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Dog Travel Accessories for Summer 2016

If you can't bear the thought of leaving your beloved pets to go on a holiday, you're not alone! Luckily there has been a surge in accommodation options around the country as well as in pet travel accessories to fit the needs of any travelling canine! 

Taking your pet(s) on vacation needn't restrict your holiday however it requires careful planning: make sure your dog's ID tag features the latest contact information and mobile number and that his vaccinations are up-to-date.

To help you get started, here are some of our favourite pet travel items to consider taking along. Some would also make a great Christmas present for the dog lover in your life!

The Ruffwear Haul Bag will keep all your dog gear organised and accessible wherever you go: camping, road tripping, or visiting friends. You can store food, bowls, leashes, toys and pick up bags in this wide-opening gatemouth bag, which allows easy access to all the contents. 

It comes with interior and exterior zippered and mesh pockets to keep all your gear organised. You also have two carry options: you can use the handles or the shoulder strap.

RRP: $139.95 at

The Drive Harness from EzyDog Australia is a car safety harness for your dog, ensuring your dog is secured whilst in transit and not a distraction whilst you're driving. 

The chest plate section is padded and contoured to mold to the shape of your dog for a custom fit. You only need to fit the harness to your dog once and afterwards, it can be taken on/off very quickly using the Mag-Lok™ Instant Fit closure system. 

Simply feed the seat belt through both webbing handles on the top of the harness, click the buckle into the seatbelt of your car and you're ready to go. This car safety harness meets Australian, European and US standards. Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large).

RRP: $99.95 - $149.95 from

The Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat provides a soft window seat for your pup, that isn’t anywhere near your lap!

All too often we see small dogs riding in people’s laps with their heads out the window and tails wagging with excitement. Whilst the dogs are happy, this is a dangerous distraction and it is actually mandatory for your dog to be tethered whilst you drive, for both his and your safety. 

This booster seat comes with an adjustable tether: it easily attaches to any dog harness to keep your pooch in their seat. 

The washable padded liner keeps the seat fresh and clean. Another great feature is that it is collapsible for easy storage when not in use. It can be used at the front or at the back and can hold a dog up to 13kg.

RRP: $99.95 (free shipping) from

While many dogs and cats associate travel with negative experiences such as a trip to the vet or kennel, Sleepypod reduces stress by allowing your pet to travel safely in the comfort and familiarity of his or her own bed.
When at home, Sleepypod’s ultra plush padded base can be easily positioned in your dog's favourite corner or for the kitties, on a table top with a view providing them with a comfortable space of their very own.

Crash-tested Sleepypod transforms into a cosy and safe car seat with velcro positioning points that secure a seat belt in place. Your furry friend can now remain safely in his or her own bed throughout the entire journey. It comes in 2 sizes: Mini (33cm) and Medium (43cm) and a choice of 7 colours.

RRP: from $247.50

The Wander Hammock Kurgo is a car seat hammock and dog seat protector to use in your car. 

The waterproof and stain resistant cover fits most vehicles including sedans, station wagons, SUVs and mini-vans. This simple hammock design will keep your dog confined in one area and of course it protects your seats from dirt, dust and hair!

It is easy to install with six attachment points to keep the hammock in place. The seatbelts can still be accessed through the Velcro openings. 
The seat cover measures 140cm L x 142cm W, but it neatly folds to 35cm L x 25cm W x 9cm H, in its portable carry case.

RRP: $99.00 from

The Solvit Front Seat Net Pet Barrier keeps pets from “inviting” themselves into the front seat, thus reducing driver distraction and increasing safety. The patented design uses a micro-mesh material which improves driver visibility and is guaranteed “claw-proof”.

The netting is attached to a pop-up wire frame which keeps the net from sagging and makes it a snap to install/uninstall. A central support rod increases the net’s strength and a Sta-Put device helps hold the net firmly in place.
Designed to fit all vehicles with headrests, from sedans to full-size SUVs, it comes complete with storage pouch. 

Product dimensions: 81cm x 81cm

RRP: $59.95

The ZenDog® Compression Shirt is a drug-free way to calm and soothe pets in stressful situations or suffering with anxiety. It has many applications like general nervousness, separation anxiety or thunderstorm phobia but it is also used for dogs suffering from car sickness and travel anxiety.

Swaddling - or applying gentle, maintained pressure - is well known as an effective way to calm babies and our furbabies are no different. 

