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Pet Widget badge - Intelligent Pet ID Tag

The Pet Widget badge is an intelligent Pet ID tag, which is linked to the pet profiles you create in the free Pet Widget app. It is designed to help reunite lost pets with their families.

When Ivan Loh’s two Labrador Retrievers ran away from home two years ago, he “couldn’t eat and sleep.” While he found his dogs after two weeks, Ivan wanted to prevent a repeat of this “traumatic” episode. He started developing a NFC (Near-field communication) and QR code-enabled pet badge first launched in Singapore in 2016 and now available to Australian dog owners. 


badge is a NFC and QR code enabled intelligent pet ID tag, which is linked to the pet profiles you created in the Pet Widget app. badge and its features are designed and developed to help lost pets reunite with their families.

Your pet's data is securely stored in the cloud and there are no subscription feesYour pets' information can be accessed 24/7 and owners remain in full control of the information presented in their pets' online profile with the free Pet Widget app.

Each badge is unique, and once a link with a pet profile is established, the owner can configure the pet's online identification details using the Pet Widget appavailable for free on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Once you have received your Pet Widget badge, follow the user guide for instructions on how to get started using your badge.

1. Create your User Profile (or you can log in using Facebook)

2. Create a Pet Profile (one per badge) under the "My Pets" tab. You will need to enter the general information (name, breed, sex, age) at the set-up stage but you can decide to fill in any additional details (reminders for vaccinations or medical examinations, allergies etc.) later.

3. Tap on the profile you wish to link. The app will automatically launch your phone's camera. Locate the unique QR Code on your badge and position it in view of your phone’s camera. The app will return to your pet’s profile page once the link is established.

We found it took less than a second to link, which was very impressive!

4. Select only the details you're happy to share (e.g. your phone number or email address, an alternative contact, your vet's contact details, your pet's medications, allergies, vaccinations records etc.). 

Simply tap to select (a blue tick appears in the box) or unselect and don't forget to tap save in the top right-hand corner to keep any changes.

5. You can now Review the Badge Profile for your pet to check what will be shared when the badge is scanned by a third party.

6. Don't forget to attach the Pet Widget badge to your dog's collar and by the way, it is waterproof!


If a pet with a badge is ever lost, the person who finds the lost pet only requires a smartphone to scan the unique QR code, or they can tap the NFC tag to access the relevant information to help the pet find his home. There is even a scanned location log to help owners narrow down the search for their lost pet!

If the person who finds your lost pet does not have a smartphone, they can simply enter the unique ID (under the QR code) on with any web browser. They will have quick access to critical information (including your dog's medical records etc.) and will be able to contact the owner immediately. 


A representative for the SCPA Singapore (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) explains the advantages over the conventional microchip: “to obtain the microchip number, a microchip scanner is required. As these are not readily available, when someone finds a pet, they will have to approach a vet to scan for microchip details.” “On the other hand, many are familiar with and have downloaded QR scanners onto their smartphones."

The Pet Widget badge serves both as an on-demand identification resource and a fashion accessory for your pet. 

There are already 1,500 active users of the app in Singapore, which allows users to review local pet-related businesses such as pet cafes and interact with one another.

The app is what differentiates Pet Widget from its competitors. “The QR badges may function the same way, but with us, pet owners can get a different feeling – the sense of belonging to a community,” explained Ivan Loh.


  • Weight - 6g (with ring)
  • Diameter - 23mm
  • Material - NFC chip coated with hard epoxy encased within a metal housing
  • Colours: CyanBlush, Plaid or Starstruck (in Australia) with more designs at


    Aramis proudly wears her Pet Widget badge
    This unobtrusive badge is lightweight and waterproof and it can be easily attached to any regular dog collar. Your dog can also keep wearing his old-fashioned engraved ID tag alongside it.

    We have only used the basic features but the app is very user-friendly and the badge pricing is affordable.

    Even when your dogs are microchipped, the Pet Widget badge offers additional peace of mind for pet owners. If your dog is a wanderer, he/she now stands a better chance of being identified and reunited with you much quicker.

    Once linked to the pets' profiles created in the Pet Widget app, this badge can ease the process of reuniting lost pets with their families.


    RRP: $29.95 exclusively from

    Distributed in Australia through the Pet One brand. For all trade enquiries, please contact

    Disclaimer: Product gifted by Pet Widget for editorial consideration.
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