Latest News launches Pet Resume feature Pet Resume front screen showing dog and cat profiles recently launched Pet Résumé to help pet owners put their furry friends in the best light - through their very own résumé. 

This new feature follows the successful launch of personal renting profile Renter Résumé.

Renters can now present future landlords with their ‘Pet Résumé', which details whether their pet has been vaccinated, registered or trained, whilst also providing insight into the animals' hobbies and personality, all to improve their chance of application success. 

Insights from a recent survey of more than 1,300 Australian renters found overwhelmingly, that 42% of renters found it ‘extremely difficult’ to find a place to rent which would also accept their pets, despite almost two thirds (or 63%) of Australian households owning pets. 

Pet Resume profile for Lucy the Dachshund Dog Chief Executive Officer, Greg Bader said renters regularly face obstacles in their search for a pet-friendly property: “While many landlords would eventually welcome pets, we find that only 25% of our property listings specify ‘pets allowed’. 

 “Introducing a Pet Résumé to a prospective landlord, combined with a Renter Résumé, can build a real case for responsible pet ownership,” he said. “It’s a proactive move that shows a tenant’s honest and open approach to taking responsibility for their pets.” 

“Even if the landlord doesn’t request it, being prepared with a Pet Résumé could set a tenant apart from the pack and help with the negotiation process.”

About is Australia’s number one website dedicated to renters and rental property, and a leading advocate for the country’s growing number of rental tenants. The company has recently launched Renter Résumé, a personal renting profile feature. Renter Résumé allows for the automatic generation of property enquiries and applications, as well as giving Renters control to edit, view and review their current profile. Since its launch there has been an overwhelming response with over 500 new résumés created daily.

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