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LAIKA HUNT Luxury Leather Dog Collars

Laika Hunt is a brand designed by dog lovers and it is evident in every single one of their products. These leather dog collars and leashes are clearly designed with the dog in mind and handcrafted in Spain. 

Laika Hunt produced their first collars in 2015, but the idea for this colourful range started a year before that. After many weeks spent looking for a good-looking collar for their dog Pumpkin, their search ended nowhere: none of the collars they found came close to what they were looking for. 
Most dog collars were either too boring, too complicated or made of cheap materials. They were amazed at how hard it was to find an elegant and high-quality leather dog collar
Deciding to take matters into their own hands, they designed a dog collar themselves: this collar would be colourful, elegant and unique and would be made of the finest materials Besides that the collar would have to last your dog a lifetime and should be a comfortable fit for the dog.

The company name was inspired by a brave Russian dog named Laika. Born in 1954, she became one of the first animals sent into space and to ever orbit the Earth, even before humans did.


These elegant leather dog collars will definitely make your dog stand out from the crowd. 
Our pick was the White + Pumpkin (Orange) leather dog collar to match the coat colour of our Belgian Malinois Aramis. It is made out of white pebbled leather teamed with orange suede and you won't find another dog with a collar like this in Australia! 
Beautifully handcrafted in Spain, the collar features pebbled white leather with a contrasting orange suede band. This two-tone leather collar also comes in deliciously zingy combinations such as White + Lemon and White + Mint, perfect to welcome spring's arrival!
There is also a limited edition Salmon + Grey Suede version.

The inside of this dog collar is padded for a more comfortable fit. 

All collars are available in 4 sizes: Small (from 18cm) to XL (up to 62cm) to fit any dog breed.

For understated and timeless elegance you can not go past an all-white leather leash.
Also handcrafted from high-quality leather, this dog leash is long enough (180cm) to allow your canine companion to sniff around during your walks.

However if white is not your thing, leashes also come in fresh colours like iceberg, salmon and ivory. Leashes can be purchased separately or as a special combo.


RRP: $90 (collar) and $65 (leash) with free shipping worldwide at

NB: Trade enquiries from stockists in Australia are welcome.

Disclaimer: products gifted by Laika Hunt for editorial consideration

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