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PetPacks Pet Birthday Gift Box – Review

We  never used to make a big deal of our dogs' birthdays as they all tend to be quite spoilt on a daily basis! However we thought that the 10th Birthday of our oldest pack member Conner was cause for a bit of a celebration!

There are now dog subscription boxes available to Australian dog owners, reflecting the growing trend in treating our pets as fully-fledged members of the family. 

We’d come across the PetPacks subscription boxes at various dog events around Sydney and always wanted to trial one so this was the perfect occasion. Knowing that the owners are big supporters of rescue shelters (10% of their profits go to Australian shelters and rescue groups), there was a perfect fit with our own values. The hardest part was to choose which one as you never know what's in the box!

The PetPacks Australia range of Pet Gift Boxes

In addition to their quarterly 'petscriptions' for dogs (as well as cats or mixed), the company also offers specialty pet gift boxes to mark special events: the “Happy Holidays” box is perfect for the Christmas season, “Get Well Soon” is sure to perk up a sick puppy, “Welcome Home” for a new arrival, “Gift” or “Birthday” which was our pick.

With any of these special occasion boxes, you can choose from 3 options (Standard, Premium or Luxury) depending on your budget and you will receive from 5-6 dog products 
for the Standard Box (toys, Australian-made treats or a mix of both) all the way up to 8-10 products for the Luxury option.

All special occasion boxes come complete with an edible card and a display card with the lucky recipient's name on it – you can compose your special message with up to 500 characters at the time of ordering online.

What was in Conner’s Pet Birthday Box?

Aside from his Wagalot edible birthday card “It’s Your Birthday, Unleash the Fun” - a large flat dog biscuit which can be posted -, our Birthday boy also received a couple of toys and four different brands of treats providing enjoyment  for days to come!

Conner celebrates in his "Life at Sea" Dapper Yapper bandana!

Also included was a voucher to redeem on the Dapper Yapper online shop for the dog bandana of his (our) choice!

Having received our Birthday Box well in advance, I chose his bandana straight away hoping it would arrive in time for the big day and it did! Our lucky dog actually received two dog bandanas "Life at Sea" and "Pirate Skulls" from the Dapper Yapper summer collection. 

These 100% cotton, hand-made in Australia dog bandanas are fully reversible (the designs on each side are equally striking) and they easily tie up at the back. 

Conner is not the most agreeable model and standing still usually ranks very low on his list of priorities... But he did humour us on the day and happily wore both his dog bandanas with a smile as long as lots of treats were involved in the process!

We may have mentioned that our household is made of a pack of strong chewers as one of the dog toys was a “Seriously Strong” medium rope ball from Petface from their heavy duty range! This should provide Conner with hours of fun whilst he works his way through all the knots, with some assistance from his eager siblings!

Also included was a dog squeaker toy shaped like a beer bottle and aptly named “Bark’s Woof Beer”! This design from the Silly Squeakers range is extremely realistic so we did a double take when we first opened our box. We thought this was a real bottle of dog beer as there are now a couple of brands on the Australian market...

However what caught our boy’s interest first and foremost was of course the dog treats! He can no doubt smell the flavours through any layers of packaging and the wide range should hopefully motivate him in our future training sessions!

We recently reviewed the range of treats from Brisbane-made Jojo & Lola’s Jerky Chompers (you’ll find them at many of the local markets) and the combination of surf and turf, e.g. “Salmon n Chicken” is sure to please any discerning woofer… 
As these treats are entirely natural with no added preservatives or colours, they are best kept in the fridge if they’re not eaten quickly (most unlikely in our house!).

We’ve bought on occasion some Roo necks or tails for our pack but these human-grade organic “Roo Ribs” from All Barks were new to us. We do like kangaroo for both meals and treats as this is a high-quality source of protein and as well as Vitamin B12, Zinc and Iron. As with any larger treats or bones, we advise you keep your dogs supervised and dispose of the bones once the meat has been stripped off to avoid any potential injury to your dog.

Being Sydney-based, we had not yet discovered the Laila and Me range of dog treats as these are hand-made in Melbourne. Conner and the rest of our pack did enjoy the novelty of these heart-shaped “Peanut, Pumpkin and Chia Biccies” which made them feel a little bit special!

Conner is yet to sample his single shot Puppicino from L'Barkery, a Doggy Cappucino made of condensed cultured skim milk, yoghurt and maize corn flour. W
e’re saving this one for a cooler day as you need to add some lukewarm water before shaking and serving it. 

Whether you have one dog or several, there's a lot to like in these special occasion boxes! Not only will you receive a great mix of hand-made dog treats and quality toys but you will save a lot on postage if you wanted to buy all these products individually!

Our dogs certainly seemed to know there was something new on offer and spent a lot of time sniffing around the PetPacks Birthday Box when it was delivered. Conner is a very happy Birthday boy and he may eventually share some of his presents with his siblings...

Price & Where to Buy

RRP: from $50 (Standard Box), $65 (Premium Box) or $80 (Luxury Box) at

Product gifted by PetPacks for editorial consideration

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