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Good Pet Food Kitchen – Raw Meals Review

The philosophy behind the Good Pet Food Kitchen is simple. Canine nutrition should follow the same guiding principles as human nutrition: use only the highest quality ingredients which are prepared to retain maximum goodness and flavour, with nothing artificial added.

Annabelle Selleck was inspired to create her own line of ready-to-eat dog food after working many years as a vet nurse. "I was seeing a lot of pets coming in with inflammatory illnesses" she explained. Annabelle is a vegetarian herself and cares about animal welfare but she said that "it is important to remember that dogs are carnivores and they need to be fed a complete and balanced diet". 

For this reason, the Good Pet Food Kitchen offers a choice of proteins and a wide range of meals: some are lightly cooked and some are raw. The reality is that if your dog has been on a highly processed, grain-filled commercial pet food diet all his life, his digestive system may need time (over a week or so) to adjust to a completely raw diet. 

There may be some health reasons why a raw diet is not suitable for your pet and you should always check with your vet before making any drastic changes. The recommendation is to start with the lightly cooked meals and progressively introduce some raw meals.

Our pack trialled a selection of meals from the Good Pet Food Kitchen which included the Muttloaf Beef, Muttloaf Chicken, Raw Lamb and Beef San Choy Bow Wow recipes.
We  will admit to have been reticent in the past to trial raw meals and recipes with our three dogs. Maybe this is due to ten years of “conditioning” feeding them various brands of premium dog kibble but also the fact that our own experimentations with home-cooked and raw meals were met by less than enthusiasm by our pack!

Good Pet Food Kitchen - Muttloaf Beef
We certainly had no issues here ... Our dogs clearly appreciated a break in their routine and eagerly anticipated these new flavours at dinner time!
The food looked and smelled delicious and we could have easily eaten it ourselves but we didn't...

As all these meals are prepared fresh, the containers must be kept in the fridge and they are best consumed within 2-3 days. Both the Packed and Use By are clearly labelled and you could also freeze them for up to three months.

Each container clearly labels every single ingredient used: a named source of whole protein (beef and lamb are pasture raised; the chicken - including the eggshell powder used in some recipes to provide calcium - is free range) plus a mix of seasonal vegetables, fresh herbs (like basil, coriander, mint, parsley) and healthy additions like sunflower seeds, linseed or brazil nuts.


The price will obviously depend on the seasonal ingredients used and your local stockist.

RRP: $12.50 (450g) for the Muttloaf (Chicken or Beef); Beef San Choy Bow Wow (500g) or Raw Lamb (500g) recipes.

For more information and a full list of stockists, please visit

Disclaimer: products gifted by the Good Pet Food Kitchen for editorial consideration

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