ZenDog® uses the double effect of pressure point stimulation and aromatherapy oils to help calm and soothe your pet. The ZenDog® shirt can also act as a cooling garment when wet. 
Available in 6 sizes (XSmall to XXLarge).

RRP: $39.95 from

Rufus & Coco Anxiety Aid is a professionally formulated dietary supplement for dogs and cats. 
It contains natural ingredients such as Tryptophan that aid relieve anxiety safely and naturally.

Tryptophan is a naturally occurring essential amino acid, commonly found in turkey and other high-protein foods, that metabolises to serotonin within the bloodstream. 

RRP: $34.95 at

The Dermoscent® Bio Balm is a soothing skin-repairing ointment formulated with 100% organic-certified natural active ingredients. 

It moisturises and protects the skin thanks to the moisturising and emollient properties of soybean oil and the essential oil of Cajputi.

The balm is rapidly absorbed and waterproof. It can be used on problem skin areas such as noses or pads, calluses, thickened skin or dry cracked pads.

RRP: $32.95 (50ml) from

Sickness or injury is the last thing you want to happen to­ any of your pets on a trip. But as everyone knows, things go wrong sometimes, and it's best to be prepared.

The St John Pet First Aid Kit was developed with advice from Zoos SA and is designed for both pre and post vet care.

This Pet First Aid Kit includes all the items you need to be prepared in any First Aid Emergency. 

RRP: $39.95 at 

If you live on the Eastern seaboard or are planning to visit, the paralysis tick is a real threat to both dogs and cats, and not just during summer. 
Aside from prevention, it is a good idea to always have one of those in your travel kit just in case, especially if you're planning some outdoor adventures.

Removing ticks with the Tick Twister is easy and it is the best way to remove ticks (from animals or humans) completely, painlessly and safely. This unique tool removes the parasite without leaving the mouth parts planted in the skin or compressing the abdomen of the tick, minimising the transfer of infectious agents.The process is painless and only takes a few seconds. 

This pack contains two twisters: a large hook for medium and large ticks and a small hook for small and very small ticks.

RRP: $8.50 at

This great everyday pack offers excellent performance, fit, and functionality for day hikes or overnight adventures.

Use it to offset your load, or for training and exercise. The Approach Pack by Ruffwear gives your dog a load to carry and a job to do, generating instant four-legged motivation. You can use it for training and xercise or to offset your load (the maximum is around 25% of your dog's bodyweight depending on his fitness levels).

The Comfort-fit Web Master™ Harness frame ensures good structure, stability, and load dispersion. The weight-forward saddlebag design is ideal for a load-carrying position.

There 5-point adjustable fit and extended size range will accommodate dogs of all shapes and sizes.

RRP: $119.95 from

The Buddyrider™ Bicycle Pet Seat is a fun way to safely take your dog along with you on a bike ride. Unlike other bicycle dog carriers on the market - such as the more traditional front mounted bike basket for dogs - the Buddyrider™ is mounted over the centre of your bike so the extra weight has virtually no effect on handling.

Dogs weighing up to 13.5kg can now enjoy cycling with you on their very own bicycle dog seat. To give your pooch the ultimate bicycle riding experience and maximise their comfort, select the BuddyRider - Booster Seat Combo. The BuddyRider will fit most bikes, however before purchasing, please do a quick check of all your dimensions as per the manufacturer's guidelines.

RRP: from $249.90  at 

The Too Cool Pet Cooling Mat is the perfect way to keep your pet cool this summer at home or away.

This comfortable cooling gel mat is made from a durable puncture-resistant, non toxic material.The innovative design keeps your pets cool by creating a lower temperature than your pet's body temperature. 

These mats are perfect for cooling your pet down on a hot day but are also a great travel accessory to keep your dog comfortable whilst riding in the car, at the beach or on camping trips. They can be used inside or outdoors and are easily folded for storage.

RRP: from $22.30 at

Don't get caught out again without a Travel Bowl for your dog. Ideal for travel, hiking, camping, walks and picnics so you can keep your pet well hydrated or fed no matter where you are. 

This Travel Bowl 
by Joseph Lyddy Pet Indulgence is collapsible and compact. Just pop it into shape when you need to use it. The clip easily attaches to your pet's leash. 

Made from non-porous food grade silicone, it is BPA free and dishwasher safe.

RRP: $7.95 at  

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