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PawPrintsID Tags Identify Lost Pets

If  only your lost pet could speak… Well, now they can thanks to a simple, yet innovative product just launched in Australia. 

PawPrintsID tags utilise the power of modern smartphones and the Internet to connect pets with their vital information, which is crucial in emergency situations. With a quick scan of the tag’s individual QR code via your smartphone, that animal’s ‘Rescue Page’ details appear in an instant providing its owner’s contact information, important medical information, veterinarian contact details and more.

Whilst microchips can only be scanned at rescue shelters and by vets, PawPrintsID provides access to a lost pet’s details 24/7, anywhere in the world, to get that animal home sooner. 

What are PawPrintsID Tags' main features?

While its most obvious use is to reconnect lost pets with their owner, PawPrintsID has many other added benefits: 

• Unlike a microchip, your PawPrintsID account details can be easily and instantly updated online. For example, when your pet is being cared for while you are away, you can update your account to include your pet sitter’s contact details. Or if you are taking your pet on holidays with you, you can include your accommodation provider’s local details.

• Your pet’s full medical history and X-rays can be saved within your PawPrintsID account and accessed/updated by your vet.

• Your PawPrintsID account can also be used as an online filing cabinet for all your pet’s important documentation and even image storage. 

In addition to helping that good Samaritan reconnect you with your lost pet, PawPrintsID will also send you a text message and an email with a GPS location marker the moment someone scans your pet’s PawPrintsID tag. For those without a QR scanner on their phone, your pet’s PawPrintsID Rescue Page is also available for viewing via the PawPrintsID website and unique numerical code found on the tag.

PawPrintsID Australia distributor Neil Smith spent 16 years in the Queensland Police Service’s dog squad and has gone on to train hundreds of dogs across South-East Queensland so he knows a thing or two about the bond between man and his best four-legged friend. “There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you discover your pet is missing,” Neil says. “You want them home as quickly and as safely as possible. “PawPrintsID is reconnecting lost pets with their owners so easily and these tags are taking the pressure off local rescue shelters.

According to the RSPCA, in 2014-2015 only 22% of dogs and cats received were actually returned to their original owners. “PawPrintsID also holds your pet’s full medical history as well as any information relating to allergies and urgent medications required, e.g. insulin for a diabetic dog."

This is ideal if your pet is found after being hit by a car or in poor health. “And if you travel with your pet and need to provide vital medical information to a vet on the road, PawPrintsID has it all for you right then and there. It’s a brilliant way to file all your pet’s important documents and information in the one convenient, readily accessible location.”

Price & Where to Buy

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