain dog breeds plus a small dog only facility and just more fun!”


The Doggy Daycare Farm Trips are $90 per dog per trip.
This includes pick up and drop back to one of the nominated parks, plus a chicken and/or lamb lunch and treats.

For more information, please visit or you can email

Or why not have a chat with Luke and Sam at Bradfield Bark on May 28?

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