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Mix & Bake - Easy-Peasy!® Dog Biscuits

The new Mix and Bake – Easy Peasy!® range is brought to you by the dedicated team at Diamond Dog Food & Bakery.
The owners Alice and Philip Needham have had the pleasure of creating and baking treats for dogs everywhere since 2010 and felt other dog owners would also enjoy making these treats for their own dogs.

One of our dogs’ favourites on a hot day are their Lollydogs which are great for parties or treats and rewards during training. These little buttons are flavoured with strawberry, banana or carob and are best kept cool in the fridge during summer.

Only the best quality ingredients are used in the Easy Peasy!® mixes so you can be assured that you are baking great quality treats for your dogs. Ingredients are sourced in Australia whenever possible and the yoghurt and carob buds (for the fun food) contain Certified Sustainable Palm Oil.

There are so many varieties to choose from, you will have fun for weeks trialling them all to uncover your dog's favourites:
  • Mix and Bake Birthday Cake "Kit"
  • Mix and Bake Pup-Cake "Kit"
  • Doggy Donut "Kit"
  • Roast Beef and Veg Dog Biscuit Mix
  • Chicken Parma Dog Biscuit Mix
  • Carob Chip Dog Cookie Mix
  • Banana and Yoghurt Dog Muffin Mix
  • Liver Fruit and Veg Dog Muesli Bar Mix
So that you can let your creativity flow, you will need the "pawfect" cookie cutter! You can select from a paw-shaped, donut-shaped or bone-shaped design.

You can find the Mix & Bake – Easy-Peasy!® range at Dogue boutiques and Best Friends stores as well as independent retailers, vets, groomers and online stores.

If your favourite shop doesn’t stock the Mix & Bake – Easy-Peasy!® range then ask them to get it in for you!

For more information, please visit

We hope you will enjoy making these treats as much as we did!
Carob Chip Dog Cookie Mix : last stage before baking!


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